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Play as the unnamed mayor of the unnamed city! Build up to four structures of four different types to complete this short demo. Balance your resources; workers, food and gold to bring prosperity to 'City'. Interact with the towns people you've helped/jilted by entering 'Mayor Mode'.

This game was entered into an "RPG Maker" Breach contest meant to push the limits of what RPG Maker games can do and it won first place from the judges and second place in the public polls and overall competition. The breach of the game doesn't stop at the fact it's a sim game; I used Ineluki's key/mouse patch to provide mouse support and because of this it has a couple of unique menus. No default systems are used. I added a handy little function that allows you to control what song is playing while you build your city. You can also change the volume of the song as it's playing. The buildings are made up of a collection of events and each house and shop has a unique interior which works just like you would expect any RM game to work.

Sadly I won't be expanding on the game. It was meant as my capstone project for RM, my only release to justify over 4 years of using RPG Maker and I've moved on to bigger and more legal things. Feel free to use any part of the project but some credit would be nice.

Shoutout to:
for creating the "Ineluki Mouse Patch"
for testing, ideas and support
(Master of None)
for the custom bread and gold graphics, support and providing me with excellent competition
for testing the "Ineluki Key Patch" for me and hosting the contest
who inadvertently saved the day

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Your mom is a hero
This looks clever. Funny thing is, I was toying with the idea of making a SimCity type game in Rm2k3. But this looks better than anything I would have made.

Good work! I'll be trying it out soon.
This game looks great. Be downloading it soon.
just tried it, and it was great,
checking out the programing and great idea, its a great game, but try making it a little longer
Wow! Unbielable!
You are a pro my man!!!
When's the full version coming out? Please PM me. And can you P L E A S E
tell me how to do that thing were you move the mouse and it's on the game aswell.
I have been trying and trying to do that. P L E A S E PM me and tell me. P L E A S E!!!
It's amazing how people don't know how to read, logue isn't planning a 'full version' or cares to 'make it longer' it's simply a demonstration. Anyway, really great demonstration I may add, really pushed the limits.
My mind is full of fuck.
Will try it out.
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