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An old classic adventure featuring an expansive over-world map.
Select a character {Luigi, Peach or Toad} for an unforgettable journey across 8 distinct regions of the ruined mushroom kingdom.
Rescue the plumber, Mario from the clutches of Dr. Robotnick's aboard his airship. Collect stars and other power-up items to access hidden bonus levels. Encounter a variety of enemies as well as puzzles and obstacles.

World Areas:

1. Mushroom Heights
2. Tropical Desert
3. Skull Woods
4. Fire Mountain
5. Vanilla Peak
6. Industrial Zone
7. Lost Province
8. Rocket Hill

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  • Completed
  • Davenport
  • Super Mario Bros. X
  • Platformer
  • 10/30/2010 04:17 PM
  • 02/01/2019 02:16 PM
  • 08/20/2011
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I played your demo and I'm so confused. What is this?
Well thanks for playing my Super mario demo.
Please enjoy the current levels as appetizers to the main game.

Didn't you think anything was strange about a 40+ MB download when no other game is over 1MB? Thanks for over 100MB of zipped screenshots.

Next onto the fact that you zipped the entire contents of the SMBX program...*facepalm

You also left some save games in there, you'll want to erase those.

Well, anyways, I played up until the first star. It's not the worst game that could be made. There were a few interesting ideas that could be good if they were fixed up a bit, but overall there is too many "rough edges". Mis-matched tiles, missing pieces, and just plain poor design choices. I died when I entered the area called xxPipe Axx .. why have the xx's around the names? It looks bad.
Well thanks for playing and providing an opinion.
The game is still under maintenance.
It will probably be ready next week.
The pipes A-J will provide a transit system for the great plumbers.
Guardian of the Description Thread
I find it humorous that Super Mario Bros. X is considered an engine now. I wonder when that happened? As for this game, I think I want to wait for the update.
Now Available to play!
Edit: Thanks for playing this game.
Downloaded and about to play now.
Start map is simplistic. Needs more jagged edges so it doesn't look boxy. Needs more stuff in the land mass so it doesn't look so empty.
Pipe colors don't match. Red / orange or orange / not orange.
The edges of your dirt are wood. Edges don't match up. Uh boy.

Your item areas give items way too freely. They also feel vacant.

1-2 was short, but looked great. Short > great.
Make it longer.

1-3. Uggg short. Wow.

Your world 13 has no music and looks VERY messed up with your blend of tiles. Your worlds / lands should be one constant theme with warps between worlds.

13-2 I recognized.

13-1 Your ground tiles don't curve where and like they should. If there is no curve tile, make a pit to seperate different ground heights.
Your vines are different colors.

These levels aren't difficult at all. They're a breeze.

Pokey riding a shy guy.

I recognize a lot of these levels.

Trapping someone in Quicksand and a deathtrap is pretty low when you miss the green parakoopas.

Your paths wind forever... in straight lines. You can walk past several areas making me wonder why...

You've got some good ideas, but nothing is conformed or consistant. A lot of things need to be changed.
Well thanks! Learned alot since then.
Hopefully my second game will be better than the first.
I'll give this a shot and let you know what I think later.
3 things I can say right now; you're levels tend to be too short, level designs could benefit from some consistency, and castle 2 makes it really easy to get 99 lives.
Many improvements made!
Especially fixed those aspects including the exit bridges.
Update finished. Goodluck!
The level Atmospheres2 is impossible to finish, I got up to about the 2700 level, and reached a dead end. Which pissed me off because I had to go up for like 40 MINUTES just to come to a glorified crystal thing ~1.7 MILLION ticks of Y up. Ugh.

Your warp star from World 11 leads to not being able to go anywhere. Seriously!

Also 17 worlds is too many. The Mario games never had more than nine (originally).
Super Mario Bros. 1 had eight.
The original Super Mario Bros. 2 had nine, was upgraded to thirteen on the SNES.
The US-released Super Mario 2 had seven.
Super Mario Bros. 3 had nine, eight if you don't count the Warp Zone.
Super Mario World had nine.
Super Mario World 2 Yoshi's Island had six.
Super Mario 64 had 15 main levels, but only four sections that could be considered worlds.
Super Mario Sunshine had eight sections.
New Super Mario Bros. DS had eight worlds.
Super Mario Galaxy had nine sections (ten if you count the extremely small beginning one)
New Super Mario Bros. Wii had nine worlds.
And Super Mario Galaxy 2 has seven worlds.

Notice that they all had from six to nine sections/worlds, except for Super Mario 64 (only four), the re-released Super Mario Bros. 2 (as Lost Levels) and arguably Super Mario Galaxy 1. You have seventeen that are all over the place most of the time. It's even hard to tell what world a level is in, quite often!

As for the number of stars needed to enter certain areas, if you don't have enough, you can only exit the level by dying.

You don't even have to beat the bosses to beat the x-4 levels. Also, the second download seems to be the same as the first one :(

is what I give this at this time. The game is just so hit or miss right now.
I fixed the only defective warp in world 11.
The warp location coordinates got switched by accident.
Well, Thanks for the review.
How far did you play?
I think Super Mario world had about 96 courses in all.
(7 main castles + 7 ghosthouses + star bonus+ special).
The second download link will soon be ready!
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
Sorry man, but I can safely say that so far, I dislike this game.

Your levels are too short, and most of them are EASILY passable by just running up the road of clouds and reaching the end. On the other hand, some of your levels just look like disoriented, pain in the asses that is incredibly difficult to beat. There are also several weird music bugs that occur on the world map.

I think your most excruciating levels come from the sky ones, found near the "bonus world" you put in. You are traveling up long, and I mean RIDICULOUSLY long sections and moving at the pace of a snail. There isn't even any obstacles to get in your way, so it was just tedious and boring. Honestly, It should NEVER take me more than 30 minutes to clear one section out of a Mario level. It doesn't end there, I actually died on one of these levels, and there was no way to bypass the long section with the way you placed your checkpoint, so I pretty much ditched that level.

I really hope you are listening to what everyone here, including me, are saying. You really need to work on your design. Think more of what the player would want to see and not just yourself.
Anyone who doesn't ragequit after 30 minutes in the same level has nerves of steel.
The roads of clouds were added as an additional bonus
to help the most dedicated players! Now shortened.
Some levels do require alot of patience especially the bonus challange.
There are many ways to earn 20 stars! Goodluck!

Both games (Megamario Deluxe and Terranova) are now complete!
Yep I played this game, pretty good. I'll give you a more in depth analysis when I decide to play it some more.

PS: I'm also making my own SMBX game you should check it out when I complete it.
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