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  • zombero
  • 04/14/2013 06:28 PM
This update has been a long time coming, but here it is. I've itemized what can be expected from the new version below:
-New Content! Gameplay hours increased from ~12 to ~25. New maps to explore, enemies to fight, treasure to find, and bosses to defeat!
-Introducing: The Labyrinth of Naraka, a side dungeon that can be accessed throughout the game. Enemies here are harder versions of the ones you can find outside it, along with some new faces, and lots of rewards. Warp Crystals won't let you escape from this area, and its layout and enemies will be certain to bring the pain.
-Introducing: Hyper. After defeating the game's first full boss, enemies will be able to show up in a Hyper state. Enemies in this state are much more powerful than normal, proceed against them with caution.
-Introducing: Formations. Later on in the game you will gain access to Formations, these allow you more control over distributing Threat and AoE damage to your party members. Use this strategically to your advantage to help achieve victory.
-Introducing: Soul Synthing. Accessed later in the game, use souls you find from fallen enemies to forge powerful equipment.
-Introducing: Soul beastiary. You can now see stats and skills on any soul you've had previously. Though you must have learned the skills before for them to show up here.
-Visual upgrade. The early game maps have been brought up from their modest roots to be a bit more aesthetic.
-Increased equipment variety. Generally 3-6 options per slot per upgrade.
-Massive improvements to Impulses. Don't underestimate the power of these skills in tough spots!
-Improvements to Shards. They now have a greater impact on combat and more diverse effects.
-Improvements to Rallies. Their potency and scope have both been increased, making them more valuable tools for survival.
-Lots of rebalancing, so don't be surprised to see some different numbers.
-Randomized random encounters (you heard me!) Enemy formations are now generated according to secret formula magix. The end result is that instead of a dozen or so combinations of enemies per map, you get dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of possible combinations. Between this and hyper, random battles are much more dynamic, and you may run into an encounter as tough as a boss fight when you least expect it! Keep those wits about you.

This version has been through alpha and beta testing... but you can never have too many bugs, right? If you find any, let me know! And I'll get on 'em as quickly as I can. Good luck.

IMPORTANT: If you have a save from the old version, you will have to start the game over. Much of the game has been changed from its previous incarnation, so hopefully it doesn't feel like repeating the same content. Future versions will be compatible with saves created in this version.

v2.05 update (Critical Bug Fix):
-Fixed a bug where Panic-ing non-Vespas would now bug the game. <_<

v2.04 update (Bug Fix):
-Fixed a bug where Panic-ing Vespa could crash the game.

v2.03 update (Balance):
-Starting skill limit on player characters increased by 1.
-Defeating Kerberos no longer increases skill limit by 1.

v2.02 update (Balance):
-Added Rags as starting armor for the homonculi. These give 1 PDef/MDef, but more importantly give them a healing Impulse at the start of the game.
-Confuse ailment re-worked. Confuse now wears off from any form of damage AND any form of healing. Players have a 100% base chance of wearoff from damage/healing, enemies have a 50% base chance. AoE damage/healing have 1/2 the normal wearoff chance.
-Help file updated and made more fancy. Both the one included with the game and the one on this site.

v2.01 update (CRITICAL!!!):
-Fixed a bug related to the new soul beastiary.


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Oh, nice! It's been long enough since I played that I've forgotten pretty much everything, so I'm looking forward to going through it again. It sounds like a large update.
Glad to hear about this.

Glad you're glad :)

Oh, nice! It's been long enough since I played that I've forgotten pretty much everything, so I'm looking forward to going through it again. It sounds like a large update.

Yeah it's pretty large, brings things to about double the size, especially when the side dungeon is considered... Hopefully updates can be a bit more frequent going forward. I've laid out a lot of the groundwork for the rest of the game.
First bug, and it's a nasty one: http://imgur.com/Jq1oJdk

I'm getting this off a fresh new game. I fought one or two battles, won two Bat Souls, gave one to my first party member and shattered the other. Went back, slept, saved, loaded, and then winning souls me this error and crash the game. It happened twice (Serk, then Sahagin) and then never again. Which is intensely aggravating, because I spent half an hour working on reproducing it with no luck. Argh.

Edit: The actual crash happened when I tried to open the Souls menu, I believe.
"Script 'Window_EquipSoulSkills' line 38: NoMethodError occured.
undefined method `skill_id' for nil:NilClass"

The game crashes and I get this error when trying to view a homunculus's soul menu. It happens even if I get rid of all the souls by shattering them. It wasn't happening at first, even after I had acquired a sahagin soul. Maybe it only happens after acquiring a certain number of experience points as a homunculus.
Sorry about that, guys. The skill display was added late into the process and hence wasn't tested the whole way through. I've found/fix the bug and it will be uploaded momentarily.
YES! This is like my birthday present :D You won't believe how happy I am to hear this. Will play it as soon as possible!
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