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v2.1 1/23/15

- Fixes an event that can cause the player to be stuck in the city level.
- Added an additional condition handler to determine ending.

Sorry for any inconvenience.


Death Proclaimed 2 V2 Released

This version of DP2:

- Added a difficulty option.
- Valerie now follows at the same speed and tries to keep her distance when there are monsters.
- More items scattered around in once empty rooms.
- Optimized game by reducing parallel processes and implementing wait commands and erase event commands.
- Redid most dialogue and added some more items of lore.
- Made certain objectives more clear.
- Dropped Arachnid's HP and created a pattern in special attacks so player has more opportunities to damage it.
- Fixed critical error where the Card Puzzle in the subway will stop the menu from appearing if you fail.
- Fixed another instance in city where using the map will stop menu from appearing.


DP2 receiving large update.

I will be updating DP2 in the very near future with a large update which will give it a difficulty option in the intro (that will also affect being forced to turn around after being hit), better optimization, and better writing. Keep a look out!


New Download 2

There will be a new download uploaded shortly that will hopefully rid anyone of the graphics asset errors that crash the game. Stay tuned.


New Download

It should come up soon enough. Enjoy!


DP2 is now completed!

Whew! The main ZSHARE downloading link should come up sometime soon.

If not, visit the forums for the download! Have fun!


It is nearly complete.

The horror will soon arrive.

The game is currently over 90% done. All that is left to do is one area and a walkthrough to top it off with!
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