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v2.0 1/17/15

- Added a difficulty option.
- Valerie now follows at the same speed and tries to keep her distance when there are monsters.
- More items scattered around in once empty rooms.
- Optimized game by reducing parallel processes and implementing wait commands and erase event commands.
- Redid most dialogue and added some more items of lore.
- Made certain objectives more clear.
- Dropped Arachnid's HP and created a pattern in special attacks so player has more opportunities to damage it.
- Fixed critical error where the Card Puzzle in the subway will stop the menu from appearing if you fail.
- Fixed another instance in city where using the map will stop menu from appearing.

v2.1 1/23/15

- Fixes an event that can cause the player to be stuck in the city level.
- Added an additional condition handler to determine ending.

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