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This is a short and TO-THE-POINT walkthrough of DEATH PROCLAIMED 2 for those in need
of help for the game!

Written by: Jake Springhorn



Power: Weak
Speed: Fast/Somewhat Fast/Slow

Fools are short monsters that bear a resemblence to digested
monkeys. They are weak, so killing them is a breeze; however,
be fully aware when they are in groups.

Power: Weak
Speed: Somewhat Fast

Shamblers are masses of flesh stuck onto a chair. They hop
around trying to damage you by slamming into you. Mostly you
will find them in packs. Sometimes, one will start hopping
like mad in its spot, so use this perfect opportunity to

Power: Weak
Speed: Somewhat Fast

Leeches slither around an area until you happen to come on top
of it. That is the only way you'll kill one. Cory will automatically
step on the leech, but it will hurt you first.

Power: Medium
Speed: Stationary

Bed monsters hang from the ceiling, waiting for prey to walk
under them. Their shadow will be imprinted on the floor below
them, so be careful not to step under one. No, you cannot kill
a Bed Monster.

Power: Medium
Speed: Somewhat Fast/Fast

Door monsters signify Cory's childhood fear of "monsters in
the closet". These monsters are tame at first, but do not
dare get in one's way. If it strikes you, or you strike it,
it will become hostile.

Power: Medium
Speed: Slow/Fast

Equines are equine-like creatures coated in rotting flesh. At
first they are very slow, but sometimes they will charge
at you (don't worry, this attack doesn't damage you). They
are actually very easy to kill. Once you hit one, keep swinging
your weapon, because they won't get away.

Power: Medium
Speed: Fast

Screeches are flying monsters. Be very careful not to fall
under one, because they hurt. ESPECIALLY BE CAREFUL IF THEY
ARE IN GROUPS. It's best to avoid them, but if necessary, put
the smackdown on them.

Power: Medium/Strong
Speed: Slow/Fast

Workers are a pain to deal with especially when they
are in a group. When you tread too far from one, it will
begin to run at you in fast speed. Some Workers even
wield chainsaws that are severely powerful.

Power: Somewhat Strong
Speed: Fast

Putrid Masses can be described as a mass of pinkish flesh
wrapped in barbed wire and having a single eye on the top.
Its mass could be known as its central nervous system, as
the rest of its body parts are metal. These creatures are
just as fast as Cory and are hard to deal with when in
a group. It's best to avoid these monsters.

Power: Medium
Speed: Very Fast

Freaks are "modified" Fools that are faster than the
average Fool. Deal with them the same way you'd deal
with a Fool.

Power: Medium
Speed: Fast

An Unknown Walker is a Door Monster that is partily invisible.
You will still be able to see its outline. There is only
one Unknown Walker in the entire game, and its HP is massive.
Only deal with it if you have to.



After you are treated to an ominous introduction, you'll take control
of Cory.

Go up and you'll see a statue. Go near the statue and go the menu,
then select SAVE to, well, save. While you have activated your
menu, I suggest you equip your KNIFE from the WEAPONS selection.

Now that you are well-equipped, go north and you'll see your first
monster, a Fool, but it is dead(?). Attempt to go into the door
and the Fool will come alive. Kill it (if you want) and proceed.

You'll come to an area WITH THREE FOOLS. It won't be a challenge
to kill them. If it is, you might want to just run north. There
are three doors. The first and third are locked, so go through the
middle door.

Go north. Don't bother with the wooden door on the left and go
through the second door (secret: look at the wooden door as you walk
to the second door).

Go north again and go through the door.

You'll encounter TWO FOOLS in the next area. Fight them and just
follow the path and go to the next area.

Go north and walk across the ladder. A head will fall. Go into the
hole from which the head fell from.

Keep heading north and you'll keep hearing a strange, dark voice.
Once you get all the way north, you'll wake up.


After the cutscene, walk across your roof and into the hole to the

You'll arrive in your room. Go east and check the bookshelves close
to the TV for a BANDAGE. Go west and check the nightstand next to
your bed for another BANDAGE.

Go down the stairs to the west.

Go east. Don't bother checking the first door, for it is locked.

Go east and pick up the KITCHEN KNIFE. Go out the front door.

There's a save statue. Save if you must. Go west.

Just keep going west.

Go west and then go to the downward trail to find a pot. In this
pot there is the GATE KEY. Go north.

Follow the path is all you must do. There are some dead animals
around here to gawk at.

Go north and get the BANDAGE. Go north and use the GATE KEY on
the gate.


There's a large house just above you. There are three doors. Go
inside the third door.

There is a curtain on the far left. Cut it and go through the

Go north and down the rope.

Fight the Fool. Push the statue on the right onto the weird
platform where the Fool was.

Go up the rope and fight or run from the Fool. Go all the way west.

Go west and through the exit (secret: listen closely when you go

There's a house on the left (and a save statue). Go into the only

You'll come upon a silhouette room. Go to the northeast and go through.

There's a note with a riddle on it. Read it. Go back.

If you'll notice, there's now a note beside the back door. It will
say that 1,000 gathered on each side of the wolf to give thanks
to her blessing. 1000 x 4 = 4000. Input that number in the back
door and go through.

Get the BANDAGE and go northeast (or go far southeast for an ANESTHETIC).
Get the item beside the door and go into it and you'll encounter
FOUR FOOLS. Fight this pack of digested monkeys or run. There's a
house on the east that you can go into (there's a wheelchair here. Try
to memorize the total amount of wheelchairs you see throughout the
game. Later you'll know why.).

Go out the side door and get the VELITIN. Go back and out. Go north
and then go into the dreary mansion ahead.


The door to your right is locked, but the door to your left isn't.
Go into the left door.

check the toilet for a PAN. Go back out.

Go up and you'll see two staircases. Don't bother with either of them
but go to the right staircase later on.

Go north and go to the pathway to the right.

Go into the second door.

Go north to get some BUTTER out of a fridge. Where can you find a
drink around this place? Go back out.

Now go into the first door.

There's LEECHES here. Go to the oven and place the PAN on it.
Inspect the PAN to fry the BUTTER. You'll receive NOTE 1.
Go to your menu and go to ITEM>NOTE to read the note. There
should be a set of numbers on the bottom of the pan. Remember
this number and head back to the right staircase I told you not
to go into yet.

There's a computer. Input the number and then go out.

Go all the way north to the door with light coming from its bottom.

Pull the lever (there's a save statue here). Go out.

Go to the staircase that is directly west of the door you came out

Go north and go through the door.

After you watch the cutscene, VALERIE will join you.
(Be careful not to hit Valerie. You can use the action
button on her to switch places with her. She is useful
for picking locks, so keep her behind you, but not all
the time for she is DEAD SLOW. Sometimes she'll stop in
her tracks if you go too far.) Go out.

Go back into the middle room where the lever is. Tell Val
to pick the lock of the door ahead (to do that, she must be right
behind you first. Then you inspect the door). Go in.


Go west and into the bathroom. Go to the microwave to receive
a CAT KEY. Go out.

Go north and get the BANDAGE. Go to the staircase right to your left.

You'll encounter TWO FOOLS. Fight them and get the BAT on the
table (equip it if you like). Go out.

Go north and then to the right pathway.

You'll encounter TWO MORE FOOLS. Fight them and get the BANDAGE to the right.
Go into the door to the way right.

Here you'll encounter THREE FOOLS. Kill them and go north (make sure Val
is close behind you). Get the VELITIN and ANESTHETIC and go to the door
above. Valerie has to lockpick the door. Go in.

Ascend the very long staircase and use the CAT KEY on the door ahead.

Pull the switch and go out. Don't bother with the door.

Go south.

Here, you'll meet your first SHAMBLER. Kill it and go into the middle

You'll meet TWO SHAMBLERS and a FOOL. Kill them all and go into the
door to the north.

(There's a save statue here) Go up the staircase and go into the door
to the left.


After the brief cutscene, you'll fight Valerie's sister. She is not
challenging at all. Just beat her with your BAT whenever she gets
close. Sometimes you'll injure her and she'll fall flat on her
face and will wriggle around. Wait for her to get up again and
proceed the merciless beatdown.

After defeating her, go north and get the ANESTHETIC. Go to the
drawers above to find a VELITIN and OLGA'S KEY. Go out.

Use this key on the door way to the south.

Follow the path until you reach a hole in the ground. Go south first
to claim a BANDAGE. Now jump into the hole.


If you wish to save, go west. If not, go east.

There are two doorways. The door on the way right is locked, so
go into the middle one.

There are TWO FOOLS here. Kill them and go up the rope you'll see
on the wall.

will fall the a switch below, budging it and opening the locked
door from before. Go to this door.

There are two doorways. Go into the first one for a NOTE 2. After
reading the note, go to the second doorway, but first you must fight

You'll find a room with six levers. Reading the note, you should
recall LEFTUP, UPLEFT, RIGHTUP, RIGHTDOWN. Therefore, first pull
the up lever on the left, then the left lever above. Then the up
lever on the right, then the down lever on the right. The other
two are for you to guess which is the appropriate order. If you
are not successful, the levers will reset. The correct order will
emit a sound. Go back and go into the door to the east that had
suddenly appeared.

Go all the way right.

There are MANY doors in this area. First head to the second door
to the east to receive a FIRST AID KIT. Now go to the fifth door
to the east and go to the ledge. Make sure Valerie is beside you
and climb the ledge. Go into the door.

Go north.

Go northwest for a save statue. Go down the stairway right beside
it and claim the FIRST AID KIT and BANDAGE. Go to the other stairway
and jump into the hole. Jump into the next hole you come across.

Go all the way north. Don't bother with the Execution Room door.

Go all the way right and go into the first door. Don't bother with
the bathrooms. You'll notice a note on the table. Read it and it
will talk about rumors of people wanting to kill the captain. Go
south and through the door to the left. Go and inspect the second
corpse you come across for the CAPTAIN'S KEY. Go back and go back
again and go into the second door, using the CAPTAIN'S KEY in the

Go north.


Go north. If you think you know the amount of wheelchairs in the
entire game, go to the second door. If not, go through the first

Save statue. Go north and your path will be blocked by a rail. Get
Valerie to give you a boost so you can jump across. Go north and
activate the lever for Valerie to follow you again. Keep her by
your side and use her to lockpick the door above.

Here you'll encounter TWO FOOLS. Beat them up and go into the door

Go north until you encounter TWO DOOR MONSTERS. It's best to avoid
them, so go into the door.

Go north.

Follow the path. You'll fight TWO FOOLS as you go.

Go into the first hole. Go all the way north and a rope will appear.
Climb it. Go to the switch above and activate it. Go back.

Go all the way east. Check the cupboard for a FIRST AID KIT. Go into
the door.

Get the BANDAGE and go north.

You'll notice a VERY LARGE CREATURE will be blocking your path.
First go to the doors to the west. Go to the northern doors first
and activate the levers. Then go to the southern door and activate
the lever there. There's a door above you so go there. Beware of
OLGA and activate the lever. Go out and the creature will die. Go
into the door.

Save statue. If you don't feel like reading, don't go into the
first door. Go into the second door.


Sam Gertrude is a dangerous fellow, as he has a handgun. The door
behind you will lock itself and the battle will begin. Sam's
specials consist of shooting you and disappearing into thin air
to teleport to your exact area. Be careful to avoid his gunfire
and just beat him down with your BAT.

After you beat him you'll have some weird flashbacks. Go back out
and go back in to claim the SLOT KEY. Go out AGAIN. Go to the
door to the east and use this key.

You'll encounter TWO SHAMBLERS and a DOOR MONSTER. Go all the way
north and to the left to retrieve the SHOVEL. Now go to the door
to the right.


Take a long walk north and then west. Now go south and go down the

This room has TWO DOOR MONSTERS but they are on the other side of
a wall, so no worries for now. Go all the way west till you find
two doors. The door on the left is locked, so go to the second door.

Wait in this room for a while until you go through a strange scene.
Get the SQUARE KEY which drops out of nowhere. Now go into that door.

There will be some ghost kids here. No need to be afraid, they won't
harm a mosquito. Get the LABYRINTH KEY taped under the table and go

To the far east you should have already seen a locked door. Use the
LABYRINTH KEY and go through. Now you may kill these TWO DOOR MONSTERS.
Go north and then west and then south to find a door that also
requires the LABYRINTH KEY.

Go up the ladder and you'll find a save statue. Go north.

Go up, then go right and go into the first door you come across.

Claim the VELITIN and go out.

Go FAR TO THE RIGHT and get the ANESTHETIC and BANDAGE. Don't worry
about the second door for now. Go to the elevator door to your west
after getting the items.

Pick the ZERO-TH floor.

After the cutscene with a strange priest named Juan, go back to the

Go to the second floor.

You'll meet THREE SCREECHERS. Run past them or kill them if you're
feeling brave. Go to the northern door.

There are a lot of switches here. Go to the left side first. Read
the first plating on the wall.

"Two eyes stare riotously at the intruder."

Activate the first and third switch on this wall. Now go to the middle
wall. Read the second plating on the wall to your left.

"A turtle that could not pass over the first line."

Apparently you must switch the first one. Now read the first plating
on the eastern wall.

"Monkey in the middle."

Activate the middle switch so that the first and second switches
are turned on. Go to the eastern wall. Check the second plating on the
wall beside you.

"Pairs banished from a neighboring city."

Activate the last two switches and you'll receive a BARBEQUE FORK.

Go all the way back to the elevator and go back to the first floor.

Remember the second door to the north? Go there now.

There are THREE SHAMBLERS you must take care of. After all that is
done with, get the BANDAGE and go to the crack to the north. Use
the FORK to reach in and to grab the NOTE 3.

Read it and go to the elevator. Notice that Floor 8 is now

Go west and down until you receive another healing item. A gate
will close on you. Inspect it several times for it to open again.
Now go and find your way across the multiple doors of confusion.
When you find your way out of that jumble, go north to find yourself
a save statue. Go north.

You'll encounter TWO SCREECHES and TWO DOOR MONSTERS in a very tight
space. Get through the best you can and go into the door up north.

Go north.

Go southeast and to the elevator door. Beware of SAM around this area.

You'll automatically be carried to a room.

Get the HAMMER. Go back. You'll be carried to another room.

Go north and use the HAMMER on the chained door. Go through.


Go east. If you don't want to fight TWO SHAMBLERS don't bother
going through the door ahead. There's a save statue. Go northwest.
You'll be going southeast WAY later.

Here you'll encounter an EQUINE. Go through the first door you'll

You'll see another EQUINE ready to kill you. Go into the train.

TWO FOOLS! Go to the other side and go out.

Go north.

Retrieve the THREE CARDS and save. Go back to the train.


Splinter is a fast bugger. He wields a sharp sword and his
attacks are quick. Sometimes he will charge right at you and
slice you up. Other times he will jump out of view and then
will jump RIGHT AT YOUR POSITION. So keep moving around and
whack him with your SHOVEL whenever necessary.

After beating him down, you can get the healing items if you
haven't before. Go out the other side.

Go into the door to the south.

After a cutscene, you'll be teleported to an alternate subway. Make
your way back if you want a VELITIN. Now go to the other door in
the room you were in before.

Go to the door on the west.

You'll see BED MONSTERS hanging around here. Avoid their shadows.
The last BED MONSTER will attack you if you try to avoid its
shadow from THE BOTTOM. Go above instead. Go to the door below.

You'll fight TWO EQUINES and a FOOL. Go all the way southwest and
into the door (secret: go northwest. All the way.)

You need a ruby to put into the middle of the weird fence. Go
into the door to the west. Go all the way north.

Switch the clock around and go back.

You'll come across an upside-down room. Go all the way down to claim
a healing item. Go to the door to the east.

Get the RUBY. Go out and go back in again to find the same clock.
Switch it around to make the room go back to normal. Go back to the

Use the RUBY. Go north.

THREE EQUINES occupy this large area. Go north until you see a door.
Go into it to receive an item. Go out and then go all the way northwest.
Go through the door (secret: there's a door to very east of your

You'll come across a very large pit. There are actually hidden platforms
hidden in this pit. Push up against every part of the pit until you step
on the platforms. Go into the door up north.

Go down the stairs and keep doing it.

There's a save statue. Go in the door.

Go ahead until you encounter TWO SHAMBLERS. Ignore them or fight them
and proceed on ahead until you fall into a rather unexpected trap.


You're fighting Sam again, and this time he has TWO HANDGUNS. No
problem. Other than that he has the same attacks he has before.
Deal with him the same way you did before.

After beating him you'll teleport back to the normal subway and
Valerie will rejoin you. Go west and through the door. You'll be
back in the same place you were in the beginning. Now that you
have all THREE CARDS, go southeast.

You'll find TWO SCREECHERS flying around. Avoid them or kill them. Go
into the door on the wall.

Go north and put the three cards in this order:

Purple: 1 turn to the right.
Red: 2 turns to the right.
Blue: 3 turns to the right.

Go through.

Claim the VELITIN. Go through the door.

Go east.

Go north.

You'll finally arrive at the city. Save by the statue and go into


Get the ANESTHETIC. Don't bother to go into the western door just
yet. Go up. Don't go up the stairs yet, but do grab the FIRST AID
KIT near it. Go into the northern door.

Pull the switch by the main desk. Go back to that door I told you
not to go through, but after dealing with TWO WORKERS.

Go down the long rope and push the statue onto the lift on the very
right. Push the switch and watch it go up. There is a loud noise.
Apparently the machine malfunctioned. Go all the way back up and
find the statue to your right. Push it all the way into the open
doorway to the west.

Go into the doorway and push the statue all the way to the switch
platform to the west (GET THE BANDAGE FIRST). Be careful, SAM will
appear out of nowhere and will attempt to blow your brains out.
Move out of the way.

Now that you pushed the statue on the switch, it will disappear. Don't
go north just yet, but go to the door just below you and claim the

Go ALL THE WAY BACK TO THE BEGINNING. You can now go up those stairs.

There are TWO WORKERS here. Go to the second door on the wall to your
left to get yourself a lovely FIRST AID KIT. Now head southwest and
to the door. There's a body strapped on the wall by flesh. Get the
key that's pinned on him. GO ALL THE WAY BACK TO THE PLACE WHERE
SAM TRIED TO KILL YOU. Now you may go north and up the stairs.

Go to the door on your way right to encounter a CHAINSAW WORKER and

Go north and to the door that is northeast. Use your FLESH KEY.

Be wary of the TWO CHAINSAW WORKERS in this area. Run past them
and to the door above.

Go east.

Save and get the FIRST AID KIT. Jump in the hole.


This will be, by far, the hardest boss you've faced so far. This
spider monster has three main attacks. It will either dig into
the ground and shove its spike up to slice you, shot a web ball
from its mouth to slow you down IMMENSELY (and also disable you
from attacking), or it will jump a couple times and then charge
at you on its hind legs. When it is on its hind legs, THIS IS
THE ONLY CHANCE YOU GET HURT IT. Hitting it when it is not doing
this will be useless, for it will block it. When it's on its hind
legs, you will be able to hit its vulnerable belly, so be very
aware; however, if you're an impatient person, you can strike it
anyway for it to activate either of these three attacks from the
instant you strike it. Hit its belly several time to win.

Go north.

Go north again.


GOOD LORD YOU'RE FINALLY HERE. After the cutscene, get the map just
above you. This map shall be useful, for this part of the city is
very big. First you must go all the way east until you realize that
you are in a quarantined area. Go back to Valerie, who isn't there.
Save beside the statue if you wish. Press "1" to see the map. There's
a building with the word "CLOCK" written on it. Its the building just
northeast of the save point. Go in.

Go to the door to the left after claiming a FIRST AID KIT. After
the cutscene, go out and then go to the northwest part of the city.

You'll encounter some PUTRID MASSES here. Take care of them and head
all the way north until you find NOTE 4 pasted on a building wall.
Read it and go back to the CLOCK building. Go to the CLOCK where
you had the cutscene and take the key that is on it.

Go back northwest and then go east from where you got NOTE 4. Go
into the SAFE building after using your CLOCK KEY. The numbers to
the safe are 7, 2, and 9. You have to use EVERY SINGLE COMBINATION
you know for these numbers ("799", "279", "999"). If you get the
right one, you'll receive a LARGE AMOUNT OF HEALING ITEMS. Get NOTE
5, read it, and head to the DOLL building to the WAY EASTERN area
of the city. There's a specific doll that has a knife in its back
and a key inside of it. Take the DOLL KEY and go out.

Go to the school. Go into the first door and get the ANESTHETIC from
the locker. Go out. Forget the doors and go up the stairs. Go into
2B and receive a healing item. Go to 2C and use the DOLL KEY on the
desk to receive the STRANGE KEY. Go outside and then go to the
northern area with a down arrow on it. It is by the SAFE BUILDING.
Go there.

Use the STRANGE KEY to get the RUSTED KEY. Go back to the school
and go out the back door which is now unlocked.

HOSPITAL instead and get the LANTERN and MACHETE (equip it). Now
you may go in.


This place is DARK and your puny little lantern will only show you a
tight little space. First go to the second door on the eastern wall
to get a DOTTED PAPER. Then go all the way west and go to the door
on the right. Dip the PAPER in the bucket of blood to see its writing.
You will receive NOTE 6. Read it and then go to the third door on the
east wall. Check the wall right beside the statue to get a 2 BUTTON.
Go to the elevator above.

Go to Floor 2.

Look at the mirror. After that, IMMEDIATELY ATTACK BEHIND YOU because
a FOOL is just about ready to maim you. Go to the door above.

There are alot of curtains here, but one is different. When you find
it, cut it and you'll get 3 BUTTON. Go back to the elevator and go
to Floor 3.

Go ALL AROUND the huge hole to get a VELITIN. Go up. You'll notice
a bucket hanging by a rope. Go up the stairs. Cut the rope that is
RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU and the bucket shall fall. Get the 5 BUTTON
from this bucket. Go to the elevator and go to FLOOR 5.

There will be a puzzle here. Ladders will appear and disappear
depending on which lever you pull on the bottom. There are four
levers. Toy with them until you are able to reach the top. Go to
the door above.

Activate lever. Go back.

Save. Go back to elevator and go to FLOOR 0.

+++BOSS: JUAN+++

Good Lord! Juan has gone insane and thinks you are backstabbing
him! You must fight now. Juan's abilities include pulling out
his boomstick and firing at you for MASSIVE DAMAGE. Be aware of
this attack. He also has a dark magic skill that will take a hunk
of HP off of you, so get out of his way when he prepares for the
strike. He also emits a flash and pops out of a random pillar.
When you take off a large amount of his HP, Juan will be way
faster in all aspects, so be VERY CAREFUL around him.

After killing the priest, you'll teleport out of the building.

Go west.

Go all the way north and go to the path above that was previously
blocked off.


This is a very long peaceful forest walk, so enjoy it while you can.
There are two healing items in the first area. Go northwest. There is
one healing item in this section. Go northwest.

Follow the path.

Save statue. From here on, this area should be familiar to you. Go

Go west again.

And again.


Southwest if you wish to visit a familiar place. North if you don't.

Go north.

Get the BANDAGE. Go northeast.

Go northeast.

You're in a village now. Go to the 2nd house on the left. All the
other houses are locked.

Watch the cutscene and black out.

You'll watch another cutscene and ALLISON will join you. Go into
the door (BUT SAVE FIRST). You'll follow Allison through a couple
of sequences in which she kills some monsters. It's cool.

You'll come across a part where Allison will be occupied with
getting a ladder down. In this part, you must defend yourself,
for monsters will start coming, consisting of FOOLS. Here's what
you do: kill the faster FOOL and let the slower one follow you
around until Allison finishes her work. If you would have killed
the FOOLS then more FOOLS would come out. And THAT IS NOT WANTED.
Follow Allison through the door.

Follow her again and STAY BEHIND HER AT ALL TIMES. SAM will appear
out of nowhere and will point his gun at the end of the wall just
up north, stopping you from going ahead. Allison will distract
him with gunfire. When she goes out and the shootout begins, rush
to the other side and into the door.

There are also FOUR BED MONSTERS floating around the place at fast
speed, so be careful to avoid their shadows. After the monsters
are killed, the BED MONSTERS will die and Allison will open the
door ahead. Go through will her.

Attempt to follow her in the next area and watch a cutscene.


Save statue. Go south.

Go east.

Activate ALL the switches and go back out.

Go inside the northern door.

Go inside of the door above. Turn around and go to the door behind you.
Repeat this process till you reach the stop. Activate the lever and
go into the door to teleport back down. Go back.

Go to the southern door. Get NOTE 7.

"As 2,000 men, women, and children carrying 700 gifts, circled
10 gods of the night...1 remained and was chose."

2,711. It's that simple. Go to the eastern door and get the healing
item. Save and input the number. Go through the door.


Here's the final fray between these two. This battle will be
difficult because Olga is more aggressive then before, Sam
Gertrude's attack are far more powerful, and you three are
enclosed into a small space. Deal with them like you dealt
with them before.

After defeating these two for the LAST FRIGGIN TIME. You'll be


Go to the door that is FAR NORTH from you, not the one just above
you. Activate the lever inside of the room and THEN go back to the
door I told you not to go in just yet. Go in and activate the
lever and you'll hear a crash. Go outside to claim your
THADEUS KEY. Go into the second door on the east wall to use it.

You'll meet TWO PUTRID MASSES here. Kill them and proceed to the

Go east (secret: you can see a room just below you separated by
a wall. You can go through the wall.) and you'll see Allison on the
other side of a wall. She'll enter a door. Go far east to activate a
switch and to unlock the gate. Go through the gate and activate
the switch inside of the room (the door is useless). The gate will
close, but if you wait for a bit, you'll hear footsteps growing
louder and louder. You'll soon see the footsteps going through the
wall. Enter the wall where these footsteps go. Go back.

Go back up.

Go to the door to the north.

Unlock the door to the west and go to the door on the right side.

You'll encounter TWO FREAKS. Kill them and head to the door to
the right side. There's a power generator. Deactivate it and take
the ORESTES KEY to your left. Go out and go to the door right below

Get the healing item, but beware of the UNKNOWN WALKER in this
area. Go out.

Go out and go to the second door on
the western wall. There's a book that is readable. Read it ONLY
IF YOU WANT A GOOD ENDING. If not, just go out.

Go to the door south of the book room, but first get that BANDAGE.

You'll reach a hallway. Go to the first door on the left.

There's a puzzle here. Here's the order you must do:

"Turn 4" twice.
"Turn 7" twice.
"Turn 4" twice.


Go to the second door on your right ONLY IF YOU READ THE BOOK. There
is a crack on the wall. Break it with your BAT OR SHOVEL. Go into
the newly formed hole and get the LUCENT ORB in the cupboard. Go out.

Now you must go all the way back to the beginning. When you do,
the weird fence to the south is now gone. Go south and into the
door. Get the ICARUS KEY. Go back.

Go to the third door to the east wall.

THIS PART MAY BE A PAIN, but luckily you have me. Here are the

RIGHT. DOWN. LEFT. LEFT (if you want an item). DOWN. RIGHT. Look closely
as you go right, for a pathway will appear on the wall. GO THIS WAY.
GO UP AND MAKE A RIGHT TURN. Keep going until you see another upper

Go directly right, down, and then right and to the first pathway
you see.

IF YOU HAVE THE LUCENT ORB, fill it with the liquid in the torch
below you (but remember to do this only if you want a good ending).
Go east.

You'll appear in a familiar hallway. One of the doors will be
Going in this room will give you more knowledge on how to get
a better ending. Go out of there once you're done and go all the
way south.

You'll come to a room with VALERIE tied to a wall. If you have the
LUCENT ORB FILLED and have READ THE BOOK, douse Valerie with the
liquid ONLY IF YOU WANT A GREAT ENDING. Don't douse Valerie if you
want a GOOD ENDING. Save statue. Go to the door above.


Here it is, the final boss. The Devil has a few attacks in his
possession, and only one of them is an opportunity to actually damage
him. If you try to hurt him when he is just following you, he'll
teleport to a random area near you, so do not even attempt it.
His attacks consist of a fire throwing attack (in which you should
strike him to hurt him), a MULTIPLE fire throwing attack, and
beckoning huge boulders to crush you. When he does his boulder attack,
For the fire attacks, just dodge the fire. When you have hit the
Devil enough times, he will be defeated.

Watch your well earned cutscene (depending on your ending).

Congratulations. You have just beaten Death Proclaimed 2. Have a pie