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Adam is a thirteen year old boy who has abandoned all hope in his own life. His mother is dead, his father hates him, his sister is missing. He has reached the point in life, he cares nothing for anything, his life or his opinions, and the most he has to say about something as ridiculous as being accidentally transported to a foreign world designed in the image of Earth is- "Whatever..." As such a thing mysteriously happens, Adam's father wanders to investigate the meaning of the odd happening. Soon, Adam follows a vanishing trail of his father's footsteps, searching for the last guide he has in an unfamiliar environment. He is stopped by an odd girl, though, who holds a knife at his throat....

Minutes later, Adam witnesses his father being captured by pawns of the governing power, the Holy Kingdom of Rosary, and thus, he is thrust on his quest to find his father and return to Earth. Little did they know, though, that it would be the last time they saw each other for a very long time. Adam seeks his father in his journey, though his journey seeks Adam in every move. Uncovering a lost child, as Adam's father gets further and further away, though Adam seeks, he finds more and more of himself.

The truth of himself, his father, their relationship, and the odd world which he finds himself in will be revealed, through the many events that Adam plummets into- the stalemate politics of the world Aryon, a world ravaged by the differing races, war, and an assault by the Angels of God itself, the Holy Kingdom of Rosary, its enslavement of each of its citizens, its power growing in the name of true justice, genocides, brought by an orginization that claims to serve the world in itself, and the most frightening and powerful of all the terrors... Adam will face himself.

Chapter 1: The Echoing Voice- Somewhere after it all began (approximate length 45 min)
Chapter 2: Double Symphony- What is the land that you called home? (approximate length 2 hours)
Chapter 3: The Way the Wind Blows- Falling together, falling apart (approximate length 2 hours)

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  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • Action RPG
  • 10/28/2007 05:06 PM
  • 06/18/2010 01:00 AM
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Pages: 1
i like it. very creative, good story so far
i found a few glitches though, but i shouldnt b critical since im a rookie
I'm at chapter 3 at the moment, So far there's a lot of glitches, but the story is pretty interesting.
your download link doesn't work can you please fix this
And now the game's web site is down or gone.

So, here's an upload of the game:
Why don't you resubmit the damn download to this website? It would make the entire process much easier.
Developer, Starless Umbra / Heroes of Umbra
A good 90% of the cutscenes are obscured by your huge message boxes, but I'm playing through this again.
Karusman, I'm not the one making the game.

Euphorian is the author.

I'm just a guy who found his web site when it was still up, and re-uploaded the game when the site went down.

So, I can't resubmit it to RMN, since I didn't submit it.

Sorry for the confusion.
Yellow Magic
Could I BE any more Chandler Bing from Friends (TM)?
think Cy's cancelled the project.
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