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Season 2 of The New Disciples features six all new episodes and even manages to squeeze in some DVD Bonus content for a more complete experience. Join JC and his pals as they continue to try and bring Christianity up to standards with the new century! This time, however, they'll be getting help from some new female characters, creating a whole new dynamic within the group. Friendships will be tested, hearts will be broken, secrets will be unveiled! But mostly it's just more of the same old shit.

We have three writers working full time on this season, and we're more confident than ever in this new material, so it'll be well worth the wait!


Dude- This politically confused, socially destructive bigot is back and his powers to corrupt the good lord and savior are as strong as ever.

Guy- The cynical atheist, or as he'd have you believe, "the voice of reason". Proof that characters ACTUALLY evolve in this series, Guy goes through a whirlwind of relationship battles this season.

Man- The invisible man wants to be visible again. Big surprise. Perhaps he'll get his wish this season?

Buddy- The best character ever in the history of mankind. ‘Nuff said.

JC- Spreading the word where it needs to be heard. He truly wants to help his religion evolve, but he's just so lazy. Please do it for him.

The Babes- Chica, Babe, and Wutsername. Three new cast members enter the fold serving as love interests for our leads. How will this new dynamic influence the team?

Ep.7- A special coalition of religious leaders meeting brings the gang face to face with their competition.
Ep.8- JC recruits three new females to the team, with some very mixed results.
Ep.9- God has a secret, and it's finally come out!
Ep.10- Time Travel. Hellz yes!
Ep.11- Dude is on trial and JC wants to win his case.
Ep.12- JC sets up a teens help hotline, and some crazy loose ends are tied! Explosive finale!

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Season 2 Complete. Download up.


Finished this today, and the movie/pilot project is coming along pretty well.

Once again, you'll need the RM2K RTP files.
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I'm curious, how many followers do you actually have?
Next to none :P

I'll have a better idea when this season is released.
I think the main reason you have next to no followers (subscribers) is because this doesn't appeal to many and may even insult a few. However, it's always a good idea to experiment with new ideas.
Yeah, we fully realize this fact. The truth is, even if it had no followers (we have like 2 that I know of lol), we'd still be making it for ourselves. It's extremely fun to write for, and watching the finished product together over a couple of beers is amazing.

The thing most people ask is, "then why post it?"
We just figure we might as well. Just in case someone else does share our odd sense of humor, it's there for whoever wants to see it. We're not trying to be like WICKED BEST GAME ON SITE EVA and we rarely take things seriously. But it's still nice to have a decent place to share it.
Yes, you should always make the game for yourself. I'm making Tales of Arcadia strictly for myself because RPG developing is addictive and fun. However, having a fairly decent community is always a motivation boost.
Very true, I can admit that it would be nice to have more of an audience. I'm not holding my breath though lol
After seeing the names of the cast, I have this to say:

Don't call me a rat, buddy!
I'm not your buddy, friend!
He's not your friend, guy!
I'm not your guy, buddy!
Oh my. Also, LOL @ Hexatona's avatar.

It's unfortunate that New Disciples has....well, no disciples, but hang in there!
You know what as much as I hated Season One I'm still morbidly curious enough to see what the hell you come up with for Season Two.
You know what as much as I hated Season One I'm still morbidly curious enough to see what the hell you come up with for Season Two.

Wasn't it you who said it's like a car wreck you just can't look away from? lol. If so, I'm really not surprised that you're curious.
Huge Improvement over Season One. Not for everyone but still huge improvement. Almost enjoying myself.
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