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Season 2 Complete. Download up.


Finished this today, and the movie/pilot project is coming along pretty well.

Once again, you'll need the RM2K RTP files.


New content for full release

Back around Xmas, I released a demo of the first 3 episodes.

Today, I went back and fixed a bunch of mistakes and typos and overall, just some bad programming. While doing this, I noticed that there were some scenes that didn't make it into these that were supposed to. Undoubtedly, that probably made some of the plots seem a little more ambiguous than they would have been with those scenes included.

Anyway, they've been put in, and the edits have all been made. I am much more satisfied with the now.

I still haven't completed the final episode of the season yet. I could probably force myself to do it tonight, but it wouldn't be very good. I have to be "in the zone" to work on it. I did add a few other scenes to it written by one of my fellow writers, so it is making progress.

In regards to the Real Heroes, I found a script of flashbacks for it I had written half a year ago. I had completely forgotten about it, but they're actually pretty funny clips, and my interest is slightly higher for it now. Still, my efforts are more dedicated to the end of ND Season 2 and the upcoming movie/pilot project and we'll most likely be seeing that first.

I'll be making game pages for them very soon, possibly even tonight, if time permits.


Gettin' pretty close!

Finished another whole episode the other day and I'm chipping away at the last two (one of which is half finished already). I've noticed that the humor of these newer episodes is a little different than previous ones, but it feels like a nice change of pace anyway.

I'll most likely release this without all of the bonus features first, then add a new download later for new content. Reason being that the "catch" minigame isn't crucial to the overall experience, and it'll take me a while to build if it's gonna be half decent.

Soon I'll work on the concept work for the movie project. It's just gonna be slightly longer than a regular episode, and can be seen as the "real" pilot episode to the series. I may implement new graphics and stuff though.

Right now my buddies have been slacking, and I've been doing most of these last episodes on my own. I don't really mind, but I do wish they'd chip in for some flashbacks. It's getting kinda hard! Episode 10 only has one, but there's a reason for that, as it's kind of a framed narrative (and frames within a frame). I'm gonna hafta have a serious talking to them for the movie version, as I want it to be the funniest thing we've done yet. The story's there, we just need to expand on it and write some hilarious flashbacks to go with it.


Gotta Catch 'Em All Bonus Feature!

We're still piecing away at this season. We ran into a few roadblocks but it seems to be back on track now. Almost finished episode 10, and we've done 2 bonus feature clips as well.

One of the new bonus features that I came up with today will be an actual minigame. It's called, you guessed it, "Gotta Catch 'Em All", and it's sure to piss a bunch more people off :)

We'll be launching right into the next ND project right after we finish this season. I'll still work on The Real Heroes along the way, but I don't expect it to be done for quite some time still.

I've been feeling quite inspired today. I just hope it will last throughout the week!


Scrubs Withdrawal :(

I miss this show. So much in fact that I feel like doing something to celebrate its awesomeness.

I was one of the few who actually liked the Med School spinoff. While it wasn't as good, it was still nice to see all the familiar faces throughout its run. Anyway, I'm seriously considering doing a fan fiction season 10, or a role playing game based on it. I'm not sure how to approach it, exactly, and I won't even try my hand at it until I've figured out a way that works well. In preparation, however, I made a bunch of XP resources last night that look pretty nice, and I gathered a bunch of audio clips for the main cast.

I scoured fanfiction.com for some decent fanfics that I could ask writers if I could adapt, but jesus, no one even attempts to make any of those funny. All of 'em are just stupid pairings that would never happen! Guess I'm gonna hafta switch from my crude New Disciples humor and try my hand at this off the charts level of genius. I was just really hoping for some help.

Of course, this is way forward thinking. I won't do this for a while, and when I finally do, it will only be a pilot ep or a short demo to see if it's working. It probably won't, but there's no hurt in trying. In the meantime, I'm still finishing up ND season 2 and trying to think of ways to get the Real Heroes off the ground. I think I'm just going to cancel it after the first season, as I'll be completely out of ideas for it by that point. I was thinking about crossing some characters over to ND season 3 anyway.


Limited Preview Download (eps 1-3)

The unpolished first three episodes of Season 2 will be available on RMN from now until January 1st as a special Christmas preview. The episodes are full, but unedited. There are a couple small movement issues that need to be dealt with and they are riddled with typos at the moment.

We felt we should release them now though, since they feature so much christmas music and 'tis the season. The next three episodes are still in the planning stages, and we've been a little busy lately, so a short time release seems necessary for our small band of fans.

Anyways, get it while it's here!


Reached the Halfway Mark!

Three eps down!

Three to go!

We've sat down and watched them all, and as far as I know, we're pretty satisfied. I'm just hoping to keep things running as smoothly with the last three for the season. I've used most of my flashback ideas so it's about time I reached back into my head and pulled out some more. As one of the other writers has been saying, this shit only hits ya when it hits ya. I learned in season one how true that is, as the ones that I forced just didn't seem to work out so well. Fortunately enough, it was new then and I had more than enough ideas to keep it going.

I haven't killed anyone off this season yet, and so far it looks like I probably won't, however it doesn't look like the chicks will be stickin around too long. Don't get me wrong, the new dynamic works perfectly, but plotlines have kind of forced me to push them out a bit, and they can only take so much verbal abuse, right? I'll probably keep one around for next season. Who knows.

With the extra bonus content this season, it's looking to be a thick little package. I don't think it'll be done in time for xmas though, which is a shame considering that it's just GUSHING with gay as fuck xmas music.


2 eps down!

The new game page is up!

Episode 1 and 3 are done, and episode 2 is well on its way. The team sat down and watched our completed eps last night and we felt that they are well up to par with the rest of the series, possibly even better! The new cast members really add something to the mix, and the flashbacks are much more varied this time around.

We're still throwing ideas around for the Real Heroes spinoff. It's still kinda on hiatus at the moment, but I'm hoping that it will pick up once we're finished ND season 2 in its entirety. Other than that, I've been trying to think of ideas for bonus content for the release of this project. We have one piece of it done so far, but we don't want it all to be extra "intro" conversations. We'll see, I guess.
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