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Kingdom of the ̶D̶r̶a̶g̶o̶n̶s̶... Giants!

Hi players!
Welcome to another review of a pretty old game, Dragon Kingdoms V, a Rpgmaker2000 game by VideoWizard released first in 2007 and then re-released with a new edition in 2011. This is apparently one of the main games of the Dragon Kingdoms series, but not every game seems to be complete and each one seems to be a single self-contained story. So I decided to try this one because... it was the one with the best rating! Uhm ok!

The game starts with a giant... oh yes, NOT a dragon, despite the title. An evil overlord makes William the Giant trip and fall on a village killing all his friends, but it's not the end, because the depressed giant cries and his tears flood the whole world. That's... weird? Stupid? I do not know but surely unexpected! During this part William will teach some mechanics of the game, but this tutorial is quite useless now, since these abilities will be used only much later. But uhm ok.

The real game starts far in the future, when William the Giant has become the guardian of the last town on the world, and we now control a predestined hero, an arrogant jerk called Joshua, that's instructed by the friendly giant to collect some shards, broken fragments of the world that can be used to restore it to its original state.

Not a very original idea buuuut... ok I can accept this!

As you can guess we'll have to control Joshua as he explores the world and collect shards that will expand the explorable world, leading to new areas to visit and new shards to collect. Clearly there will also be obstacles, from wandering evil creatures to some roadblocks that can be removed after finding artifacts or slaying powerful beasts.

Battles uses the classical Rm2k system with no battlers and party members able to use various powers. Yes, Joshua will start the journey alone but he'll meet companions such as Karen (uhm not "that kind" of Karen!), but there's not a lot to say about them, except that they'll will soon know and hate Joshua because he's a jerk. Battles are pretty much balanced and will become even easier when you will find the boomerang, a weapon that hits every enemy with a single attack, and in the beginning will one-shot them! Things will change a bit later, when enemies get stronger, but what does not change is the strategy: use your strongest ability to win! That's it! Not a lot of strategy involved, isn't it?
Something I liked of the games was the possibility, at later stages, to find bonuses that for example let Joshua become incorporeal for a while, or summon William! This was cool, it's a shame it was not possible right from the beginning.

Visually the game is quite ugly! Maps are pretty functional and ugly, I do not mind the resources used and the edits but the locations are awful and also swarming with enemies (no matter if these are dungeons or wilderness areas... well that's better than random battles). But besided the classic RTP assets there are also sprites and curtscenes made with MS-paint that really clash terribly with the other assets. Near the end I also found some mapping errors concerning passability and bus such as teleporting issues.

Uh I am going to tell everyone that this was Attack on Titan!

Final Verdict
Dragon Kingdoms V had some pretty good ideas but the final result is a buggy and uninspired game. Characters are nothing special, William is the classic gentle giant that everyone seems to love despite the fact that HE IS the reason why the world was destroyed, while Joshua is a jerk that every party member will insult during the story... wait and the bad guys? Uh for 90% of the games you will only fight beasts and mini-villains but only near the end you will find the true nemesis, again nothing special.
In the end this Dragon Kingdoms V could have been better, avoiding swarms of enemies is no better than facing multiple random encounters, and for this reason (and the bugs) I cannot really recommend it.