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In Razul, there lived a woman named Diamond. She was the prettiest woman in all of Razul All of the men of Razul longed for Diamond and gave her many gifts. One day while out, she came across a bright light. Curious to find out what the light was, Diamond touched it and was transported to the Wizards Realm. Instantly, she was greeted by Azwaz, ruler of the Wizards Realm. Captivated by her beauty, he put a love spell on Diamond, causing her to fall in love with the ruler. Diamond the bore 2 sons with Azwaz.

Prasra, Azwaz's love interest, was enraged with jealousy and anger, as she unleashed a beast so powerful that it was able to destroy Diamond and Azwaz. Before Azwaz's death, he froze Prasra along with her beast. They remained frozen for 200 years. During this time Azwaz's sons ruled the wizards realm. After the spell ended, Prasra commanded her beast to kill the bastard sons of Azwaz. The twin seeds of Azwaz, Q'Dar and Xavan dispatched an army of wizards thus starting the WIZARD'S WAR

On your 17th birthday, you become a full fledged wizard. Excited about this accomplishment, you
want to compete in the annual Ultimate Wizards Torniment, being held in the Wizards Realm.

In order for you to get accepted to fight in this torniment, you have to collect 8 wizard crystals These are located throughout Razul.

After winning the competition, you are asked by the rulers of the Wizards Realm to lead an army of wizards in an battle to destroy Prasra and her army.


Game Controls

a} directional pad for up/down/left/right
b} enter for select
c} esc for return
d} space for select
e} x for return

New Game
To start a new game click your RGSS Player inside of the Wizards War Folder.

a} When prompted, choose whether would want to play as a boy or a girl.
b} There are other important characters throughout the game. Every decision you make will effect your journey.
c} There are over 100 wizards that you can add to your army. Every wizard is different in some way. Most wizards will challenge to fight you before you can offer them to join your army. You can always remove a wizard from your army.

a} You can only save your game at an inn. You can save up to four games.
b} Banks are for storing your money to keep safe from thieves.
c} Good Witches offer to teach anyone in your army spells for a price.
d} Weapon Shops sells wizard sticks and staffs.
e} Item Shops sells potions and remedies for your wounds.

a} Defeating any enemy will earn you experience points and money.
b} You have the option to fight or escape from field enemies.
c} You cannot run from bosses or trainers in training halls.
d} If you run from a field wizard, they will steal money and/or items from your inventory.

Battling a Wizard
a} During battle, a wizard will have above his head, his name, or title, his level, and his attribute. This is a list of attributes and their meanings.
b} Fi=Fire
Ea= Earth
Ic= Ice
Wi= Wind
Li= Light
Da= Darkness
c} Wizards with multiple attributes will display it. i.e.{fiic is a fire and ice wizard}
d} Every attribute has a strength and a weakness below is a chart of strengths and weaknesses

Wind---wind attacks heal, thunder attacks are resistant, weak against earth attacks
Earth---earth attacks heal,thunder attacks are resistant, weak against ice attacks
Thunder-thunder attacks heal, water attacks are resistant,weak against wind attacks
Ice-------ice attacks heal, earth attacks are resistant, weak against fire attacks
Fire------fire attacks heal, ice attacks are resistant, weak against water attacks
Water--water attacks heal, fire attacks are resistant, weak against thunder attacks

Light----light attacks heal, dark/thunder/ice/water are resistant
Dark----dark/earth/wind/water heal, weak against light attacks

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