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Version bugs page added

I added this new page to inform users of the bugs in various releases, even though there is (currently) only one version. I'll be uploading a new version within the next few weeks that fixes the little bugs, but in the meantime you can check the page to avoid them. They aren't bad, thankfully.

Reviews are welcome, btw. It would be nice to see a list of improvements that need to be made in the future, even if they don't make it in until the sequel comes out, I'm still updating this steadily until FH2's release.


Fixed Download Added

Not much to report here, but the fixed download has been added.

If you have the older version, just go to my locker and download the charset to the charset folder and it should fix the problem for chapter 5.



The full game has been accepted, although I am still waiting for the download with rm2k3 in it to be accepted.

I'll be adding a bunch of new stuff to both FH pages tonight, including pics from both this game and its sequel.

Thanks to everyone who's stuck with this game, subscribers and all. It took much longer to complete than expected but it's finally done! Thanks to the early downloaders as well, I know the game was only on the front page for like a couple mins (or so it seemed).


Downloads submitted!

It's finally that time, the full release has been submitted! This ought to cheer me up from my back to school blues.

Walkthrough has been posted here but is also in the game folder for easy access.

I'm going all out tomorrow with a bunch of new screens, sequel previews, and whatever else I can scrounge up!


Final phase now in progress

My playthrough of the final two episodes is complete! It's now up to my 3 testers to go through them and then I can release it!

demonlord5000 is playing the game from the beginning, and unfortunately, due to the massive amount of new bugs caused by the diagonal movement feature, I've been forced to eliminate it from the game. Fear not, however, it will be included in the sequel, since I will be able to plan around the bugs ahead of time for it.

There is also the question of whether or not the last stand attacks are working properly. demonlord is helping me figure that out right now. It's not a major feature anyway, just a little added bit that I threw in towards the end.

So that's that. I figure the next blog will be the release, so stay tuned!


DLs down, final beta begins now!

Episodes 1-6 have been taken down in preparation for the full release! Everyone who wanted the demo got it, I'm quite sure. Episode 8 is finished now, and it's time that I started testing away at the final parts of the game. Aside from the odd item or two to add, and some minor bug fixes, it's completely done!

Who says you can't accomplish anything worthwhile when you're drunk? I don't recommend it, however. I'm feeling loopy. Anyways, time for me to relax a bit. Tomorrow starts the final phase of this project, and it's going to be a tough job.

Progress Report

Episode 7 complete! Final ep in progress!


Well, almost. Just gotta put in a couple items here and there and then finish up a quick cutscene leading into the final episode. I made huge progress today, so I can feel like I've stuck to my word regarding these holidays.

As posted elsewhere, Fergus now has a sort of Last Stand type of attack when he hits 20% health or lower. The screen simply turns red briefly and his attacks are doubled, which should come in handy for episodes with all party members.

As for episode 8... it's practically already finished. It reuses some older maps with added areas for further exploration, and all that really needs to be done is the final battle and the endings (which I kinda sorta maybe don't remember what they were).I'm trying my hardest to get by on the resources I have without having to make or find more, so that's my big hope for this week. It will be difficult, due to the end scene... but I could probably find a way to make it work. Tonight will most likely be spent making new resources for the sequel, since I've been wanting to finish a bunch of those this week as well.


So when is the final version gonna come out? I could give an estimate, but I probably wouldn't give myself the benefit of the doubt in doing so. I could have it finished any time within the next couple of days, or maybe it'll be another whole week. That said, it still needs more beta testing, which will begin with me before I move on to my testers. So, it is my best guess that it will be released in full... early January. That's the best I can guess lol.

So there you have it. This game, despite how many times I've gone back and redone things over and over, will finally be finished very soon. It's been over a year since I began this game, and I don't have to tell you how much time went into it. It was fun though, and the sequel is even more fun to map for. I have big plans for future releases of this one too, as I will constantly be adding new things to spruce it up and fix bugs. Newer versions (past 1.0 or 1.1), however, will only be available by downloading the sequel.

Last but not least, the third game in the series now has a name. Fragile Hearts III (that's i.i.i., standing for Immensely Irresponsible Injuries). See what I did there? Yeah. There's no progress on that game, just the name. So... there's the update.

Progress Report

Crunch Time + Announcements

Exams are over and I can finally get back to finishing this game off. I've pieced away at the mapping bit by bit for episode 7 over the last month or two, so most of what needs to be done is eventing. Of course, there are other things that I'm working on as well (as per usual).

EL4 is still underway.

I have a couple other new games I've been toying with. One of them is a throwaway project that uses the automap feature of rm2k3, and it can be seen as a sort of EL companion. It's a basic dungeon crawler (again in black and white), and it is my hope to make the game as seemingly endless as possible but with a very limited production time. I don't expect anyone to actually play through the whole things, and the downloads will be very low anyway, but it's a nice little experiment that will be fun to put out there. Think dungeon crawler + pacman gameplay.

I have more maps for FH2 than I should. It's an extremely fun game to map for, and I normally HATE mapping. Those Minish Cap chipsets are a godsend. I hope to get more art finished for the project over the next couple weeks as well.

I'll be posting more from Amerk's EL novel soon, I haven't had time to read the latest few chapters but that's another thing I'll be doing over my break. It's so exciting to have some free time again!


Errrgh, small bugs.

Just gonna list them here from my most recent play through with my friend:

The tower scene, although it works, uses an old and ugly map instead of the new, fabulous one. I don't know how that happened, I think I changed it like 3 times. Anyways, fixed it again for the new version.
There's a part where you come across a cracker save point and find out you're trying to talk to a sign. Another cracker is supposed to step out from a tree, but he doesn't, so it looks like you're talking to no one.
Ep.3's prostitute dialogue happens correctly, but the prostitute walks around while it's happening. Wtf?

I think that's it. We're only 3 eps in though, so I expect a few more to come. It was pretty cool watching it being played on a huge screen tv, albeit without sound (his speakers are f'd). It does point out the huge role music plays in the jokes though, it's actually incredible how important it is.

Episode 7 is finally completely planned out, and I've finished making all the inside portions of the first town. It has a bit of a different look to it, but with the underwatery blue tinge, it won't be as noticeable. School's really pounding me for time right now, but I expect to get a bunch done while doing my essay writing (p.s. this is how the eden legacy games were completed). Can you believe it? I'm almost there!

Progress Report

Final Plans

I definitely overestimated the number of downloads the game would get being only 3/4 complete... damn. Anyways, I think at least now all the subscribers have got it. 29/29. Not that I've been doing a great job plugging it... I suppose I've just wanted to wait until the full 8 eps are done before really putting it out there. I should really do some youtube vids or something. I've been wanting to do that for a while now, actually.

Still working on these bit by bit, both at the same time. Ep 8 revisits the first episode's castle, but it will have alternate paths open, so it's not all retreading the same stuff. It will mostly focus on choosing your ending anyway and watching it play out after the final battle.

Let's aim this for January. Yep, that sounds legit. I imagine the holidays will allow me the time I need to finish everything off, and then all that remains is beta testing for the final episodes.

I don't think I've done anything with it since the last blog. I have decided, however, based on the statistics of the first game's current demo, not to release demos for it. I'll release it as a completed game instead. I prefer doing it this way anyhow, FH was just a little different because the decrepit, unused battle system took up about 4 months of production time and I felt I owed something to people for it. Twice :P