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Here is where I'll list bugs reported for different versions of the game.

- Animals in episode 4 can be bought without the correct amount of money. Reported by Sashikinaroji
- "if you play as Midard and enter cave in which you have been as Haddy, it triggers Haddy's events again and even Episode 3 restart" - reported by Neo32ru
- In episode 2, you can leave the cave as Gulliver and can't go back to get Haddy, thus forcing the player to restart (or face battles as a very weak cat). Reported in Oblic's review.
-"In a forest where you search for lost bundle there is a spirit giving dark1
and 2 wolves which don t .... die. Every time I defeat them I engage in another battle with them. The first time I could not even escape from engaging the second
I did manage to escape from 3rd time engaging but had to run away from location." - submitted by zenla