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1. Fergus performs a combo in battle when his HP drops below 20%.

2. Haddy performs a combo in battle when her HP is above 99%.

3. Midard performs a combo in battle when his HP is above 99%.

4. In episode 7: dive deep into the sea until you can see the bottom of the ocean. When it is barely visible on your screen, skim far to the West and eventually youwill come across the most powerful sword in the game. There are a couple other things to be found as well, but beware, it is a vastly huge area of water and you could be exploring for much too long.

5. In version 1.3 of the game, you are free to explore Orin, the City of Witches, Prostitown, and the King's City (Cameltoe). You may also go back to the pet shop and get 3 new pets, one of which is part of a quest in Cameltoe. Performing these various sidequests will make the final area and boss easier.