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Fragile Hearts Official Walkthrough
By SBester

1) Version History
2) Gameplay
3) Walkthrough

1) Version History

Version 1- tech demo
First available version of the game is the tech demo which includes the full custom battle system for Fergus, but does not include regular 2k3 battles for Fergus or Midard. Haddy’s battles are also very unpolished and will be improved for the next demo version. Walkthrough no longer available.

Version 2- full release
While there were other releases planned, sbester did not get around to writing this version until the night he finished the full release. This version covers all of the changes from the old tech demo, as well as the remaining 5 episodes of the game. THIS IS A WALKTHROUGH ONLY, NOT A STRATEGY GUIDE.

2) Gameplay

Fergus is an attacker, and is best used as such. His skills include a number of heavy attacks that will come in handy against hard hitting enemies, and he also has a pet recruitment system for a couple (smaller) added benefits. Finally, when Fergus’ health reaches 20% or below, the screen will flash red and Fergus will be able to perform double attacks for the rest of the battle.

Haddy can gain elemental attack spells throughout the game by either finding the elemental spirits, or buying spell scrolls at magic shops. Typically, these spells are much more effective than her regular attacks.

Sometimes Haddy will rely on Gulliver to fit into tight spaces where she cannot go. There are no skills he can utilize, and although it is possible to get him in a battle, it is not recommended.

Midard gains healing magic as he levels up in the game. He is the only character to gain his spells in the traditional manner, through experience, only.

3) Walkthrough

EPISODE 1- Fergus in the Court of King Arfur

1- Castle
- You will begin at the top of the castle and will need to find your way out without being killed by the guards.
- The first thing you’ll want to do is take the left path for some healing items. Next, take the stairs down to the left. After that, ignore the right set of stairs and take the right path to find a sword.
- Once you have the sword, you can now take the right stairs. Go East, up the stairs to get the key at the far end, then head back down the stairs again.
- Heal.
- Go to the room on the far left to get another key, then enter the room directly beside it to find your shield. You are now prepared to proceed down the next set of stairs.
- Head out of the castle (back left door in this room).

2- Forest
- This place is pretty straight forward. Kill the cute little bunnies to get some cheap healing meats. At the bottom right corner of the map there is a leather hat which you will want to equip.
- Next screen: More bunnies. Do not leave this area until you have found the sword and armour.
- The next area is to the far right of the map. When you are healed, you will be ready for the boss fight.
- BOSS- Use heavy attacks when possible, take out minions first.

EPISODE 2- The Adventures of an Unemployed Witch

1- Witch Town
- The layout is as follows: Top house you just came out of and can no longer enter. Left house is the armory, Right is the library (go here for some funny cutscenes), bottom left house is the spell shop, and bottom right house is the item shop. You won’t be able to do much here, as unemployed witches don’t usually have much funds to begin with.
- Visit the person at the bottom right of the town to get some money. You can keep the money and spend it as you please, or you can be nice and get them their mana waters (which is smarter, as you will gain a level for doing so).
- Make sure you buy both spells at the spell shop before leaving town.

2- Mountains
- On the world map, head a little bit West to the mountains and enter.
- Proceed north again. When you get to the next area, you will have to use Gulliver to fit into the tight space.
- You will need to find your way to the gate and open it so that Haddy can proceed. When you have changed back into Haddy, proceed North and out of the mountain cave.

EPISODE 3- Enter, Midard

1- Prostitown
Okay, quick directional route here:
- Head East
- Walk to the doors to the house on the right
- Walk as south as possible.
- South as possible, either route works.
- West path, North, West at the fork.
- North, then West at the top.
- A few steps West.
- West, then South.
- Walk to the doors.
- You’re home free, leave the town.

2- Dimensional Security System
- Walk to the Northeast set of mountains on the worldmap.
- Take the left path first.
- Take the leftmost door in this small room. Now take the middle door.
- You’re now in the last area of the vortex.
- Of the six doors in the middle of this area, you want to take the middle right one to get out of the vortex for good. You’re done!

EPISODE 4- Misfits Unite and begin the Search for the Chosen One

1- World Map
- There are two houses on this map to the West. The one on the left is a supply shop, so it is recommended you head there first. The one on the right is a pet adoption agency, so you can use your spare money there after.
- Head to the cave entrance when ready.

2- Caves
- There are various entrances in the cave, and it is recommended to go in all of them to get your attack up and defense up items.
- Head East and where there is a slight dip South, go down to get your Scale Mail.
- Ascend the stairs North go East to get your poison check, and then all the way West to get a sword. Go back to the main path and North again. Follow this path as far as you can go, it is straight forward from here.

3- City of Witches
- Find the four survivors and then head North to the head witch’s house and talk to the evil guy for a boss fight.

EPISODE 5- That One Time when the World was Totally Screwed

1- Orin
- Buy everything you need first before talking to any of the NPCs.
- When done, you must find a girl walking around town with reddish pink hair and talk to her about speaking to the mayor.
- Talk to the equipment shop owner about the mayor.
- Talk to the item shop owner about the password.
- You can now enter mayor’s house. Do so and talk to the mayor to launch the tournament.
- Fergus has to defeat 3 opponents in the tournament before moving on.

2- Rampage
- There are two exits to the left of town, and two exits to the right. You must defeat the evil guards at each post before moving to the Southern exit and fighting the boss battle.

EPISODE 6- In Which we get Bored and Watch Something Else

1- Dream Sequence
- Take the left path first, and then the next left as well for the first switch. Enter the North door.
- Take the right path but ignore the first switch you come across. Enter the North door again.
- Take the right path and hit the first switch you see. Enter North door a final time.

2- Dream Sequence 2
- Take the top right path and hit the switch.

3- Development Hell
- Do whatever you want here, there are plenty of amusing things to see. When you’re finished, talk to the cow.

EPISODE 7- Spoiler Alert! The Bad Guy Wins the day!

1- Entrance
- There is a sword floating around the middle of this area, but it could take you hours to find. It is only slightly better than Why-Caliber.
- Go as far South as you can from the starting point, near the entrance is an elemental spirit. From there, all the way to the West and a little North is yet another spirit.
- Go back to the entrance and go in to get to Watra.

2- Watra
- Buy supplies you need and talk to the two elemental spirits to get new sells.
- Talk to the woman in the information house to open up the route to the NorthEast exit of town.

3- Water Tunnels
- Take the left path and enter the first house. Go in the rightmost tube.
- Go outside into the trees to find an elemental spirit, go back to the second house.
- Go in the middle tube and retrieve the globe.
- Go back to the 2nd house and enter the leftmost tube.
- Exit third house and go south to place the globe.
- Go back to the third house and enter the rightmost tube to exit this area.

4- Fire Pit
- There are two exit areas to the first map here, only enter the Northern one if you want an elemental spirit. The East path will lead to the sword.

EPISODE 8- Ignore that Last Part

1- Castle
- Enter the NorthEast room and go up the stars to free the first hostage.
- Go back to the main room and ascend the stairs.
- Go to the North east room here, and free the second hostage.
- Ascend the main stairs and enter the room furthest to the right for the final key.
- EASTER EGG: Go to the room where you killed the princess and hit enter on the fireplace.
- Go to the main room for the final battle.

- These are the different endings that will affect the story of the sequel. Here are the choices in order:

3a. Haddy becomes head witch, but is berserk in last battle.
3b. Haddy will be usable by players in battle, but will not become extra powerful for the sequel, nor will she be of much importance.

2a. Midard dies, halves the boss HP.
2b. Midard is alive and you can recruit him to your party in sequel.

3a. Fergus and Haddy will be together, as well as in the sequel.
3b. Fergus goes off on his own, complicating things for the sequel.