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Mode Seven

I had to implement a different camera model if there was ever going to be perspective video modes in the game. I know people call it Mode 7, but my engine only has two modes so far- mode 0 and mode 1. Perspective mapping is mode 1.


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I think we just call it that because that's what it was called on the Super Nintendo
Do events pop up when you place them down?
Well first I have to implement events.
Can the angle/depth be variable?

I just want to know if the angle can be adjusted.. but i guess that's what you're asking to.
Do events pop up when you place them down?

I would think so, or rather.. i'd hope so.
I don't think it would look right if everything was laying down.
Can the angle/depth be variable?

Yes. You can adjust tilt (going from 0 to target tilt is the typical animation transition from normal mode to perspective mode, like in FF4). You can adjust pan, the rotation or direction the camera points in. And you can adjust roll which tilts the scene left and right in an odd way. Of course don't forget the zoom which moves the camera in and out from the focal point.

Do events pop up when you place them down?

I'll let you set the Z of each event. Tiles will have default Z = 0 and events will have default Z = 1. If Z = 0, then the object lays flat to the map, otherwise it's on the ground at Z = 1 or begins to rise in the air for Z > 1 (because airships need to fly up and be in the sky).

I just realized you will need pixel movement much earlier, so that feature has been brought much closer. Why? What if you want pivot movement where you walk forward and backward and turn the camera with left and right? Or flying in an airship?
Everyone keeps calling that effect.. mode 7.. but i just did a search on the SNES specs.. and it was this effect called Mode.. but it went anywhere between 0 to 7.
"Onscreen planes for SNES: 1-4 layers with varying uses, depending on the mode (0-7) in use"
So it's not called "mode 7" it's just.. different modes but the highest being called 7.. so.. go figure.
SNES specs..

Um.. i wanted to show you something.. you could tell me if it might be possible.
It's this effect using this mode 7 or what ever, and using the map as a battle background.
(tried to show it right at the mark in a video in this post but i have no idea how.)
It does this.. rotation and zoom until the field plain is set in such a way that the battle background is just the map and position you were in laying down as the battle back.
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