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0.28 Released

I've replaced the default project with a new one. It now combines materials from LandTraveller (characters and some tiles) with the existing resources. Can have fun making your own kemonomimi now. I also changed all the stats to be similar to RPG Maker 2003's (attack, defense, magic, agility, HP and MP) with support for stat growths per level and the like. You'll have to make a new default project- your existing ones will be unchanged.

This update also includes the mouse functions and angle/rotation functions I mentioned before. Have fun making ring menus!

The equipped items altering character sprites is also here. You can change the clothes on the characters and it will update everywhere. You can also exclude some parts from being used when rolling random sprites. This is handy when you don't want something like underwear or ultra legendaries from showing up on what is supposed to be a random villager NPC or whatever.

If you take a look at the materials, you can see there aren't any battler sheets and the character sheets have additional frames at the bottom. This is the first part of a feature that lets you specify the frames all-in-one for when you're drawing your own sprites. This automatically creates battler character sets for you out of one composite part, making things less cluttered. In the case you are drawing a lot of battler frames and only have time to elaborate on the main characters, this automatic battler sprite sheet feature can be ignored.

Along with the new features, a lot of bug fixes were made. Everything should work a bit better now.

You can download the new version from the button up there as usual.

- Fixed a bug where an event's saved direction isn't always loaded and initialized properly

- Fixed a bug where the current party order isn't actually being saved
- Fixed a bug that caused errors during targeting of players during battle
- Fixed a bug that caused the defeated sound of an enemy to constantly play, making this annoying sound
- Can now specify if a character sheet has enough additional pose frames to be automatically converted to battler character set (so you only need 1 image instead of 2 for each character)
- Fixed a crash in the engine if an undefined animation is used during battle for an attack
- Fixed a bug where the engine closes on error if a battle is begun with no background defined
- Can exclude character parts from showing up when rolling random characters
- Can now assign character parts to equipped items, and character parts to be associated with base bodies. Equipment can now show up on characters!
- System mouse cursor is now hidden in the engine window (in case the user wants to draw their own, or if it is entirely console style)
- Fixed a crash in the editor on rare systems while setting the font
- Removed the error message when removing a resource that isn't in the file tracker list (it's completly harmless)
- Fixed a crash in the editor if every file in the file tracker cannot be found when opening a project
- Fixed a bug with the size of spaces (for some combinations of words around them) when using bitmapped fonts
- Added the Rotate command which takes a point and rotates it about (0,0) with an angle given in degrees
- Added the Angle command which takes a point and finds its orientation angle with origin (0,0)
- Added mouse buttons to the Input command
- Added the Mouse Event command to get the event ID the mouse is pointing to
- Added the Mouse Tile command to get the current mouse location on map in tiles
- Added the Mouse Location command to get the current mouse location on map
- Added the Mouse Position command to get the current mouse position
- Fixed a bug where the editor crashes if an object ID in a data list no longer exists because it is now out of range (when it did before)
- Fixed a bug where disabling "link to battler part" didn't actually unset this setting
- Fixed a crash in the editor when changing character part type and editing a character who used that part
- Fixed a crash in the editor when making a placeholder character part with undefined image
- Fixed a bug where the engine crashes when an encounter occurs but the enemy list is empty


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Resident Terrapin
I like ring menus. I like them a lot..
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