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Basic Sprite

I got this loose sprite selection working for the next version. Any sprite files you've imported (but never actually used for any reason under composite) will be automatically listed under full sprites you might have used. This was added because existing RPG Maker 2000/2003 resources are all basic full sprites.

However, a lot of existing resources have redundant palette swaps of the same characters. If you're making a serious project, I recommend converting the sprites in parts to composite parts so you can have thousands and thousands of character sprites with little effort.

You can have full sprites that are color mapped. You would need to create them under composite and then set the color map. A common use case for that would be if you have character sprites of enemy monsters that get palette swapped (gels, etc.).


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Cool! It's definitely useful.
Resident Terrapin
I like the idea of composites, but having a full and ready to use sprite without setting up composites will be very good for unique sprites or just to do quick tests.
Composites are great for filling maps with NPCs, but to be able to make my own custom full sprites for important characters is great for me.
but to be able to make my own custom full sprites for important characters is great for me.

You can manually set composites for all your player characters and such. If the character has something on them (special cape, crown, etc.) that nobody else would, the character picker has 4 acc. slots for that.

If you use basic sprites, you can't have features like equipped armor showing up on your character, etc.
Speaking of which, sometimes you want to make an NPC that is actually whatever player character. I don't know, perhaps its where you talk to them and they eventually join your party or whatever.

So I've also added this button as a shortcut so you don't have to back up and look up each little part you set.
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