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Change to the MIT license

I'm still busy working on LandTraveller, but since I built LandTraveller on top of the RPG20XX engine source code, I think it is fair to change the license for the engine to the MIT license. LandTraveller is your typical closed source as-is game, with all copyrights reserved. Since I was the source code's author, I was allowed to do that.

However, I feel it is fair if I change the license of the engine's source code to the MIT license:

Read the MIT license here

This enables you to do the same thing now: take RPG20XX's source code, build your own game engine out of it, and then release it as your own game without worrying about providing source code or colliding with existing conditions you'll encounter in places like the Steam Store as a creator. Of course, you are still agreeing to the terms of the MIT license if you choose to do so. This isn't a replacement for reading the license (don't worry, it is a very, very short license).

(This license has nothing to do with LandTraveller though, LandTraveller is still a closed sourced product)