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Bumpy Ahead

Finally, just as I have expected. This project is running into some trouble with making it in time to reach beta on March 20th. I knew it can't go smoothly all the time, it was so unnatural. What this means is that I have to plot a good path of implementing features to make the engine functional on the 20th as much as possible.

I'm going to skip and sidestep the less functional/important features until I finish the absolute requirements of the menu and battles working. This includes bug fixes. If there's some bizarre visual glitch bug, it might still be there on the 20th as I'll focus more on the serious game-crashing bugs.

Especially this one weird bug that screws with the save catalog. I'm going to cap it off and write some fallback that will guarantee that, in the event of the save system malfunctioning, your game saves will at least be in the state they were in before the engine was started.

This bug occurs completely randomly when Windows decides I can't open the save files. I will change it so my program doesn't continue if this happens, and retries. It will then fail and exit if it can't as continuing with inconsistent state might damage all your save files. It doesn't seem like I have any control over this bug either as it's Windows doing it to my engine, so I'll be defensive here.

After the 20th, I'll continue to add stuff to complete the rest of the engine and bring it close to being out of beta. This engine might reach 100% completeness, but it won't get out of beta until far after that.


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That's a shame to hear. But these kinda things do tend to happen eventually in any ambitious project.

Good luck with it, hope you can find a solution or a workaround.
Such is the most fun part of coding anything, for me anyway. HUNTING THE CAUSE OF BUGS. ::grabs shotgun::
Yeah, you're no robot as they say. u_u
You're just an awesome human being, that's bound to happen.
Also *psychocyan* lololo
Deadlines are an important motivator, but no one here will be put off if you take longer than expected. This is a heroic effort, after all.
I prefer quality over quantity, so take your time, relax, because you are working like a robot...
I'm not comfortable with any idea that can't be expressed in the form of men's jewelry
I'd say you should strive to hit features and only fix tiny bugs along the way when you spot them. Features are fun and exciting. Bugs are not.

Beta also implies a lot of bugs.
I know its fun to have lots of neat features, but you really do have to slow down and fix a few things. What good are features if you randomly lose all your saved games or that any common event that auto-starts and is at the start or end of the Common Event list crashes the game?
who am i and how did i get in here
You're just an awesome human being,

Nope, He's a WOLF.
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