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This contains both the editor and engine. This is the alpha test version of the software, so most features have not been implemented yet and what has might be unstable. Use at your own risk.

Thanks for downloading RPG 20XX Engine...

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Oh sweet I wasn't expecting this so soon. I'll test it out and give you some feedback.
I downloaded the engine and installed it. Started to just poking around the engine in a sample project and then it happened: I wanted to create a talking NPC so I (acidentally I think) double clicked the "Random" button in the event editor as it allowed to generate a random NPC and then the engine froze. I had to shut it down and since then I am not able to open the engine properly since it does this:

It doesn't open in the new window, just shows the preview window.

Also, when I try to open the .2xp file from the game folder I get this:

I wouldn't be actually surprised if my computer was acting wonky because it's wonky. >.<
Wrong place.

You'll also have to provide step by step details.
Wrong place.

You'll also have to provide step by step details.
Oh, sorry. Plus, I don't really remember that much. I can just say that the editor and game are in two different directories and just about that since I wasn't able to do much with the engine itself (although earlier releases worked well, but that was on my older computer).
You need to keep the editor folder intact (with /engine /material etc.) and the engine plays 2XG files, not 2XP. This means you have to click the play button for test play.
The problem is, I can't open the editor. Its icon shows on the bar at the bottom all right, but it doesn't actually open. I tried reinstalling, redownloading, and even restarting the system, but it still appears to detect that test game and I can't really do anything about it. I might try system recovery, but I don't think this will work either.
Sorry to be a burden and a dolt to work with. :(
Go to your C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Roaming\rpg20xx folder and delete the stuff inside to reset editor and engine settings.
Next time post in the most recent blog. There is usually one posted when a new version goes up and everyone posts in there.
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