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This was made with all auto tiles
  • WolfCoder
  • Added: 12/03/2010 07:09 AM
  • Last updated: 02/22/2024 08:40 AM


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Drawing your own chipsets isn't so hard, I don't know why people don't try a little.

If you want the system graphics too (sega-genesis-esque gold blue style):

It's not hard, but it's difficult for the majority of people to make anything that looks passably decent.
Yeah, everything I've tried to make sucks major *bleep*.
You've all gone days without mentioning the three tile rule, I am proud.
the 3-tile rule is a way of life
better make the engine intelligently enforce the 3-tile rule at runtime if you don't want to be excommunicated from the church of RMN
A couple years ago when I wrote a tile map editor, I actually did implement a tool that will draw a random tile from the tiles you have currently selected (If you box select a chunk of random sand tiles, it will use a random tile in there) and even did fills like this to help people with natural stuff.
I use Photoshop and Infraview to edit or make my own monsters, pictures, charsets and frames.
Haven't did it in a chipset before, I'll try it out later.
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