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FFV Sacred Chains on Alpha 2
  • WolfCoder
  • Added: 12/25/2010 11:01 PM
  • Last updated: 07/12/2024 02:31 PM


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It keeps doing this for some games where it selects the wrong transparent color. It actually does this to the companion game too.
But, wait. Didn't the system set had stripes on it? I mean, I know because I made it. So... There was two colors. Can we choose more than one color as transparent? Oh, it'd be nice if we could transparence percentages for the colors, too.... *asking too much, again*
I'l try betatesting, but I doubt I'll find the time to do so, especially in christmas/reveillon... >:
Easy, just have -2x before the .png and that will be used instead. Double Res is not supported for system graphics but 32-bit alpha is. Go nuts~!


system-2x.png is your 32-bit alpha version.
Oh, great! This is really awesome!!! *-*
Yeah I just need to figure out how to retrieve the transparent color in an indexed image using SDL_Image. It doesn't ride on the alpha channel like I hoped it would so I picked the first color in the palette instead.
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