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Testing of evaluating strings in dialog boxes
  • WolfCoder
  • Added: 02/19/2015 06:33 PM
  • Last updated: 08/09/2022 11:34 AM


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Er... in English, please, for those of us who don't know what that means? I'm sorry, my RM-fu is rusty as all hell, even though I'm using VXAce right now.
In RPG Maker 2003 you could do \ commands in text to display hero names and the like. It's the same thing here but you can nest them and it will work. It's also done everywhere whereas RPG Maker 2003 only does it for the dialog boxes.

Here is a step by step of what the engine did:

\n[1] \s[11]
Sarah \s[11]
Sarah \n[3]
Sarah \c[3]\v[5]
Sarah \c[3]86

This is probably getting a bit out there, more commonly you might do something like
where the text will become the color set by variable 4 (instead of just a constant like

Most of the time you would create your own string and just have one \s in a show message to display the final string.
Ah... that makes more sense.

Thank you for that one.
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