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Phalath, a memorable game but for the wrong reasons!

Hello heroes!
Phalath is a RPG Maker VX complete game made by Confederacy, a so-called Mini Real-Time Action Adventure Game that took me about two hours (just a little less, to be honest) from the beginning to the end. This game was made in 2010 (started in 2008) and its last (1.3) version was released in 2011.

Phalath starts with Phalath... oh yes, the title is the name of the protagonist, a demon with a mission: he has to warn the king of the return of Orsham. This bad guy was a human that was banished to another dimension after he waged war against both humans and the demon Ekil race with his army of goblins. Guess what? Phalath's adventure is a a journey through the territories infested by Orsham's minions that will culminate with a final confrontation between our heroic "human" demon and the corrupted traitor of the human race (ok it's a spoiler but I think it was really predictable, isn't it? Anyway WHY did they trap Orsham in another dimension instead of executing him? So he could escape and wreak havoc once again? Sighhh).

Uh seems that things won't be easy! AS USUAL! "Not safe" means "lots of monsters", isn't it?

Phalath is a RPG Maker VX real-time action adventure... yeah. You probably already know what I think of action adventures made with rpgmaker: the SELDOM work, and unfortunately this is not the case. This game fails where other instead succeeded due to the lack of special abilities and skills that the player can use to overcome the AI (no parry/dodge/block that were also present in some games I played and reviewed recently! Nor there are stun attacks! You just attacks with your sword pressing A and you can heal using scrolls), and the final result is that you can just trade blows, because there are also NO ranged weapons. Sigh.
What's even worse is that the hit-detection isn't that good... sometimes you may hit in diagonal even if you're not supposed to do that, but also works in the opposite way, leading to receiving hit that should did not connect! That's pretty irritating, I mean I like when the gameplay is challenging but in this case it's difficult because it's unfair!

Visually we've the classic use of RTPs and levels are ok: this is a linear game about battles so I did not expect a lot... and in fact they're pretty much mediocre as they only serve as arenas except for some cutscenes between levels. We've csves (with pickaxes lying around) a forest (with lots of trees) and other stereotypical fantasy locations that include the obligatory dungeons and a castle. Nothing really new or special, still nothing bad, it's ok, I just wish there were more enemy types... or just sprites!
Music is a bit too frenetic, I know that this is supposed to be an action game, but still I'd have used something more calm and atmospheric, this is in fact a soundtrack I think it's more appropriate for a shooter arcade game. Said this, the first level has probably the best music of the whole game.

A furious battle inside a cafeteria! Judging from the skeletons, food isn't really good here!

Final Verdict
While not a truly terrible game, Phalath is still a complete and fully playable game, with not game breaking bugs (I played it from the beginning to the end) but still not really enjoyable, in my opinion (due to the lack of abilities, enemies, presence of bad music and so on... I know it's probably subjective, anyway the terrible hit detection is not!). For this reason I cannot really recommend this game to anyone, except maybe for those who wants to play every single rpgmaker action game... since there are many other better alternatives!