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Character Meme

  • Neok
  • 02/28/2010 06:29 PM
Found a neat little character meme through Skie.

Template here: http://fyuvix.deviantart.com/art/Character-Balance-Meme-154832353

Did one of AAG, and thought I'd do one of original AA as well just to compare. Link here: http://rpgmaker.net/games/272/blog/2159/

(Last character censored for spoiler reasons)

There's a lot less to go on here compared to AAG since it's much shorter. I also think I did this more correctly compared to the AAG one since I didn't really consider whether these traits were dominant to their character or not.

Personally, I like AA's White/Hawk and Red/Dread way more than there AAG counterparts. AA's Orange/Jake is also a lot more "human" in this one too. Coincidentally, AA's Indigo/Indy is a lot less "human", though that may be in part due to her comparatively short screen-time.


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Very interesting... I'm probably going to do one of these up now, since I figure I'm bad at good characterization. Should help a lot.
I've played all four routes and have absolutely NO idea who the last character is xD
A little help?
You had him in your party temporarily along with Indy when heading through the Abandoned City on the last route. ;)
Him being characterised as 'naive' is interesting, though..
Funny fact:

A friend posted my game on some forum asking for people to beta-test it.

Check the first reply:




(Yeah, I dunno either.)
If you haven't suffered a car accident you might want to follow the discussion that follows.

I'll make it easier for you:

Car accident?

Anyways, nah. Still don't get why that got posted :P.
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