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Better than most commercial games I've played

  • DonZabu
  • 03/26/2008 02:05 AM
In fact, if somebody remade this game with modern technology, it would probably be a smash hit and face critical acclaim the likes of which puts Valve to shame. It's that incredible.

Story: 5/5. Throughout most of the game, you are presented with three sides to a large conflict. The formula works very well; it feels very natural, and obviously lends itself to extremely high replay value. But better yet, completing all three routes leads to a fourth route greater than the other three combined.

Characters: 5/5. Each character has their own distinct personality, which often fluctuates throughout the narrative. Some characters even defect from their chosen factions. It never gets boring.

Pacing: 4/5: Throughout the first three acts and mostly through the fourth act, combat and story development pretty much come in equal measures. However, toward the end of the fourth route, there are these constant, unexplained battles that severely interrupt the flow of the heavy puzzle solving taking place at that point. Such annoyances are rather inexcusable.

Music/Sound: 6/5. Taken from a diverse range of other games, this game's soundtrack is like the perfect mixtape, arranged and presented in a way that arguably outshines each song's source.

Gameplay: 4/5. Pretty basic RPG Maker stuff. You get you're basic formula of 'spend harvested money on better items', but there's an interesting weapon upgrade system that really catches you off guard.

Overall: 23/25. By far the best RPG Maker game I've ever played. Each occasional flaw feels more like a hiccup than a general error. There is no excuse for an RPG Maker enthusiest of any sort not to pick up this game ASAP.


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Wow, you really like this game don't you? I agree, really. It rocks!
Yeah, Alter AILA is awesomeness! :D The only problems I had were that everyone (even Celia) had pathetically little choice in their skills, (and only three were really worth using; Leon, Erin, and Celia were awesome; Jake and Indy SUCKED, and Violet had a good final weapon but not a good ability) and the fact that we had to play through three inane and extremely similar storylines before we got the real story. Neok's fixing both those problems in Variant/Genesis, though. :D
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