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One of my favorite games

  • That Guy
  • 07/31/2008 12:26 PM
Alter AILA is amazing. It deserves to be published and sit right next to Chrono Trigger in the RPG hall of fame. Amazing story, memorable characters, interesting gameplay, and uncannily perfect music. ;) My only gripes are that...

1) At the beginning of the game, we are given the choice of three storylines to follow: basically, Good, Neutral, and Evil. This all seems nice until you find out that Neok completely butchers this idea by adding a fourth storyline, that serves as the True Story and and has next to no ties to the other three. Sure, it's better than all of the other three combined, but you could simply cut out the other three and it would have little to no impact on the story. :( Also, the first three storylines are basically just repeats of each other; You go to almost all the same places and fight almost all the same bosses. The Neutral storyline probably is the most original one, and it also ties into the main story the most. (although still not much) My point still remains, however...

2) Characters' skills are pathetic! I only ever seriously used four. Also, everyone except for one character has only one skill they can use, (except for one character, but her skill choice is still quite limited...) and only four of these are worthwhile. (one of which isn't even usable in the fourth storyline) I went through almost the entire game using the only three characters worth using. Of the three others you get in the main story, two suck, and one's decent, but only because of her ultimate weapon.

But I digress. Once you finally get to the fourth storyline, it's so awesome it makes you almost (almost) forget about the game's other issues, which are more like little hiccups than major glaring game flaws. (Also, both of them are being fixed in the sequel, if you've played its demo and read Neok's comments) On top of that, Neok's choice of music is AMAZING. I love listening to the game's boss musics, and if I had an iPod they'd be on there. I highly recommend this game if you like RPGs! :D Keep up the great work, Neok!