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A game made by Immudelki and Forêtnor.
Translation by Creation (EZizka).
Translation Software: The game was translated by using Dreamaker by King Kadelfek.
Click here if you'd like to download it (it's free)

The Great War finally ended and England emerged victorious. In the new Democratic Republic of England, everything is peaceful as the new regime governs the country with an iron fist.

As Emmett Berglindh, an ex-pilot turned Curator of the Museum of Aviation, you will be somehow involved in a plot which will reveal that all is not what it seems in the new prosperous London.

Game Mechanics:
*You will mostly have to solve as many riddles as possible as well as various mini-games. Successfully solving sub-quests and mini-games will earn you points which will determine which medal you'll get at the end of the game. There are a total 6 medals to collect depending on your score. A secret ending will be unlocked if you get a score of 95% or over.

*Apart from the music and the sound effects, the game is 100% original.

*The RTP are not required to play this game.

Status Update
*I've managed to reinsert the script. Beta testing is currently taking place. Release is imminent.

About this version:
This verson isn't not perfect but it's as good as it's going to get. Special thanks to Eike for his wonderful job at testing the game.

Latest Blog

Fixing bugs and crashes

Zeus81 looked through the game found out what was making the game crash.

I've uploaded a data.rar file in the downloads section. Unrar the file in the game folder and a lot of the bugs should be fixed.

The problem is that the file names have French accents which is making the game crash on foreign computers. If the game keep crashing, you can change the filenames yourself, replacing ''é'' with ''e'' (or with whatever you damn please ).

I might go through the database later on and fix everything myself but I don't feel like it right now.

For those who don't want to wait, you may download the file there:
  • Completed
  • Creation
  • RPG Maker XP
  • Adventure
  • 11/28/2010 03:17 PM
  • 04/07/2013 09:29 AM
  • 02/26/2011
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puking up frothing vitriolic sarcastic spittle
Also, all these "broken" gameplay elements you mentioned don't affect the outcomes of the game much, apart from the final score. You might as well ignore it and focus on the story

That's kind of the point. If the focus is the storyline then why shoe-horn in gameplay elements that don't need to be there? Especially when those gameplay elements:

a) don't make any sense
b) expect the player to possess ridiculous levels of memory or are broken
c) don't have any relevance to the storyline or don't have any affect on the storyline when they are relevant.

It's terrible game-design and ultimately detracts from the supposed focus.
Just an information I like to keep track of: game was featured today, and it has 320 downloads right now.

I'm glad it was featured, it's an interesting fresh game.

Featured game changed today, and this game has 821 downloads. Quite impressive!
The font is not working for me during gameplay
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