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Rob, Georgia and Manny are three friends who are under the impression that when they turn 13, they won't be able to enjoy kid things like trick-or-treating. As this is the last Halloween they will spend as kids (Rob turns 13 November 1st), they are determined to get more candy than they've ever gotten before while sporting the best costumes. However, they're going to have to dodge bullies and race the clock because they only have till curfew at midnight.

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Demo Released

Instead of feeling sickeningly exhausted and cranky after finishing my entry for the 4-hour game making event, I felt inspired. After all, if I could finish a (ridiculous and crappy) game in 4 hours. What could I have done in the past 6 months?! Make a demo, that's what!

What you'll find:
-crappy RTP graphics (get over it...for now)
-houses that give different amounts of candy based on CC
-bullies (a whole whopping 3 of 'em!) that dish out punishment with varying success
-two mini-games at the park, as well as a concession stand for restoring stamina
-Legendary Adventure cards to collect and trade in for prizes
-three costumes to choose from

That's about it. Please play my game and promptly break the systems in it. I'd love to know what I need to work on!
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  • 12/02/2010 02:39 AM
  • 12/08/2011 12:15 AM
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Is this still under development? I hope so.
Yes, it is. However, I'm having issues with graphics. I can't find any custom Halloween tilesets online and I don't know if I can make them from scratch. So it's on a bit of a dead end right now.
I like this concept. This is still in the works, right?
Yes, this is still ongoing. I'm trying to fine tune it and release a demo.
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