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Faenon has started writing a serial JRPGlit webnovel

Hello subscribers to TCS!

Two pieces of news. First of all, Halibabica will shortly be doing a youtube LP of TCS.

Secondly, in UK lockdown I have started uploading a serial fantasy webnovel heavily inspired by JRPGS, especially Final Fantasy IV and VI.

It has twelve heroes with distinct personalities who go on an adventure in order to carry out an epic quest, elemental magic, airships, battles, monsters, and a Cid!

People here are probably in the small subset of people who might enjoy this, so if you want to read it, go here https://www.wattpad.com/story/228098139-saga-of-the-jewels

or here https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/32469/saga-of-the-jewels

or here https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13581482/1/Saga-of-the-Jewels

or here https://www.fictionpress.com/s/3346873/1/Saga-of-the-Jewels

Peace out,


Over 1000 downloads and a completed Let’s Play!

Howdy all.

I promised that when TCS reached over 1000 downloads I would release a final edited cut of the game.

That happened a little while ago, so: here you go! I’ve just updated the download.

This one includes all my final edits based on feedback from, among other things, kumada’s testing, raikenjenova and Less87’s youtube Let’s Plays (see below), rpgmakeraddict’s review and, last but not least, my wife’s playthrough of the game!

This is the definitive version of the game. Although I still have so many ideas for extra things I want to put in / expand, I’m going to have to leave it there for now, at least for a long time. Life, family, work, and writing (see HERE) don’t leave me enough room for game makery any more, but that’s OK. This is Faenon, signing off.

Oh, but before I go, also, I forgot to mention this before but: a while back raikenjenova finished his epic multi-year (in terms of how long he keep making it, not how long it took to complete the game) Let’s Play of The Cerebral Symphony, which is excellent (particularly at the end). Thanks raiken!

So if you’d rather watch it than play it, or want to whet your appetite, go here:


Peace out.


TCS is complete

TCS has now been marked as completed, but I am calling this a completed first draft.

I started TCS when I was about 15, when I made the first couple of scenes in a fit of productivity back in the days when I had free time.

Then I left it alone for a number of years. When I was 22, I decided to go back to it and started working on it again, for about one afternoon a week while also doing postgraduate study.

Eventually that went down to about more like one hour a week, with longer stretches in some holidays when I had the chance.

What with getting married, doing a PhD, and now having a full-time job and a daughter, it has been an increasingly difficult battle to get it finished.

However, I managed to at least create a game that is playable all the way through from start to finish, even if it I haven’t been able to put in all the things I wanted to.

So, here is what I have been able to finish, working within the time constraints I have had. However, I will probably keep working on TCS my whole life.

Anything that I wanted to be in my own 2D rpg I put in TCS, and I still have things that I want in my own 2d RPG, and no doubt I will come up with even more things as time goes by.

I have so many ideas for things that I wanted to implement or add that I haven’t had time to put in.

Hence I am sure I will come back to this again over the years and update it.

So, this is a first draft.

But it is also a finished first draft, so the game is “complete”.

I hope you enjoy it.

In the meantime, I will be writing. If you are interested in my writing, find it at https://www.amazon.co.uk/L.-I.-T.-Tarassenko/e/B01FAOWP8U


Faenon is serialising a novel on wattpad!

I promise this isn't detracting from The Cerebral Symphony making time...

Just a note to say I finished this little Young Adult Fantasy novel in 2015 and am serialising it online.

Please go here if interested: https://www.wattpad.com/story/96454834-twins-prince-dragon


Faenon has published a book!

My fantasy novel How Zantheus Fell into the Sky is out now and will be AVAILABLE FOR FREE THIS SATURDAY 14th MAY to download on your Kindle/e-reader/iPhone/iPad/free Kindle app! FOR FREE!

Thereafter or until the free promotion kicks in at midnight EST it will be £0.99. Get it while it’s hot!

If you do read it and like it please write me a review on Amazon!

And please reshare this link and pass it on to your friends!

US version https://www.amazon.com/How-Zantheus-Fell-into-Sky-ebook/dp/B01F9FAL7C/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1463119742&sr=8-1&keywords=zantheus

UK version https://www.amazon.co.uk/How-Zantheus-Fell-into-Sky-ebook/dp/B01F9FAL7C/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1463113602&sr=8-1&keywords=zantheus


Featured on the RMN home page!


This month The Cerebral Symphony is being featured in the Development Spotlight of the RMN homepage!

I hope this means many new people will check it out.

But, if you don't have time to play The Cerebral Symphony just yet, raikenjenova, my #1 fan in Indonesia, has just finished his Let's Play of the latest chapter! View it in the posts to the game page, on the media page, or at this youtube link: https://youtu.be/3RP7UtNk6-8

With Chapter 4 of TCS (technically Beta) now out, slow but steady work will now start on updating and fixing bugs in the download for Chapters 1-4, and of course on the final chapter, Chapter 5!

However, because I am in the process of finishing up a PhD in Theology and applying for real life jobs, and at the moment only have at most about one hour a week to work on TCS, unless I miraculously come across a big chunk of unexpected free time then please do not expect the final chapter any time soon!

In the meantime, please enjoy Chapters 1-4, and do please send me any feedback you have since I will incorporate it into my edits and updates. If you send me enough, I will list you as a tester, as happened for kumada, Link_2112 and raiken!

All the best,


Chapter 4 OUT NOW!

Chapter Four is out. Get it here.

To start from Chapter Four, copy and paste your old save file from Chapter Three or select the fourth save file under "LOAD" (N.B. the latter will reset your choices and stats to an average level). If you haven't played Chapter One yet you can just select "START" and play from the beginning (Ch1 has been tweaked in minor ways also following feedback.) Technically it is beta and it will go through revisions obviously.


Mappers, Spriters, Animators, Testers/Feedback, LP wanted!

If anyone would like to make maps, edit sprite sheets, or create battle animations for this game, please let me know. Graphics and mapping are not my strong point, so I try my best while taking all the help I can get. Also, Chapter 2 has been out for a little while now and I am looking for more feedback on it as well as more people to test it (one has so far), so again, let me know if you're interested in that. Same goes if anyone wants to do a Let's Try or a Let's Play of Chapter 2 to add to the videos for Chapter 1. Work continues on Chapter 3.


Chapter Two OUT NOW!

Chapter Two is out. Get it here.

To start from Chapter Two, copy and paste your old save file from Chapter One or select the second save file under "LOAD" (N.B. the latter will reset your choices and stats to an average level). If you haven't played Chapter One yet you can just select "START" and play from the beginning (Ch1 has been tweaked in minor ways also following feedback.) I guess technically it is beta and it will go through revisions obviously, but it has been tested by an external tester and by me.


-Introductions to two new protagonists: Jean the insomniac minstrel and Carys the delusional young actress!
-A compelling story and entertaining dialogue (subject to subjectivity)!
-Three new missions, including stopping a runaway train, a haunted house, and a fire cavern!
-A battle in a night club, a mafia party, and a carnival play!
-About two hours of play-time, three when combined with Chapter One!



Happy 2012 everyone!

There have been some exciting additions to the TCS team over the holiday so I thought I'd better blog about them:

@Kazachok has agreed to compose original music for the game -thank you Kazachok! Watch the media page for updates as he sends me new music.

@Link_2112 and @kumada are now listed as testers, since they responded to my request for feedback with a very detailed bug report each, thank you guys! With any luck they will be willing to play through future releases too...

-In other news, ganonfrog posted an actual review (<--click to read it), rating Chapter One 3/5 stars! Thanks ganonfrog! I'm pretty pleased with this, since Chapter One (Life on the Edge) is only the very beginning of the game and only lasts about one hour. But I'll be trying to bag those extra two stars in further development in any case.

-Finally, at the time of writing TCS has had over 10,000 profile views and 162 downloads. Who'd have thunk it?

Till next time,

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