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NAME: Ivan
GIFT: Telekinesis
DEFECT: Personality dissociation
AGE: 17
LIKES: Being insane
THEME SONG: <<Disorder>>

An obsessively psychoanalytic schizoid, Ivan extends his psyche via personality dissociation. He has three personalities: Pensive, Upbeat and Dark. You have a loose control over his personality through what you have him do. Some actions bring out his darker side, some his pensive side and some his upbeat side. Each has its own unique strengths, weaknesses, techniques and tactics, and Ivan will be more of a match for some opponents in certain personalities. Ivan will gain skills as he battles, but only in the personality in which he fights. To make the best use of his abilities, you will have to exploit ALL of his personalities. Finally, please remember that Ivan will respond differently to certain events according to his personality.

GIFT: Lycanthropy
DEFECT: Attention deficit
AGE: 23
LIKES: Shiny things
WEAPON: Fists/Claws
THEME SONG: <<Magical Girl>>

A sporadically disconnected lycanthrope, Liz transforms into her lupine state whenever she experiences ocular-lunar interaction. She possesses powerful healing skills, but when in her less amicable form these somehow get forgotten and she becomes extremely aggressive. The result is a strange sort of dichotomy between an intelligent, if not always attentive, woman with a knack for repairing bodily wounds and a crazed beast with a knack for inflicting them. Liz starts off with all her skills, but these are completely dictated by her state, so she has to be careful about looking at the moon.

NAME: Jean
GIFT: Musicianship
DEFECT: Insomnia
AGE: 29
LIKES: Harmony
DISLIKES: Dissonance
WEAPON: Instruments
THEME SONG: <<Piece for solo guitar>>

A wandering insomniac troubadour, Jean-Gabriel Figaro Gabbiani is a gifted musician with an intimate and wide-ranging knowledge of a number of different musical styles as well as their mystical and psychotropic properties. He has four instruments at his disposal -the harp, flute, guitar and drum- and each will work with ]varying effectiveness against different opponents according to their resonant frequencies and personal aural tastes (or distastes). As such he is a versatile combatant with a wide range of sonic attacks. However, his insomnia means that he is always tired, and so he will not be able to perform techniques as frequently as others.

NAME: Carys
GIFT: Imagination
DEFECT: Delusional
AGE: 10
LIKES: Performance
DISLIKES: Criticism
WEAPON: None (pet rabbit)

A delusional budding young stage actress, Carys exhibits rare pyschomorphic anomaly whereby her fantastical imaginations actually take on a tangible matter of their own, for a time. Consequently her imaginary friends are far more dangerous than most little girls', which has made for some interesting theatrical spectales in the course of her career. In battle, she projects a series of imagined animal-like creatures imspired by her present companions' personalities -these will alter depending on who else is in the battle party. Carys's own animal-projection is a strange rabbity creation, her ever-present imaginary friend, affectionately known as 'Nibbler'.

NAME: Catherine
GIFT: Telepathy
DEFECT: Power surges
AGE: 21
LIKES: Authenticity
DISLIKES: Insincerity
WEAPON: Katana

An unpredictably volatile telepath, while most of the time Catherine is a calm, collected woman with the astonishing ability to overhear thoughts and discern persons' motives, she has been known at times to enter into an extremely dangerous 'power surging' state. When surging, Catherine's already considerable combat skills and powers of cerebral infiltration reach their peak, but she has little to no control over them, and she will lose HP each turn. She is learning how to redirect this latent psychic energy in order to tap into it whilst in a more stable state. The onset of Catherine's power surges are difficult to predict and so to avoid/induce, but as a general rule they are triggered by deception, insincerity and meanness and so avoided by honesty, authenticity and friendliness. Catherine has the option of listening to people's thoughts when she encounters them, which she exercises at her discretion. To read someone's mind with Catherine, stand next to them and press SHIFT.

NAME: Dr Robert Sergius
GIFT: Experimentation
DEFECT: Narcolepsy
AGE: 35
LIKES: Sleep
WEAPON: Various scientific instruments

A highly intelligent, narkileptic, experimental psychotherapist, Dr Robert Sergius posseses a genius level intelligence, but this is hindered by his malfunctioning neural networks which are prone to plunging him into a deep sleep at practically any time. Robert is extremely skilled at manipulating neurotransmitters, synaptic flows and mental-chemical states by a variety of experimental methods both theoretical and technological, but is a somewhat unreliable comrade-in-arms due to his uncommon ability to fall asleep on his feet in nearly any situation, completely at random. Robert can manipulate status effects when awake, and will recover health when asleep. As well as Narkilepsy, Robert also has agrophobia, claustrophobia, coprohobia, and a wide collection of other neuroses and complexes which he collects as a hobby.

NAME: Bain
GIFT: Strength
DEFECT: Clumsiness
AGE: 25
LIKES: Writing
DISLIKES: Accidents

A fun-loving, supernaturally good-looking and strong, yet chronically clumsy, oaf, Bain is possessed of incredible strength. Unfortuantely, his acutely accident-prone nature means that this strength is not always directed in the way that he, or other, intend. When he hits his target, usually not much of the target is left, but accuracy is not guaranteed. To counterbalance these catastrophic tendencies, Bain has developed a care-free, laissez-faire mentality and company warms to him very easily. Until now he has made a living as a gladitorial fighter under the name Bain. In battle, Bain will often miss opponents, though dealing huge damage when he does connect, and will sometimes cause accidents and hurts his own team members.

GIFT: Adaptability
DEFECT: Imbalance
AGE: 15
LIKES: Flight
DISLIKES: Delirium
WEAPON: Various

A homeostatically imbalanced, highly adaptable pilot, Zak is comfortable in or on virtually any vehicle. His Government training has also honed him as a highly proficient fighter with a variety of different weapons. Nevertheless, Zak's heightened adaptability is offset by his genetic structure, which is in the habit of reorganizing itself, along with his biochemical makeup. Zak has some limited control over these fluctuations, but much of the time they will act randomly. Certain items can be used to 'balance' Zak as desired, but they are expensive, and not always predictable. When balanced, Zak is a deadly foe; when unbalanced, a deadly ally.