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Because that collaborative project is dead, it was a sequel to ALEXIS, who is sequel to ALEX III and etc, I decide to post my part here.
They said I can name and draw character Ryan as I want, and they said what he is a teen.
So he looks like a teen and talks the same.
It's a short game, 20-30 minutes.
Technically, I tried to make a quest-rpg-like game with some ABS fights and simple coding. With simple tasks where you need to explore a big map for items, talks with NPC, take a tasks from them and etc.
Ryan finds a way into the enchanted fairy forest, and in order to leave this place, he must help it fairies in their problems... (sic!)

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Interesting. Downloading, will let you know what I think.

Edit: Finished the game. Really hate the combat. The game suffers from what I assume is a very rough translation. I enjoyed exploring things, and wish I knew I didn't have to kill all the goblins, and just free the fairies. The game is pretty, but otherwise suffers from debilitating gameplay/direction issues.
Because I'm an artist, all I can do - to make the game pretty XD
Technically I wanted to avoid combat... but... just like this ABS :3
This is a quest and, all quests has a lot of direction issues :3
Thank you for playing! *hugs*
I started looking for a game to review and this one seems like a good choice. It's short! :P Just my type. Downloading now.
Haha, I have some parts which I made for this collaboration game lying around as well.
I wonder how many other parts were made which never got to see the light of day
I wonder too ) That was a nice project :3
The game is pretty, but otherwise suffers from debilitating gameplay/direction issues.

Yeah I know what you mean. The game seems to glitch out every now and again. During my Let's Play I had to attempt the Goblin Fort a couple of times since the game would fail to properly register my hits on the goblins which resulted in multiple deaths.


I've submitted a Let's Play for this game. Though, the text is rather ugly to look at since I don't have the correct font file. So, it can be a rather rough read. Though, it wasn't impossible for me to work out what was being said. Though, I think a few names were probably butchered a bit because of it.
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