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Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. You play the role of a young man known as Leon, who seeks to survive in the harsh environment he is brought into.

Exploration is done mainly via a side-scrolling view. In certain areas, an exclamation mark will sometimes appear, indicating the presence of hostiles. Press Z when this happens to initiate battle, or wait to let it pass. Sometimes battle will be unavoidable. When walking, enemy encounters won't occur.

The battle system revolves mainly around each character's Abilities, which are a set of commands specific to that character. Abilities require AP and EX to use. AP is gained every time a character takes a turn. The default is 2. EX is gained every time a character uses an Ability. The default is 1. Note that this may change depending on the situation.

Trailer courtesy of Sum Gai. Thanks buddy!

Z: Action/ Confirm
Up: Interact with Above/Background
Down: Interact with Below/Foreground
X: Menu/ Cancel
Shift: Hold to walk/run
F4: Toggle Fullscreen
F5: Toggle 2x Size
F12: Reset to Title

"Known Glitches"
Due to the limited functionality of the RPG Maker 2003 engine, there are various glitches and bugs which are unfortunately unfeasible or impossible to fix:
- Sometimes during an action, the battle data of a character will be temporarily overwritten with another character's, causing them to not perform as expected for that round.
- In certain cases, player actions can be interrupted by the enemy or other character's actions. To minimize the occurance of this, wait for current actions to finish before selecting an action with another character.
- Using items and guarding doesn't trigger the code to check for enemy deaths. You need to actually use an ability, or let the enemies take a turn.
- Although not a bug, Active Mode should be changed to Passive Mode in the in-game menu to prevent enemies from acting while you are taking an action.

"Hints and Tips for Boss Battles"
- Don't expect to just be able to spam regular attacks until you can use your Exceed ability. You won't win an attrition war with the enemy party.
- Always target the enemy's weakness if you can. If you want, think of this as a Shin Megami Tensei game. :P
- Make sure to keep your HP up. The vast majority of bosses have pretty powerful high EX costing abilities that'll wipe out your party if you're not expecting it.

- That said, keep in mind, the enemy is subject to the same rules as the party. In other words, they're also gaining AP and EX, and they also need it to use their more hard-hitting abilities. So if you can prevent them from using them while still retaining the ability to use yours, you'll be able to beat any boss.
- You can tell how much EX an enemy's ability uses by looking at the name of the ability. Similar to your character's abilities, it'll show up as the number of squares on the left side of the name.
- Of course, the above passes quickly so isn't that reliable of a method. As a general rule, you can expect that:
- Anything that uses an element other than Force likely costs at least 1 EX
- Anything that does multi-targetting likely costs at least 1 EX
- Anything that hits everyone hard probably costs 2 or more EX
- Anything that outright kills someone from full health, or makes you swear "Bullshit! That can't happen!" is likely an Exceed ability.
- Chances are it'll also be very flashy.
- Obviously, there's going to be some exceptions, but for the most part, this can be followed.

- Don't ignore Field Effects either. Bosses don't, and the Field Effects they use generally stack things in their favor. It's not just about dealing as much damage as quickly as you can. A lot of times, it's also about controlling the situation.
- Modes, Field Effects, and Boost ailments all stack. If you're creative, you may be able to create a situation where you can pretty much negate everything the boss throws at you, while tossing out Exceed abilities every turn. Bosses won't stand a chance.

MAP SAVE FREEZE: If you're changing things in this game in the editor and your save file freezes on the world map as a result, press F9, go to switch 112 and 113, and turn them both OFF. That should fix it.

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Something I did

Heys all, I finished a new game and am trying to get it greenlit. There's a page up for it here:


Check it out, maybe help me out?
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What? Tell me the part about the little girl that you can find in game please. I'm incredibly stupid and are unsure about what your talking about. In game? What? Please tell.
That's an interesting theory :P. I won't say anything right now though. Wait till AAV.

Canon-wise, Leon and the others don't actually visit OP in AAG. But yes, there is a reason why it's there. Again, wait till AAV. :)

For the rest of your questions, there really aren't any answers. Except for the identity of the little girl. You can find that out somewhere in-game ;).

WHAAT? YOU DO? MADNESS? I'm at the point where I am constructing a level 99 team to take on full powered Behemoth, and I still don't know who it is.
Inspiration just hit me as I was writing this post.
Is it Celia?

She's not a cute little lass!
But wait. WHAT? That would mean Gray and Leon's mission was to...break her out of the Orbital Prison? And then they must have tried to bring down the Orbital Prison, but got shot down, and both Leon and Co. and the OP end up on the world of AAG...
But that would mean the AILA's or who ever Leon and Co are fighting found and locked up Celia in the first place. The notes in the prison sounded like the were written by mere humans. WHAT IS THE ORBITAL PRISON?
I thought the OP was just some random, kick-ass extra dungeon (Emphasis on the kickass part. The fact that is seemed to be just there, combined with atmosphere and mystery really appeal to me), but NO IT FITS WITH PLOT? MY MIND HAS BEEN BLOWN!
Why don't you try replaying the game without levelling up so much that they have max stats? It's basically the same thing.

Nah, I'm not gonna say anything about the secret room. There's barely anything in there, honest! Debug room, not really. That's just where I tested all the walking mechanisms out. There's no reason to really go in there.
I know there is more than big numbers but at least it makes playable againt he game for those who have characters with max stats, i can curb stomp every boss and it gets boring, when i actually maxed Kugar's second form SPD it actually became a challenge to beat him as he could actually do something.

Moving onto the secret room stuff i am just curious to see what is in there, oh and there is a way to acess the debug room?
Haha what? Dude, there's more to the game than just big numbers. If you want a challenge, how about you change all your characters stats to 1 and all the enemy stats to 999 and see how far you get? Nah man, you should probably think this over.

Don't worry too much about the secret room then. There's not really a whole lot inside there anyways.
I have no idea what you want to do, but sure.

For the secret room, I'll just say that G-Bot gives you a big hint. And yes, it's stuff that tinder usually sells, so now you don't need to go hunt him/his crew down.

i remember a vague hint about it but i am not sure what was it, and i doubt it will repeat as i have 90 of his 100 questions done, what i want to do is simply make a small mod of AAG where every enemy has 999 on every stat, so those who have finished the game will find a new challenge as it will be more difficult to take down some of the bosses who have already a max stat, think for example of AILA with max stats.

As a minimum can you tell me if my theory is headed in the correct direction?

I have no idea what you want to do, but sure.

For the secret room, I'll just say that G-Bot gives you a big hint. And yes, it's stuff that tinder usually sells, so now you don't need to go hunt him/his crew down.
hints for reaching the room? i suspect it has to do with the ???? section of OP since i had it with a 9 i could access that penultimate boss, whom i found sadly with a lack of challenge as a small reset and the use of some guardian modules made the boss easy and not to mention C.R.I.S.I.S makes AILA way better, AILA X is also way too easy, well it could be due that all my characters have 999 in every stat, i hope it does not bothers you but i am going to start working on an altered version of AAG i will simply bump all stats of every boss and when i find where i can start buying stat boosters ABC i will pump all the enemies stats, or give a finished save with all content reset with it and on chapter 1 to give those who do not find any challenge after post game a new thrill, of course if you chose to give me your permission neok.

And returning to my question, hints please?, as i am interested on finding that room, and finally what is this new content? simply what tinder used to sell?.

Thanks, glad you enjoyed them. The orb talk is just extracts from another story of mine (Don't ask for it, as it's very much incomplete and little more than a bunch of notes). As for who's asking you not to forget him or her? It's not really certain, but it's implied that the one saying this is:

The Nightmare Trigger.

For the rest of your questions, there really aren't any answers. Except for the identity of the little girl. You can find that out somewhere in-game ;).

There isn't a secret shop, but regular shops will have new inventory. And yes, resetting the optional content will close up OP again.

GPS unit doesn't work in OP period (otherwise it trivializes the dungeon that you'd want to use it in :P). And yes, people have proven that behemoth can be killed without the laser. The secret room is a well hidden secret ;). If you find it, be careful not to reveal what's inside to others!

Thanks for playing. Don't be too disappointed with original AA :)
i kicked the butt of the ultimate boss of AAG, the one of ???? section of Orbital prision, i got the game breaking devices and i also somehow got the insiders key.

Questions about to be made: first, where do i acess the secret shop? second if i reset the optional areas it means Orbital prision goes back to being closed?

And what is this talk about a secret room on OP? also neok you will want to check the code for GPS unit it does not works all that well on OP, also behemoth can be killed with no need of firing a beam (i dunno if i fired a beam of sorts but i killed it on the very first screen of OP)

Brilliant game neok, i will be playing the original AA soon in order to give myself an idea of how different they are, also for the poster above:

Buy lots of stat boosters in case anything like this happens to you again make sure every character has 999 on their stats make sure to use SPD cursh fields and SPD boost fields along with AKT, MND, AP and EX and a crit booster or two with a celebrate field
Wow I underestimated this puzzle severely. Congratulations for stumping me in a most grandiose fashion. Thank you for the hint.

Postgame Spoilers Within
Okay so I just beat Nightmare and was patting myself on the back when I see a cut scene indicating that a teleporty crystal in UWF 2 has just become important. So I go over there, happy, naive, and innocent and promptly get my little cherry ass raped by Alter A.I.L.A.. She quickly decimated my level 80ish party. (Leon Celia level mid 70s, Erin late 80s) Not to be daunted, I went back and loaded some of the other save files that I had. These save files had 100% completion and level 99 parties, and came with the game when I downloaded it (Don't ask why). Well, 99.9% completion should be more accurate, as none of these files had Alter A.I.L.A. defeated either. So I try my luck with the Level 99 teams on hand on those files (Leon, Lavitz, and Hawk), and Alter A.I.L.A. wasted no time inserting random cutlery into my anus. For Behemoth, you at least gave us a giant laser so we could weaken it a little first, after that it was just a lengthy battle with a huge ass monster. Alter AILA unleashes X-Novas 50% faster than the normal AILA due to her super self-buffs, and those Life Orbs have around 3 times the HP, meaning it's nigh impossible to destroy them before time runs out. My question is: Is it beatable? Even better question: should we try?

On a plot related note, what was up with those random story orbs that you had to read in the central part of Orbital Prison? The bits about "engraving this into your memory", and "please don't forget me" struck a chord in my heart and I would like to know more about the background of those entries. Who was the one talking in the orbs? Was the same person writing the notes in section 1 of the prison? The same person who goes crazy in section 3? Did he or she manage to save everyone? And is the little girl mentioned in the entries Indy, because I thought of Indy the moment I read "cute little lass"
Massive post is massive, thus I prostrate myself in apology OTZ. Besides. Alter AILA had already brought me to my knees, anyway OTL.

--Edit 2--
Screw that previous edit. I beat Alter A.I.L.A.! Final team: Lavitz 61, Erin 91, Aila 57. Good job on such a brilliant game. I look forward to Alter AILA Variant.

Erin gave you a hint the first time you came in here.

Something about how the designer of Oberon Tower's security system also ran a gaming magazine and got his ideas from games.

There's one thing you can still interact with besides the magazine. Should you be able to, if the area's puzzle is already completed?

And if you can't figure it out, here's the answer:

The four buttons that unlock the security system are positioned at cardinal directions. Press the buttons in the order given by the magazine's title. S.N.E.W.S: South, North, East, West, South.

Now check each of the statues in the 4 "office" areas :)

Sorry, but I would really like a hint for finding the shard in Oberon Tower. I tried many things, including examining the SNEWS magazine several times with different character combinations (as I noticed that Erin actually comments on the magazine if you have her in the party, and scolds Leon for looking at it if both are present) However, this doesn't get me any closer to finding that shard. Can you drop a couple more hints please?
@DE Should probably spoiler/hide that just in case. Anyways, I'll just add that to Extras.
*click to edit*
Inner Core Shaft 2 - Leon
Abandoned City - Erin
No Man's Land 2 - Indy
No Man's Land - Gray
Orbital Prison 3 - Violet
Sewers - Jake
Main Prison - Red
Rebel Base Prison - Hawk
Slums - Silvra
Bridge Facility - Jeebes
Warehouses - Reeves
Oberon Tower - Kugar
Factory - Tinder
Underwater Facility - Aila

Mirror bosses:
Slums - Jake/Reeves
Core Shaft 1 - Celia/Tinderbot 2
Outer Perimeter 2 - Leon/Galde
No Man's Land 3 - Gray/Lavitz
Rebel Base Central Area - Hawk/Aila
Dam Facility - Erin/Silvra
Manor - Indy/Kugar
Jackal Labs - Scott/Jeebes
Underwater Facility - Violet/Tinder
Below Stynx 2 - Red/Tinderbot 1
Oh dear. I tried inserting my own soundtrack for the final battle against the storyline main boss, and I managed to successfully replace psalm of dreamers with a couple of my own tracks. However, I really want to replace the final battle music with this one song, but this particular song causes a game glitch whenever i try to play the final battle after inserting it. My guess is that the song file is too large for it to properly be processed by the game (over 10 mb). Can this be confirmed? (BTW, if anyone is curious, the two songs over 10 mb are Meikyuu Butterfly by Nana Mizuki and Blooded by Within Temptation)

For those who are REALLY curious
Yes, that is the joker i am missing, with this i am one step closer to star writing the guide for this game.

UPDATE: Got Aila's joker and Tbot II, odd that is the last character i need to unlock if i want to access OP3, any ideas of where an other joker could be hiding? or Tbot II Shadow does not counts in order to access OP3?


Leon,Erin,Indy,Gray,Violet,Scott,Jake, Dread,Celia, Hawk--->Main Cast shadows COMPLETE.

Silvra,Galde,Lavitz,Tinder, Jeebes, Reeves and Aila---> Shadows left Kugar & Tinbot II.

Where is Kugar's Shadow? he and tinbot II (who i have not unlocked yet for odd reasons) are the only shadows left and i know tinbot II is on below stynx 2---> PAY ATTENTION TO THIS!

Kugar's is in Oberon Tower, top floor. That's probably the only one you're missing. The other characters you mentioned don't have Jokers.
Alright, well that's at least a start. I edited my post above, so you might want to take a look. Sorry to do this to you, but it's necessary (and you'll be a better person because of it, so you should really make that effort).

T-Bot 2 doesn't have a Joker. Aila's is in Underwater Facility. You can unlock them by doing what you've been doing all along to unlock characters.

problem is that i need at least one more joker in order to unlock Aila the last character i unlocked was timber and i got his joker too, along with hawks and reeves joker i have all main cast jokers and possibly all extra joker i have been able to find, i will now list shortly all the jokers i have

Stynx joker(Dread), both of Charon jokers i have them (Silvra and Reeves), the Isle Joker (Tinder) is in my possesion too, the one of Phatos (jake) is out too, the one of Gailith (Leon's Killing point) NML1 (gray) joker is done, the one of bridge facility (Jeebes) is done too, the one of Rebel Base, center part is done too (hawk), NML2 joker is done too (indy), Pallas-Abandoned city (Erin) is done, Underwater Facility cannot be done as i lack of the correct character, and fianlly OP3 is locked and so that one is impossible to obtain too.

Now that i give it a look it seems that these are the missing characters:Scott, Celia, Galde, Kugar and lavitz, and i mean missing as in i cannot find a joker for them, or is that they lack of one?.