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Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. You play the role of a young man known as Leon, who seeks to survive in the harsh environment he is brought into.

Exploration is done mainly via a side-scrolling view. In certain areas, an exclamation mark will sometimes appear, indicating the presence of hostiles. Press Z when this happens to initiate battle, or wait to let it pass. Sometimes battle will be unavoidable. When walking, enemy encounters won't occur.

The battle system revolves mainly around each character's Abilities, which are a set of commands specific to that character. Abilities require AP and EX to use. AP is gained every time a character takes a turn. The default is 2. EX is gained every time a character uses an Ability. The default is 1. Note that this may change depending on the situation.

Trailer courtesy of Sum Gai. Thanks buddy!

Z: Action/ Confirm
Up: Interact with Above/Background
Down: Interact with Below/Foreground
X: Menu/ Cancel
Shift: Hold to walk/run
F4: Toggle Fullscreen
F5: Toggle 2x Size
F12: Reset to Title

"Known Glitches"
Due to the limited functionality of the RPG Maker 2003 engine, there are various glitches and bugs which are unfortunately unfeasible or impossible to fix:
- Sometimes during an action, the battle data of a character will be temporarily overwritten with another character's, causing them to not perform as expected for that round.
- In certain cases, player actions can be interrupted by the enemy or other character's actions. To minimize the occurance of this, wait for current actions to finish before selecting an action with another character.
- Using items and guarding doesn't trigger the code to check for enemy deaths. You need to actually use an ability, or let the enemies take a turn.
- Although not a bug, Active Mode should be changed to Passive Mode in the in-game menu to prevent enemies from acting while you are taking an action.

"Hints and Tips for Boss Battles"
- Don't expect to just be able to spam regular attacks until you can use your Exceed ability. You won't win an attrition war with the enemy party.
- Always target the enemy's weakness if you can. If you want, think of this as a Shin Megami Tensei game. :P
- Make sure to keep your HP up. The vast majority of bosses have pretty powerful high EX costing abilities that'll wipe out your party if you're not expecting it.

- That said, keep in mind, the enemy is subject to the same rules as the party. In other words, they're also gaining AP and EX, and they also need it to use their more hard-hitting abilities. So if you can prevent them from using them while still retaining the ability to use yours, you'll be able to beat any boss.
- You can tell how much EX an enemy's ability uses by looking at the name of the ability. Similar to your character's abilities, it'll show up as the number of squares on the left side of the name.
- Of course, the above passes quickly so isn't that reliable of a method. As a general rule, you can expect that:
- Anything that uses an element other than Force likely costs at least 1 EX
- Anything that does multi-targetting likely costs at least 1 EX
- Anything that hits everyone hard probably costs 2 or more EX
- Anything that outright kills someone from full health, or makes you swear "Bullshit! That can't happen!" is likely an Exceed ability.
- Chances are it'll also be very flashy.
- Obviously, there's going to be some exceptions, but for the most part, this can be followed.

- Don't ignore Field Effects either. Bosses don't, and the Field Effects they use generally stack things in their favor. It's not just about dealing as much damage as quickly as you can. A lot of times, it's also about controlling the situation.
- Modes, Field Effects, and Boost ailments all stack. If you're creative, you may be able to create a situation where you can pretty much negate everything the boss throws at you, while tossing out Exceed abilities every turn. Bosses won't stand a chance.

MAP SAVE FREEZE: If you're changing things in this game in the editor and your save file freezes on the world map as a result, press F9, go to switch 112 and 113, and turn them both OFF. That should fix it.

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Heys all, I finished a new game and am trying to get it greenlit. There's a page up for it here:


Check it out, maybe help me out?
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Alright, well that's at least a start. I edited my post above, so you might want to take a look. Sorry to do this to you, but it's necessary (and you'll be a better person because of it, so you should really make that effort).

T-Bot 2 doesn't have a Joker. Aila's is in Underwater Facility. You can unlock them by doing what you've been doing all along to unlock characters.

scott; go youtbe if not help i no can do. celia go galith iner core sft 1 or 2 fall right

No seriously, how do you write like this? I'm actually getting a headache trying to write like you. I can't even keep this up. And I don't even know how you managed to reach Orbital Prison 3 without having found all the shadows considering you need to find them all before you can go there. Your questions make no sense.

Oh for the love of god, not again, look my machine keeps laging, i am on the process of freeing space on the memory to avoid that, the reason why my post makes zero sense is due to two reasons:

a) The Lag: i tend to write fast and when the comp lags it screws the order of the letters or it does not accepts i pressed said key.

b) I have been editing the post for a while since i really do not like to double or triple post, from where i come that can get you banned from the site.

Finally i spell checked the paragrpahs, give me a minute or two in order to fix the position of the ',' and '.'.

I meant jokers, i am unable to find their jokers, unless they do not have one.

Second i have not reached OP3, i am trying to reach OP3 but i have two jokers and about three shadows left, i am going to tackle one at this moment the ones are Tinderbot II and Aila as i cannot unlock neither of them since i cannot find the joker i have left the joker is not the one of underwater facility as that i need Aila to unlock OP3 and Tbot II who also i have no idea of how to get.
Edit: Alright, feeling less like a prick now.

Look man, I hate to do this, but you can't keep writing like that. Do you know why your teachers made you use proper grammar and punctuation for your schoolwork? Because that's the standard for written communication in this world, and is a requirement if you want people to read what you say.

Sorry, but from now on, I won't be replying to any of your questions unless you make an effort to make your posts properly worded. I tried to be as nice as I could about this, and I'm definitely happy that you like my game, but if you want people to take you seriously, then you need to show that you're worth being taken seriously. And the first part of that is showing that you can communicate properly like the rest of us.
Posting again since i have not attained new answers, i am seeking scott's joker any idea where he is?, along with celia's one as all i seem to have left are those two and the on orbital prision 3.

The Post Above was updated multiple times, the reason it makes no sense is simple some of the questions were given an answer after i researched a tad bit more but i added a pointer of what is not relevant.
Gonna Try To Tackle Hawks Shadow Today On Phase V As It Crashed During Phase Viii And Vi---->DO NOT PAY ATTENTION TO THIS!.

Yes 3 More Shadows Are Gone All The Ones That Are Left Are The Ones Of The Dam Facility, The One Of No Man Land 3 And Below Stynx 2! ---->DO NOT PAY ATTENTION TO THIS!.

Afterwards Joker Hunt I Am Missing A Few Characters, And I Know At Least One Joker The One That Gives Aila A New Skill But I Will Check Past Pages For The Others (For The Record So Far Everybody Has Their Extra Skill The Extra Guys I Have Are Tin Bot I, Claude, Sylvra, Kugar And Jeebes And Reebes. ---->DO NOT PAY ATTENTION TO THIS!.

I Need To Make A Question The Ultimate Weapons Are For Two Characters? Since I Read On The Map Leon/claude Shadow Does It Means I Will Later Have The Need To Come Back There And Kick A New Shadow? Or What?, Also None Of The Guys Of Main Prision Unlocked Nm3 I Will Try The Entrance Section Of Stynx. ---->DO NOT PAY ATTENTION TO THIS!.

It Was The Freaking Entrance, Not Main Prison, Go To Entrance Go Next Screen, Climb The Ledge, Go Past The Boy Enter Building Talk With The Man And Gtfo To NML3. ---->DO NOT PAY ATTENTION TO THIS!

Speaking Of Nml3 I Need To Make A Question, What Is The Function Of The Old Man That Is There?---->PAY ATTENTION TO THIS!.

And Finally @neok, @argh I Must Give My Thanks For All The Help You've Been Giving Me!.
The NPC that unlocks NML3 is in one of the buildings of the Main Prison area. You'll unlock Below Stynx by going through NML3.

Did you try pressing down instead of up? The idea is to jump into the pit.

Sewers. Probably a bug?

You mean the pit that has a pipe? after the two doors that send you to the jackal elevation chamber? since in there is a secret passage in said chamber, and there is only one pit and i cannot jump it down

Found the correct pit and RPG maker crahsed again!

In before i forget again i need to ask two questions, the first where is the npc that unlocks NML3? and how do i get to below stynx?

Did you try pressing down instead of up? The idea is to jump into the pit.

Sewers. Probably a bug?
I am on phase 4, but the first time i had to raise it like that 10 times for the boss to show up, otherwise no go, and the issue is that i am going to try to do it from phase 6 since whenever i went for Jake's battle on endgame the game crashed.so how do i acess scott's shadow i now i am suposed to do something witht he walls but i cannot.

Also what is the deal with the sewers? there is a spot where i can go up to the wall like it was meant to have a secret passage of something.

Weird. You're only suppose to raise the container at the end of phase 3. After that, you're not really meant to ever do it again. Just go to the endgame. You can access everywhere from there.
*All Content below here was moved from AAV please do not mind this message and be so kind to read the contents that are under this writing.*

I am having serious troubles to acess scott's shadow battle, i will try jumping to phase VI to see if that does the trick i know is behind of:

The place where i raise the Jackal container (BTW neok the container command is buggy as hell i had to try 10 times in order for it to raise) and so... i am stuck if i get onto trouble for any other battle i will post where i am on the game so any one can give me a hand to acess it) so far i have two shadows done Jake and Indy.

BTW I am talking about the hidden chamber where you get the star fragment

It does have something to do with the Personal Device, but it's not that random. ;)

Nah, I didn't really think anyone would find it unless I gave some hints. Actually I kinda regret giving as many hints as I did. It would've been more interesting if that was revealed when AAV came out. Kinda like a "Yep, that's been there all this time" kinda thing.
I'll just say that G-Bot gives you a really big hint in one of his questions.

Oho, I see it now! I had forgotten about that; I assumed it was talking about Orbital Prison level 3 for some reason.

I assume that the answer is that activating your Personal Device (therefore "breaking the fourth wall") sets "Orbital Prison ???" to a random number between 1 and 6, and then you have to go through whatever door has the background in it or something? I must admit, that is indeed quite clever, yet surprisingly obvious now that I realize it! XD Good job. Did you seriously expect anyone to figure it out on their own, though?
Ohhhhhhh... whoops
Yah, those be mine.

Edit: Okay, fixed now. Thanks for letting me know.
Oh, no I mean the ones that come with the open source version. Missleboater seems to have provided five saves for it (or are those yours?).
Haha, curiosity got the better, huh? There's definitely a way to get in there, but me outright saying it would just ruin the mystery. I'll just say that G-Bot gives you a really big hint in one of his questions.

Okay, I guess I'll post a warning about the save files as well as hide all the spoilers. They're only there for people who want them anyways.

For the darksides.. nah, I just thought they were cool. Drum it up to more of that scary nonsense that Orbital Prison puts you through.
Well, I finally decided to wuss out and

look at the secret room in the Maker. I was honestly quite surprised at that plot twist, and will eagerly await its resolution in Variant, especially since I was wondering what role Violet would have in the plot, since like Solitayre said, she's a rather bland character.

I do have to ask, though, how are you supposed to get there exactly? I've been puzzling over it by looking at the doors, and it seems like you need to reduce "Orbital Prison ???" to less than 7, but I don't see any way to do that. I presume that, due to the "We don't need eyes to see" quote, you're supposed to go through the doors that have backgrounds in them? (Because you're kind of going into another dimension, kind of...?) I don't see how you could break the fourth wall in there, though...

By the way, though I am infinitely grateful for the extra save files, why did you include them? They are full of spoilers and can overwrite the save files one has already made if one tells WinRAR to replace everything, like most people do with patches...

Edit: Also by the way, I can't believe I just thought of this now, but did you ever intend for the Darksides to have more of a story explanation like in the original? Since currently, they're just random inexplicable superbosses, like everything else in the postgame...
@Duncan, oh that's an error apparently inherent to RM2k3's default battle system. No one knows why it happens or how to fix it.

@ComX, it's the hideout in Ceres City, the one in Isle. Not the one in Pallas.

Well i posted the fix, so all is OK, but i find odd that such a big thing was not fixed earlier on RM2K3
@Duncan, oh that's an error apparently inherent to RM2k3's default battle system. No one knows why it happens or how to fix it.

@ComX, it's the hideout in Ceres City, the one in Isle. Not the one in Pallas.
@ Duncan: I believe someone already answered this earlier. Around page 20-25 possibly. Since you know their general area, though, you shouldn't have too much trouble -- though I remember some are very cleverly hidden. Try beating the Street Tournament -- the final reward may be useful in locating them. You could also try YouTube if you're really stuck.

@ CommanderX: Didn't you listen to Tinder? He's in the abandoned factory the first time as a random encounter. Get to an area where you hear mechanical clanking. I forget where he is after that, but Tinder should tell you.

Well, I would like to visit Tinder in his hideout, but the problem is, there is no hideout.
I checked map like 30 times, and there is no tinder hideout to visit, how I can unlock it or find it ?