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Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. You play the role of a young man known as Leon, who seeks to survive in the harsh environment he is brought into.

Exploration is done mainly via a side-scrolling view. In certain areas, an exclamation mark will sometimes appear, indicating the presence of hostiles. Press Z when this happens to initiate battle, or wait to let it pass. Sometimes battle will be unavoidable. When walking, enemy encounters won't occur.

The battle system revolves mainly around each character's Abilities, which are a set of commands specific to that character. Abilities require AP and EX to use. AP is gained every time a character takes a turn. The default is 2. EX is gained every time a character uses an Ability. The default is 1. Note that this may change depending on the situation.

Trailer courtesy of Sum Gai. Thanks buddy!

Z: Action/ Confirm
Up: Interact with Above/Background
Down: Interact with Below/Foreground
X: Menu/ Cancel
Shift: Hold to walk/run
F4: Toggle Fullscreen
F5: Toggle 2x Size
F12: Reset to Title

"Known Glitches"
Due to the limited functionality of the RPG Maker 2003 engine, there are various glitches and bugs which are unfortunately unfeasible or impossible to fix:
- Sometimes during an action, the battle data of a character will be temporarily overwritten with another character's, causing them to not perform as expected for that round.
- In certain cases, player actions can be interrupted by the enemy or other character's actions. To minimize the occurance of this, wait for current actions to finish before selecting an action with another character.
- Using items and guarding doesn't trigger the code to check for enemy deaths. You need to actually use an ability, or let the enemies take a turn.
- Although not a bug, Active Mode should be changed to Passive Mode in the in-game menu to prevent enemies from acting while you are taking an action.

"Hints and Tips for Boss Battles"
- Don't expect to just be able to spam regular attacks until you can use your Exceed ability. You won't win an attrition war with the enemy party.
- Always target the enemy's weakness if you can. If you want, think of this as a Shin Megami Tensei game. :P
- Make sure to keep your HP up. The vast majority of bosses have pretty powerful high EX costing abilities that'll wipe out your party if you're not expecting it.

- That said, keep in mind, the enemy is subject to the same rules as the party. In other words, they're also gaining AP and EX, and they also need it to use their more hard-hitting abilities. So if you can prevent them from using them while still retaining the ability to use yours, you'll be able to beat any boss.
- You can tell how much EX an enemy's ability uses by looking at the name of the ability. Similar to your character's abilities, it'll show up as the number of squares on the left side of the name.
- Of course, the above passes quickly so isn't that reliable of a method. As a general rule, you can expect that:
- Anything that uses an element other than Force likely costs at least 1 EX
- Anything that does multi-targetting likely costs at least 1 EX
- Anything that hits everyone hard probably costs 2 or more EX
- Anything that outright kills someone from full health, or makes you swear "Bullshit! That can't happen!" is likely an Exceed ability.
- Chances are it'll also be very flashy.
- Obviously, there's going to be some exceptions, but for the most part, this can be followed.

- Don't ignore Field Effects either. Bosses don't, and the Field Effects they use generally stack things in their favor. It's not just about dealing as much damage as quickly as you can. A lot of times, it's also about controlling the situation.
- Modes, Field Effects, and Boost ailments all stack. If you're creative, you may be able to create a situation where you can pretty much negate everything the boss throws at you, while tossing out Exceed abilities every turn. Bosses won't stand a chance.

MAP SAVE FREEZE: If you're changing things in this game in the editor and your save file freezes on the world map as a result, press F9, go to switch 112 and 113, and turn them both OFF. That should fix it.

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Something I did

Heys all, I finished a new game and am trying to get it greenlit. There's a page up for it here:


Check it out, maybe help me out?
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Yyyyeeeaaaahhh... An easy way to get lost is if no one else has said something about it.
At least, from where I've been.
Thanks Mess :) But yeah, it might be better to hide that.
Thanks for spoiling the game for us Messiah!!!
Ergh..... I can't bear to see Violet crying In the cutscene "lavitz defeted"(or whatever)and "Escaping Avalon Part 2". I really love your CG arts( especially when violet crying, even though I'm to soft-hearted to see that)
You said the Open-source version was out, is it up yet?
I noticed that you mentioned the game Der Langrisser as one of your inspirations for the multiple-paths format of the original AA... are the characters Leon and Scott in AAG named after Leon and Scott in Langrisser?

Oh, also, Alter A.I.L.A. has a conversation page on TVTropes!

Good to hear :)

What's a fandisc?(no need to explain that its a game, but I wonder how many developers make things like this?)

It's mostly just a bit of additional bonus content for AAG that's stand-alone.

...Thanks. Turns out I just put it in the wrong folder by accident.
Sprinkling stuff all over the game is pretty enjoyable now.
I have to ask though. What's a fandisc?(no need to explain that its a game, but I wonder how many developers make things like this?)
You have to download RPG Maker 2003 and open it using that.
....4 in a row? Now that's just annoying.
Anyway, was this site down for 4 days or do I just have crappy Internet?

I've wanted to ask something. It says that the latest version of the game is open-source, but how does one actually...you know...look at it? I've had trouble with this due to my computer changing all map files to RPGMaker files...

Oh, also, Alter A.I.L.A. has a conversation page on TVTropes!
I noticed that you mentioned the game Der Langrisser as one of your inspirations for the multiple-paths format of the original AA... are the characters Leon and Scott in AAG named after Leon and Scott in Langrisser?
This game is my no. 1 in the RPG maker series!!!

The trailer even rolled me out!!
I thought about making a review since i liked this so much but then the only bad things i could ever say about it that it sometimes gets confusing where you have to go, since the maps allow you to roam so much, and i end up forgettin how to go back lol and the bs gets a little complicated but nothing ppl wont get used to...

all the rest, perfect. ;D
Go back to phase 2 and visit Tinder's Hideout there, then return to the postgame and it'll be there. It's really obscure, Neok should have added a hint for that one...
Anyone remember when Tinder's Hideout in Isle is supposed to be available in post-game? Can't seem to get access to it now, and in my first playthrough I remember I had to reset optional content just to get it up.
Huh? Then what does the kid do?
Just giving a hint, I guess.

The hydra is below the warehouses in Charon. You might have seen a suspicious spot somewhere there before the post game.
As for the Post-game question:

Huh? Then what does the kid do?
You really don't need 3 Pulsars to complete the game. In fact, in my first playthrough of the game I skipped Pulsar until the very end. Chaos, Vice, Scion, and ( eventually ) Nova should be enough.

Violet is a pretty situational character. Her Exceed ability is limited to Force/Freeze, so she can't do much when the enemy is resistant to both. She the top character in the main cast when it comes to hits per Exceed ( second with optionals ), so the 'Always ---- Damage' syncs work well with her.

As for the Post-game question:

Triggering the fight with Metal Hydra is automatic once you enter post-game. I was able to go straight for it on my fresh Clear Game save.

However, if you're looking for access to the area under Stynx, try searching the Main Prison of Stynx.

You can't get copies of modes -- they're one of the treasures that don't reset.

And hm... Buster Cannon is stronger than Shooting Star for you? For me, it was actually weaker than Blast Revolver. With ATK Boost and an X-System, Gray was capable of dealing ~11000 damage if the enemy was weak to something. It might be hard to see since the damage of Shooting Star is split into so many pieces, but it should still be pretty strong. Also, Violet is significantly faster than Gray.

(And don't worry about relying on boosts, I think you're expected to. Have you tried using SPD Boost/Crush fields? If you use both, you'll literally get twelve turns to an enemy's one. Nothing can really challenge you at that point.)


During the maze section of NML3, to the left I believe, there's a kid sitting in a dead end. If you talk to him, it'll trigger the event flag that makes the metal hydra appear.
Man, post game dungeons enemies are all hard hitter. It takes a long while to win the random encounter (I skipped most of them anyway but still! ).

So I switched my party to Leon+Erin+Gray since damage wise Buster Magnum is better than Violet's (though I really need to watch that Violet damage breaking video) in dealing damage (for now). I want to utilize G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. but with attack boost the damage I can deal is much higher :\
Perhaps I am a bit too reliant on these boosts....

Maybe I need to get 3 pulsars to even the odds. (oh dang I forgot where these are...hmmm... Phase...3???)


How do I get to fight the hydra? Which I assume is true because of the rumor (in phase 2?) and the old man in the NML3 which hinted something under Celes. He can't mean in Avalon right....