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Character Meme

  • Neok
  • 02/28/2010 05:40 PM
Found a neat little character meme through Skie.

Template here: http://fyuvix.deviantart.com/art/Character-Balance-Meme-154832353

Edit: Did one for AA as well: http://rpgmaker.net/games/268/blog/2160/

(Censoring 2 of the characters here for spoiler-ish reasons)

Update-wise, I'm just about finished with making Phase 7. Just Phase 8, battles, and the post-game content left now. I'm hoping to finish before I go back to school, so the tentative deadline for me is end of April (though I guess I could sneak work in during the first couple of weeks of the school term).

Oh god, I'm almost there. I didn't know it was possible.. T_T


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This is pretty cool. Adds some insight on the characters personality wise.
Of course now I really want to know who the "unknown" characters are.
one of them has to be you know who
The meme says you have a "too strong" character. Going by what it says, that character will eventually be boring. Just saying.
mirage: Most likely that character will not appear often, considering they are a secret character. I doubt we have to worry about their appearance getting boring. Besides, I like that at least one character is extraordinary; it shows variety.

I'm worried about what makes White "emotionally unstable." :P
Also, that last character with the 3 rating sounds like Sephiroth or something.
Circumstance penalty for being the bard.
I can't help but notice that a character with zero of the traits listed here would be considered a perfectly balanced character.
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
When good traits - bad == 0, Sol. :\/
Circumstance penalty for being the bard.
You could also just leave it blank and get the same result!
That kind of makes sense. A character who is somewhat everything is easily relatable, could be good or evil depending on their motives, and so on.

Anyway I doubt this is some sort of national demographic psychology chart, so try not to take it too seriously!
Frankly this chart system is ridiculous and ignores the finer points of character design. Also, the advice at the sides ('no more than seven, main character being perfectly balanced') is just terrible.

However, I am looking forward to the game's full release. Keep at it. =)
Yeah, this is hardly the end-all-be-all of character design (leaving aside the fact that I think I did it wrong anyways :P). I think it's meant to get a feel of what kind of distribution there is in your existing characters over being something to make characters with. I also think it was actually meant for main characters with a lot of screentime (hence the whole weak character development bit) which only fits certain characters here (certainly not the two that have been blanked out).

Anyways, just a fun diversion.
I agree with Karsuman, it feels like one of those myspace questionaires where you tally up your imaginary score. Numbers that represent their traits feels odd, IMO.

April can't come quick enough, though. Please hurry. :(
one of them has to be you know who

VOLDEMOOOOORT?!!! Anyways, I don't see how Celia can be both stupid in book smarts and be good at mental arithmetic. And who the hell is that second-last guy?
The second-to-last character is Tinderbot Mk. III, I think. Neok probably added him simply to fill in the chart.

I suspect that the last character is Aila, and the other blanked-out one is Tinder?
I'm a dog pirate
The reason most fanfiction and stuff fails is because of charts like these. Too by-the-numbers, imo.
This is a fun chart to fill out for your own characters or characters from a media franchise you like. I wouldn't call this chart any sort of useful though.
How is Aila "emotionally unstable"? She doesn't really show any emotions at all...

Also, why did you put Tinderbot MK. III in the meme instead of Lavitz?! D: I am intrigued as to what she'd get on this...
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