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Needing some opinions

  • Neok
  • 10/22/2010 12:32 AM
Warning: There are spoilers hidden in this blog about what characters you can use in the game. Reader beware!

I'm currently in the process of putting together a bit of a fandisc-styled side-project based off AAG, and am in need of some opinions.

How the game works, is that the original cast of AAG (plus bonus characters) will be split up into teams of 3, and you'll get to play as one of these teams (though you'll be able to unlock and use the other teams over the course of the game.) The idea is that these teams will stay static. So if you picked a team with Leon, Erin, and Scott for example, then those are the 3 characters you'll stick with unless/until you choose another team later.

Now the question is, how should I split up the characters? There's no doubt that some characters are inherently better than others, though you could argue that it depends on the situation and what's available to you.

Something else to consider, is that I'm thinking of making little 'skits' involving these teams. So if you wanted to see what certain characters might say to certain other characters, maybe I can form a team with those characters.

So with the 20 characters available, I want to make 13 teams, with each character being present in 2 separate teams (without having the same two people be on two teams. So if Leon is on a team with Erin and Jake, then neither Erin nor Jake should be with Leon in another team.) One character will sadly only be on 1 team since the numbers don't match up. For now, I've designated that role to


So I put together some sample team allocations. First example is "Theme" teams. So just some possible configurations:

Erin Indy Leon: The Strikers
Scott Violet Gray: Team Awesome
Indy Celia Jake: Small Childrens
Leon Gray Celia: Space Invaders
Jake Dread Erin: Special Operations

etc. etc.

Otherwise, I could just have completely random teams. For example:

Leon Lavitz T-Bot II
Erin Tinder T-Bot
Indy Jeebes Leon
Gray Reeves Erin
Violet T-Bot Indy
Scott T-Bot II Gray
Jake Aila Violet
Dread Silvra Scott
Celia Kugar Jake
Hawk Lavitz Dread
Galde Tinder Celia
Silvra Jeebes Hawk
Kugar Reeves Galde

So.. thoughts/ opinions? If you want to suggest certain team configurations, that'd be cool too.

EDIT: Also, save-files game page is now up.

EDIT2: Decided to hide some of the theme team configurations so that it'll be more of a surprise~


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Dude, you totally forgot a team of Scott, Violet and Lavitz!! The Orphan Buddies or something. >8D

But yeah, just a suggestion, why not make the teams based on story connections?
Yeah, I was thinking about that too. Alright, I can move some ppl around.
Would this impact the story at all, or would it be just some random craziness ala the Grandia 1 fan disc thing?
@J-Man: Wow, you totally read my mind. That was one of the first teams I looked for on that list.

Neok, I'll have to second your idea of the themed teams. I like the thoughts of some of those teams. Pretty much every group from Tinder's Gang down sounds like a hoot. I'm especially liking the sound of Demo Squad, Flower Power, and Strong Bros.
Would this impact the story at all, or would it be just some random craziness ala the Grandia 1 fan disc thing?

It'd just be some kinda random craziness. The main reason I'm doing this is cause I wanted to quickly try something out for 2k3 and see how well it works.


Alright, they're a team now :)
Interesting. I like the idea of character interaction, especially in a character-oriented game like this, so I suppose I would like to see characters in groups where they'd interact with each other well. So Celia should definitely be with Indy (their interactions are hilarious and adorable), probably with Jake too (I like the idea of one team being composed of the youngest members XD). Leon and Gray should definitely be together, possibly with Erin as well. Oh, and since it's a prequel, Hawk and Dread maybe? Not sure about who the third person should be...

Not sure what to do with the secret characters, though. Maybe you should just cut the superfluous ones that we all know you added just to maintain an even 10 characters (*cough*Tinderbots*cough*). Not sure what you'd do with
Aila and Kugar

though, since they're villains. Especially the former. The latter *might* be workable if they're added to a group that Erin's in, but...

Lavitz, Violet, and Scott is an obvious pick though, as is Silvra, Galde, and Hawk, but I'm clueless for the others.

Edit: In reply to DE's post below mine: Aila, Celia, and Indy would be the BEST TEAM EVER. :D
*click to edit*
Aila, Hawk, Kugar :)
Reeves, Jeebes, Tinder
Tinder, Tinderbot 1, Tinderbot 2
Lavitz, Scott, Violet
Tinder, Erin, Kugar
Aila, Celia, Indy
Exactly what I was thinking: Aila, Celia, Indy. That's my #1 pick. Though any of the basic 10 characters interacting with Aila would be interesting.

Dread/Scott/Hawk: -anyone who finished the game can see the theme here. I won't spoil it if anyone doesn't know this already.

Tinder and Hawk should have so good interation, add Kugar to the mix and things could get real interesting.

Dread and Tinder might work, a pacifist and... well Dread.
Don't forget the alliances from the original Alter A.I.L.A.:

Gray, Scott, Violet: Independents
Silvra, Dread, Jake: Imperialists
Galde, Hawk, Celia: Rebels

Also, if we're going by Dread/Scott/Hawk, there could also be Violet/Jake/Celia and Galde/Silvra/Gray, though they don't quite share the same kind of...connection that those three do.

And yeah, Aila/Celia/Indy is even better than Jake/Celia/Indy. :D Probably the best group to put Aila in other than Aila/Leon/Gray or Aila/Kugar/Hawk. I like Dread and Tinder, too, but who would be in the third slot? Jake, maybe? I can see him acting as a mediator of sorts, since he's kind of in the middle of their two ideologies.

(How in the world would Aila fit in to any of the parties at all, though? :o She'd probably just try to mindcontrol and/or kill them.)
Thanks for the suggestions guys. I'm gonna try not to cut anyone (shouldn't be difficult). I'll probably keep the final list a secret so that you guys can discover them on your own ;)
Leon Erin Silvra - The familiar one
Scott Dread Gray - The big guys
Dread Celia Indy - The babysitter?
Erin Violet Lavitz - Girl power!

As for general configuration, obviously it should be relatively balanced amongst speedy characters and tanks (and any of those in between). Skillset should be relatively varied as well, etc. As for ACTUAL TEAMS:

Team Gangsta - Tinder/Reeves/Jeebes
Team Sacrifice - Scott/Dread/Hawk
Team Orphan - Scott/Violet/Lavitz
Team Awesome - Scott/Violet/Gray
Team Rebellion - Hawk/Galde/Silvra
Team Innovator - Leon/Erin/Indy
Team Classic - Leon/Erin/Celia
Team Glass Cannon - Celia/Violet/Lavitz
Team Tinder Support - Jeebes/Reeves/Tinderbot II
Team Analysis - Leon/Jake/Tinderbot
Team NOT GUNS - Dread/Celia/Lavitz
Team Young'n - Celia/Jake/Indy
Team Hotness - Violet/Erin/Lavitz
Team Psychokinesis - Celia/Indy/Aila
Team FML - Indy/Jake/Tinderbot
Team SPEED - Violet/Indy/Lavitz (or Aila)
Team Inhumanly Awesome - Celia/Tinderbot II/Aila (or sub in Kugar)

...just to name a few.

Also, Messiah, the baby sitter team caused horrible horrible ideas to come to mind and you suck because of that.
Yes, there is also game balance to take into consideration... Teams consisting of nothing but Glass Cannons are not fun. I'm fond of the archetype since Pokemon (which is saturated with them) was my first RPG, but once I got into RPGs like Final Fantasy and the team mechanic came into play...yeah. That said, a team of two Glass Cannons and either Erin or Reeves to keep them alive would work nicely.

Teams of Mighty Glaciers aren't fun either in ATB systems, since Speed rules everything.
True enough, but Scott has enough speed to make team sacrifice usable, all the more so if you have all the high speed modes at your disposal, and a healthy supply of Wonder Wings, of course.
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