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Alter AILA Genesis: Sidequest Guide

by Ryan914

1) Shard Locations (SHA)
1.1) Stynx (STY)
1.2) Ceres (CER)
1.3) Pallas (PAL)
1.4) Rebel Base (REB)
1.5) Avalon (AVA)
1.6) Post Game (PSG)
1.6.1) Street Tournament (STR)
1.6.2) G Quiz (GQZ)
1.7) Hidden Shop Keepers (HSK)

2) Orbital Prison (ORP)
2.1) No Man's Land 3 (NML3)
2.2) Below Stynx (BS)
2.3) Darkside Battles (DB)

3) Special Bosses (SPEC)
3.1) Tinderbot Mk. III (TBOT)
3.2) Metal Hydra (MHD)
3.3) Controller (CON)

4) Special Bosses 2 (SPE2)
4.1) Behemoth (BHE)
4.2) Trauma (TRA)
4.3) Shadow Ultima (SUL)
4.4) Nightmare System (NS)

5) Joker (JOK)

1) Shard Locations (SHA)

Those marked Aqualung Required can only be gotten after you get the Aqualung Key Item from Underwater Facility 1

Those marked Post game can only be gotten after clearing the main story; this assumes that you have Aqualung since you need it to progress through the story. There are a total of 34 shards hidden in the Main storyline

1.1) Stynx (STY)


- Nearby where your very first encounter of the game occurred, check the large hole in the gate nearby to find an area with a shard.

Sphere (Level 2):

- At the intersection where there is a ladder to the right and a path left, go left until you reach a diamond with treasure inside Near a it is a large hole in the wall, press up in front of it to enter another area, from there it's Straightforward to the shard.

Sphere (Level 3):

- Flip the switch of the forcefield to green, when you get to the point where you face the boss, go down the nearest ladder to find your way back to the entrance of the area, then go down the ladder there the passage that was blocked will be open. In the new area is the shard.

1.2) Ceres (CER)


- Press the up key one step to the right from a lone jukebox to open a hidden door, inside is the shard.


- Go into the 2nd warehouse and climb to the top and go outside from there, go back to the first one across the scaffolding and press up in the middle of the leftmost square. The shard is inside.

- Much like the other one, but go right instead until you reach the last warehouse and press up in the middle of the 3rd square.

Outer Perimeter 1:

- After climbing up a ladder and you see another going up, go right until you reach a treasure diamond on a small ledge, press down on the far right side and follow the path to get the shard.


- Choose the first ladder you see, climb down and go left, then jump across a pit, then there are 2 more pits ahead, jump past one and drop down the one on the far left to find a shard.

- At the start, pass the first and 2nd ladders and climb down the last one, follow the path and then reverse the conveyor belt, return to the ladder you entered from and take the conveyor belt, then climb the nearest ladder. The shard is to the left of the ladder you climbed out from when you arise.

Outer Perimeter 2:

- Press up in front of a hole in the fence near a ladder to enter an area with a shard. It's on the way up so it's not hard to miss.

- Climb up the first ladder you see after you climb the ladder near the other shard. Keep going up, then, when you can't climb any more go to the far right ledge and press down to find a hidden passage, go right to get the shard.

Core Shaft 1:

- Deep in the area, on the lowest floor you will see a ladder along the path, climb it and you will find an Enforcer's line of sight blocking you from getting the shard. Defeat the Enforcer to claim the shard.

Core Shaft 2:

- In the 2nd room, keep going right until you see an Enforcer, defeat it to get the shard behind it.

Pathos Sewers:

- After inputting the first gate code, go into the gate, then take the closest door, then the closest door again. Check the small tunnel at the left end of the room to find an area with a shard.

Oberon Tower:

- Press the statue buttons in this order: South, North, East, West, and South, 4 shards will appear in front of each statue on the first floor.

No Man's Land: (Aqualung Required)

- Go inside the first building, then down a large hole into the water, then keep going left and jump into the water again, the shard will be in plain sight.

Bridge Facility:

- The shard is located in the room near the exit on the Pallas side of the bridge. It's the room to the left and up a ladder of the one with a big exit sign.


1.3) Pallas: (PAL)

Abandoned City:

- In the sewers take the first ladder you see, then enter the nearby white building, inside go to the farthest left window and press up in front of it to find a hidden area with a shard.

No Man's Land 2:

- Press Up when you are standing in between 2 horizontal lights to get in the structure, then go down the ladder and left to the outside to find the shard.


- Press down on the far left side of the room on the 2nd floor with the save cube. In the room below you will find a shard.

Dam Facility:

- In one of the large pools of water dive down and you will find a hidden passageway to a shard (Aqualung Required)

- Drain the water to it's lowest level, then go to the door near the main entrance, enter it and go right until you reach a large chamber, jump over the pits, go down 1 level using the ladder to find the room with the shard

Jackal Labs:

- Keep going left until you pass the save cube, then go to the 2nd room facing south. Check the right edge of the floor to find a hidden passage. The shard is on the left side of the passage.

Underwater Facility 1:

- Lower the water completely and go back to the room before it, drop to the lowest level and the shard is in the room to the right on the lowest floor.

Underwater Facility 2: (Aqualung Required)

- In the teleporter maze (take the crystal at far right), follow this path to get the shard: At the start, take the Top Right Crystal once, then the Bottom Right Crystal 3 times. The shard will be in the room you enter from that path

1.4) Rebel Base (REB)

Prison Area:

- As soon as you enter, go to the southern path, then left after you go south, there should be a hidden path among the shrubs after going left. The shard is in that area.

Central Area:

- After defeating the boss, you will come across 2 doors, take the door on the right, then take the door on the far left after entering the right door to find the shard


- Near a treasure diamond next to a warehouse entrance is a ledge, press down near it to open a secret passage to the shard.

1.5) Avalon (AVA)

Avalon 1:

- When you raise the bridge at the 2nd switch by changing it to green, follow the path and go down to the lower level and use the nearest teleporter to go up (You will pass a 3rd switch in a room to the right), go right and drop through the hole in the floor (You know you are going the right way if you come across a treasure diamond near a ledge.) Go left off the ledge, then drop down at the nearest bridge then drop again immediately afterwards at the one to your left. When you land, go right. Use the teleporter to go up again, then to the right and then go through the door. Advance through the next 2 teleporters past the door then drop down and go left back to the 2nd room of Avalon 1 to get the shard.

Avalon 2:

- From the Save cube, go left to an orange teleporter, from there keep going left and dropping while moving left until you reach the shard.

Avalon 3:

- From the entrance go left and up the pathways, hitting the switch, activating the elevator, take the elevator up. Go right, hit the red switch and go back to the elevator. Take it down and go left, then up the pathways and go left again. Climb up another set of pathways until you reach the top, then go right, from there go down and to the elevator. Take that down and go left until you reach another set of diagonal pathways keep taking them down until you reach another elevator and take that up. Go right, up the pathways and past the elevator, then go down the pathways ahead, drop down, go through the door, and go right to claim the shard.

1.6) Post Game (PSG)

See sections 2 to 2.2 on how to unlock the locations.

No Man's Land 3:

- As soon as you enter, drop down the pit to get a shard.

- A shard is in the room after clearing the underwater maze.

Below Stynx 1:

- Fron the start, drop down from the left side to a lower platform, then the right from that platform to another platform, and drop from the left side of that one, then just keep going down and left to find the shard.

Below Stynx 2:

- Drop down the closest hole, then from there drop into these holes in this sequence: Left, Right, Right to get the shard.

Below Stynx 3:

- Go down and to the left until you reach a set of ladders at the very far left end of the area, climb them to the top and go right, jump over all the pits then drop down the last one, go left after you land and drop off of that platform to find the shard.

Orbital Prison Level 1:

- Inside the dark room after inputting the password, go in between the 3rd and 4th lights and press up to find a hidden room with the shard.

Orbital Prison Level 2:

- A Shard is in the room after the laser room (Where you zap the Behemoth to weaken it)

Orbital Prison Level 3:

- This is a tricky shard to get as most of the area is pure darkness, the only way around is through hidden doors. From the start, go left and press up between the 4th and 5th lights to open a passage. Go all the way right until you can't anymore then enter the door. (One of the few areas in 3 that isn't dark). In another dark room, go left to enter the next area. There go left and climb up. At the top go left, and press up in between the last 2 lights to open another hidden passage. Go left, climb the ladder and in between the blinking and non blinking light, press down to open YET another hidden door. In that room stand between the 2nd and 3rd lights and press down to find the room with the shard.

1.6.1) Street Tournament: (STR)

- A Tournament you can fight in to earn prizes from; It gives out several shards as a reward after you clear a certain number of rounds. After clearing 5 levels you are rewarded and from then on you start at the level after you cleared it. For example: if you finished 5 levels, you will start on level 6 when you choose to enter again. You get shards at Rounds: 20 , 40, 60, and 80 respectively. You will get a G.P.S. Unit for clearing the 100th round. (Reveals hidden passages)

1.6.2) G Quiz: (GQZ)

- You will encounter a robot that will give you a quiz based on characters, locations, items, and equipment. It hides around the game's world, but the easiest place to access it is the Rebel Base Harbor. To find the robot: as soon as you enter the first building go through the first door you see, then keep going right and you'll find it. It is in front of a Green steel crate.

It is also found in Pathos Sewers, near the save cube go into the open passage and keep going until you see another open passage and go into that, it will be somewhere in the middle of the area.

- For every 10 questions right, it will give you a shard. It asks 100 questions total. If you answer 3 questions wrong; you fail, you do keep the shards though. If you fail, just reenter the area and you can try again. It also keeps track of what questions you answered correctly, which whittles down the questions it can ask you; you can pretty much deduce your way through.

1.7) Hidden Shop Keepers (HSK)

-At times you may find Tinder, Jeebes, or Reeves as a shopkeeper instead of a Tinderbot. They sell unique gear, especially Tinder as he sells the set damage Dual Sync S.P.E.A.R (Does 800 Damage each hit) or G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. (Does 1100 Damage each hit), depending on your location in the story and the Zero-System which does more damage the lower your HP is. They also sell the Negation Field effect which removes all active field effects (Very useful in some fights)

The best way to find them is in the Rebel base Prison Area, as soon as you enter, take the first south path and then go left to find a Tinderbot, keep entering and exiting until you come across one of the 3 shopkeepers. One of them will be there instead of the Tinderbot.

They Sell:

- Medical Items
- Combat Items (They are one of the only few shopkeepers that sell Crush Fields early on in the game)
- Wear Equipment (Jeebes)
- Gear Equipment (Reeves)
- Sync Equipment (Tinder)

2) Orbital Prison (ORP)

Orbital Prison is the bonus dungeon in Alter AILA Genesis. To Enter it, you must defeat the Zombie Horde in the Basement of the Manor in Pallas City after talking to the people in the Refugee camp in Phase 3.

After reporting back to the people in Pallas City, they will mention No Man's Land 2, once there; Press Up when you are standing in between 2 horizontal lights to get in the structure. Then go down and to the right, the Aqualung is required to advance, after getting that, go through the water and out the other side, you will eventually find your way to the Prison. When inside, select Pantheon to get the Soul Mirror.* This is required for the fights to open the way to the Prison.

* You must get the Soul Mirror or unlock No Man's Land 2 before defeating the Final Boss, otherwise it will create a flag conflict

You will not be able to complete Orbital Prison 4 until you clear these sidequests.

- Complete the Street Tournament
- Defeat the Metal Hydra
- Defeat the Rampaging Tinderbot Mk. III
- Learn All the Joker's Skills

At ??????, when you enter the door maze, turn off the Entry Indicators using the Personal Device to find the way to a hidden area. The save item you get at the start of the game (One use only) is useful in case you screw it up, so it's best to use it here.

2.1) No Man's Land 3 (NML3)

After completing the game, go to the Entrance of Stynx, and after you pass the first area you entered from, go right and into the nearest building, talk to the NPC on the 2nd floor.

In No Man's Land 3, there is an enemy called Significant Bit (Gray Metal sphere enemy) that gives 50,000 EXP and may drop Rare Parts or a CRIT Booster. The Significant Bit will escape after a few turns. To defeat them, have Violet or any character that hits more than once equipped with C.R.I.S.I.S. or G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. Before attacking, use Speed Booster or Speed Boost Field on your allies while using a Speed Crush Field on the Bit. This will buy you enough time to defeat it. Use this to level up underlevelled characters.

2.2) Below Stynx (BS)

Clear the Water maze in No Man's Land 3 and talk to the man in the suit after finishing it.

2.3) Darkside Battles (DB)

The battles can be accessed from glowing orbs scattered throughout the game's world after getting the Soul Mirror. Simply press down in front of the Sphere to find the boss. The other character named next to the main party members are unlocked when you get EX skills from Joker or complete certain sidequests related to them

Leon/Galde: Located in Outer Perimeter 2. At the first intersection with the ladder and platform going left, take the ladder up, then go right, and then drop down.

- Last Testament (Leon): If only one alive, HP, AP, EX Boost (FOR/SHO)
- The Titanic (Galde): If only one alive, HP, AP, EX Boost

Erin/Silvra: Drain the water to Level 2, then go to the door near the main entrance, enter it and go right until you reach a large chamber, jump over the pit, go down 1 level using the ladder to find the room.

- Valkyrie (Erin): First, Second Aid removes Crush status (SHO/PSY)
- Magician Magic (Silvra): Add (PSY) to abilities

Scott/Jeebes: Located in Jackal Labs, simply press down when near a pit in one of the computer rooms to access a hidden room.

- The Catastrophe (Scott): Risky Gambit DMG ??? (FOR/FRZ)
- Big Freakin' Gun (Jeebes): Burst +2 AP, 25% ATK or SPD Boost (FOR/BUR)

Violet/Tinder: Located in Underwater Facility, Go left as soon as you enter the main area from the elevator tube. Lower the water level 2 times and go right, drop to the lowest level and in a room on the right side is the Mirror Boss

- Nemesis (Violet): Burst +2 AP, 25% ATK or SPD Boost (SHO/FRZ)
- Broken Excelion (Tinder): Call Tinderbot always calls T-Bot 2 (FOR/PSY)

Indy/Kugar: Located in the Manor. In the room with the save cube on the 2nd floor, press down on the left side of the room to access a hidden area

- Hellraiser Anthem (Indy): Gain 2x HP, AP, or EX from steal ability (FRZ/PSY)
- Seraphic Radiance (Kugar): Saint Sword become Saint Spear (BUR/PSY)

Celia/Tinderbot II: Located in Core Shaft 1. Go all the way right until you can't go any further and drop down, then keep going right and down.

- Il Nirvana (Celia): Charge +1 EX, 25% MND or GRD Boost (BUR/PSY)
- Peace... (Tinderbot II): Abilities always active

Dread/Tinderbot: Located in Below Stynx 2, go down the nearest pit, then the pit to the right, then drop right 2 times more.

- Fallen Lucifer (Dread): Ravage DMG 150%, no self DMG
- Love and ... (Tinderbot): Analyze % AP or EX Boost

Jake/Reeves: Located in Slums, go to the Jukebox (After the room with the save cube), take 1 step right and press up to access the room.

- 7th Killer (Jake): Analyze 50% AP or EX Boost.
- Neat Trinket (Reeves): Charge +1 EX, 25% MND or GRD Boost

Gray/Lavitz: Located in No Man's Land 3. Go all the way to the right and drop down, then go through the hole in the fence.

- Outer Scripture (Gray): Abilities always active (BUR/SHO)
- Lunar Maris (Lavitz): Abilities always active (FOR/FRZ)

Hawk/Aila: Located in the Central Area of the Rebel Base, Go to where you defeated the boss for the Central Area, and go left until you reach 2 doors, take the right one and keep going left until you reach the last door in that area.

- Justice (Hawk): Abilities always active (BUR/FRZ)
- Millenial Memory (Aila): Shine 0 AP, EX use. (FRZ/PSY)

After defeating all the bosses, the gate will open, inside you must defeat a boss guarding the entrance to get the Reverse Mirror. The Reverse Mirror Bosses are in the same locations as the Soul Mirror Bosses. You do not need to defeat the Reverse Mirror Bosses to complete Orbital Prison.

3) Special Bosses (SPEC)

These are unique bosses that can only be accessed in Post Game. They all must be defeated to unlock the way to the core.

3.1) Tinderbot Mk. III (TBOT)

After clearing the main story, use the terminal item to return to Chapter 2 and play through until after you meet Tinder for the first time at his hideout, then skip back to Postgame to access Tinder's Hideout. Tinder will mention that one of his creations escaped and sends you to look for it. You will know when you are close when you hear metal thumping noises. As soon as you hear the noises, get into a battle to fight.It will run away in each battle you face it in, after it takes enough damage. Tinder will also mention where it will run to next. After 3-4 battles there will be nowhere left for it to run and you will be able to defeat it. You get T-Bot Plate IV and Tinderbot Scraps for winning the battle.

For completing the quest, you get a Signal Ring (Signifies if a Shard is in an area) and 25K Creds

3.2) Metal Hydra (MHD)

Talk to the NPC at the upper left end of the water maze in No Man's Land 3 first. It is found at the Warehouses of Charon, Go right until you find a large hole in the wall and enter it, follow the path until you reach a ledge, drop down, go to the left and grab the Sync and go back the way you came for the fight to initiate the battle. Use characters that use Multiple Hit attacks while they are equipped with the set damage Syncs (G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N., C.R.I.S.I.S., etc). It takes little to no damage otherwise.

You get T-Bot Plate II for winning the battle.

3.3) Controller (CON)

This is the boss of Below Stynx, It's X-Song of Oblivion will do heavy damage but it has only 30,000 HP. It can be very easy or very difficult depending on how you tackle the battle.

You get T-Bot Plate III for winning and Demon King Cradle for clearing Below Stynx.

4. Special Bosses 2 (SPE2)

4.1) Behemoth (BHE)

You will fight this one in Orbital Prison 2, you can either fight it at full strength or weaken it with the Disintegrator ray at the bottom level.

4.2) Trauma (TRA)

He is the boss of Orbital Prison 3.

4.3) Shadow Ultima (SUL)

Fought in Orbital Prison 4. Highly recommended that you bring characters with good equipment and solo target multi hit techs/spells. It's Shade Bits will instantly kill a character when destroyed.

It drops T-Bot Plate IV and the Shadow Ultima Sync

4.4) Nightmare System (NS)

Fought in the Core. This boss has 2 parts, and you can save after the first part. The first part is simply destroying 4 enemies with different weaknesses. The 2nd part shift's it's weaknesses. The Demon King's Cradle works well here. Otherwise just use Leon or Jake's Analyze skill and use attack items.

You get the Tear of All Ocean for defeating Nightmare and make a stronger version of the final boss accessible. It is found at the start of Underwater Facility 2 (Crystal)

D) Joker (JOK)

A Unique character you will meet throughout the game who will teach you new Exceed (EX) techniques for Shards. You will need to Collect ALL the shards and learn all the EX skills in order to progress through Orbital Prison 4. More characters will become available when you learn new EX skills from Joker.

- Leon: Core Shaft 2: From the start, go left then drop down the first pit, You should be above Joker. Requires: 2 Stardust, 2 Comet, and 2 Nova Shards

* Killing Point: 1 Hit Tech, causes self DMG (All Elements)

- Jake: Pathos Sewers: After inputting the first gate code, go into the gate, then take the closest door, then the closest door again. Requires: 1 Nova and 1 Aurora Shard

* Aware Amper: 0 AP, EX use. Bestows MND Boost on self. (SPT)

- Erin: Abandoned City: keep going right after you enter, not hard to find. Requires: 2 Stardust, 2 Comet, and 2 Aurora Shards

* Providence: EX, HP, AP Boost on self. Retain EX and AP (1x only)

- Gray: No Man's Land; Atop cliff, go through buildings to reach. Requires: 2 Comet, 2 Nova, and 2 Aurora Shards

* Dark Force: 1 Hit-all Tech (FRZ/PSY)

- Hawk: Rebel Base prison area, the room where Erin and Leon were held prisoner. Requires: 2 Stardust Shards

* Defense Amper: Amper: 0 AP, EX use. Bestows GRD Boost on self. (SPT)

- Dread: Stynx Prison, where his territory was at the start of the game in the Main Prison area. Joker is inside the building in that area. Requires: 1 Stardust and 1 Comet Shard

* Offense Amper: 0 AP, EX use. Bestows ATK Boost on self. (SPT)

Post Game:

- Indy: No Man's Land 2; Inside structure. Requires: 2 Stardust, 2 Nova, and 2 Aurora Shards

* Femaelstrom: 1 Hit-all Spell, steals HP, AP, EX

- Violet: Orbital Prison Level 3: From the start, go left and press up between the 4th and 5th lights to open the way. Go right and you should find him. Requires: 2 Aurora Shards

* Accel Amper: 0 AP, EX use. Bestows SPD Boost on self. (SPT)

- Silvra: Joker is on an upper platform someway in the slums, when you see him and you are on the lower level, go right and through the building to reach him. Requires: 1 Stardust and 1 Comet Shards

* Spirit Amper: 0 AP, EX use. Bestows EX Boost on self. (SPT)

- Reeves: Warehouses: you have to cross the large pit by going inside and outside the warehouses, Joker is across a metal bridge on the other side. Requires: 1 Nova and 1 Aurora Shards

* Vital Amper: 0 AP, EX use. Bestows HP Boost on self. (SPT)

- Jeebes: Bridge Facility: In the middle of the facility along the exterior (Go outside). Requires: 1 Stardust and 1 Aurora Shards

* Energy Amper: 0 AP, EX use. Bestows EX Boost on self. (SPT)

- Kugar: Floor 100 of Oberon Tower. Requires: 3 Stardust and 3 Comet Shards

* Saint Shield: HP, GRD, MND Boost on self. Retain EX and AP (1x only)

- Tinder: Factory, as soon as you take the ladder down, you will see a room nearby, enter it to find Joker. Requires: 3 Comet and 3 Nova Shards

* Mighty Bear: AP, ATK, GRD Boost on self. Retain EX and AP (1x only)

- Aila: Underwater Facility: Go left from the start and change the Water level to 1, then go right and drop to the 2nd level and go left, until you reach a point where you have to drop down, do so and go right, use the crystal to teleport and then go left, down and then right and eventually you will find Joker. Requires: 3 Nova and Aurora Shards

* A.I.L.A: EX, MND, SPD Boost on self. Retain EX and AP (1x only)

After Learning all the Exceed Techs he can teach, go back to the Stynx Prison entrance (Right where you started the game: Before the very first battle). This will net you the Insider's Key (Allows you to buy better items from stores) and releases one of the locks needed to access the Core.

Thanks to:

- Neok for creating this game

- Missileboater for locating some of the harder to find shards through Youtube videos.