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Here are the stars of Pac-Ralph

Good Guy's

Ralph is the main star of our game. An innocent boy who was trapped by Pacman. And to make matters worse, he must complete 21 stages of the Namco classic game to escape.

Gigatron 3000
Gigatron 3000, (Giga for short) is the servant and butler of PacMan. However, unlike his boss, takes pity on young children and tries to make their stay as comfortable as possible.

Twin brother of Giga, Zepto aids PacMans captives with a shop where they can buy items and such.

Conectroid is in-charge of the challenges and bonus stages that captives of PacMan can play to earn more points to use at the shop.

A new robot is being added to the staff. All we know is that he LOVES listening to music.

Bad Guy's

Although he may appear nice, this little guy is the villain of our story. He traps innocent children for fun.

Colonel Metalhead
Metalhead is loyal to pacman in every way possible. He watches over the captives to make sure they don't try anything funny.

These droids are always on patrol, Metalheads army of Gaurd-bots will do anything they can to keep Ralph imprisoned.

The face graphics with the purple backrounds,(the robots)were found by Ferris95. I originally made some by blowing up there sprite and using 96x96 pixels that surrounded their faces. They sucked. Then Ferris came along and that is why I have these great face graphics.