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Lake Llandovery (22)
Male,178cm,Evil Sweeper

A young man who works as an Evil Sweeper within the remote regions of the East Continent.
Left in the care of Ilyena's Orphanage shortly after he was born, he was hence brought up without the presence of his parents. That complexity may have resulted in him developing a partially wild and violent personality.

Vene Ansbach (22)

A mysterious female angel who appears in the nick of time and saves Lake's life from the verge of death. Her origins and motives are unknown.

Nixon Cromwell (33)

A pastor of Hawick Church who acts as the Father to the young seraph orphans in Hawick and has the heavy responsibility of protecting them for harm.
Kind and gentle as he might be, he was once a ruthless Bounty Hunter who never had any second thoughts of killing his targets.
His former job and nature eventually led to his wife and daughter's separation from him and he never got to see them ever again. Filled with remorse, he decided to turn for the better and became a pastor to atone for his sins.

Langer Hals (58)

A doctor who owns a clinic at Turku Town. Although he was a former doctor at Roseberg Hospital and one of the best, he wasn't very popular among many people because of his appearance and attitude.

Ilyena Campagna (47)
Female,158cm,Orphanage Mother

A lady who founded the Ilyena Orphanage, and Lake's foster mother. Always having a cheerful and vibrant personality, she is known by many as a "Mother with a Heart of Gold".


A mysterious young boy who suddenly appeared in front of Lake,
He has a strong passion of slaughtering and destroying everything that he sees fit with the immense power that he possesses.
He especially loves crushing children like insects whenever he sees them, and he does this just for the fun and enjoyment of it.

Lady in Black(??)

A mysterious lady in black clothes who watches over Lake and his crew in the shadows.

Girl in Black(??)

A mysterious young girl in black clothes who watches over Lake and his crew in the shadows.


A mysterious woman who occasionally communicates with Vene through Vene's mind.
She bears the exact same appearance and personality as Vene, albeit slightly younger than her.


Another mysterious woman who bears almost the same appearance as Vene.
Unlike Ofa, Er mainly communicates with Ofa and is hardly does so with Vene.