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Drifloon's Comments:

This is really an excellent game and I greatly appreciate your work on this translation! The amount of work it must take to translate such a long and story-driven game as this is incredible.

The storyline so far is a total enigma; I really can't wait until the next demo where, hopefully, some questions will start being answered, as there's so much mysterious stuff going on right now. Even the final confrontation didn't really answer anything but just raised more questions. It's certainly admirable that someone managed to complete a game with such a complex storyline and battle system - I'm all too used to seeing games with intriguing plotlines like this unfinished, so it's really refreshing to know that the answers to my questions are actually out there and the entire story is complete.

As for the battle system, I really like the CBS itself...but the length and frequent encounter rates did make the dungeons, and even treks across the world map, very tedious at points. The boss battles were all very well-designed and challenging, though. I just really wish that a touch encounter system could have been used to make dungeon exploration less of a chore; random battles really do need to die. I love the idea of the setting up elemental circles; I found myself on the final boss often getting Lake to use a weak water spell just so Vene could access Heal Rain. The Attack Wait gauge is really neat too, as is the ability to pass different amounts of it to manipulate the turn order. Overall I'm really loving the game and wish you the best of luck with the completion of this project!

Sozerius' Comments (from RPGRevolution):

I got through the whole demo- It is quite enjoyable. The gameplay itself is pretty basic, but not so much that I don't want to keep playing. The story and plot is unique in it's own way, and so far appears solid.

The game tends to be a bit easier if you grind. But, it would be nice if side quests were added, perhaps to enhance what is going on with each character, in towns or different areas, that might cause the character to gain experience and as such not need to grind on the map as much.

Also.. the towns are pretty bare, other than the main story points. It seems like the world could be spruced up a bit. The side quests I mentioned could add some of that. Just some side-plot to make the environment feel more alive.

The main story itself is engaging and has depth.

Great game so far- keep going!