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- Devils... It's the name given by men to black-winged demons. Besides having black wings, these demons are also physically bigger and stronger than the ordinary humans. They appeared out of nowhere 20 years ago, and has since increased in numbers. Their nature is extremely violent, and ever since their appearance, they have haunted and endangered the lives of many innocent civilians. But all this was nothing compared to the events of 10 years ago, when the most feared of the Devils, Devil Disastia, was born. This terrible monster lived up to its name and brought forth a major "disaster",, causing the deaths of millions of people until its fall that very same year.

- Angels... They're beings with white wings, initially believed to be just a fantasy. But the fantasy turns out to be reality, as there are recent sightings of child angels in the small village of Hawick. These angels were found abandoned in the outskirts of Hawick as infants and the people of Hawick were kind-hearted to take them in. Hawick then became a haven for these "infant angels" under the care and protection of the villagers. It is still a mystery as to where the infant angels come from, or why they have been abandoned.

Lake Llandovery wakes up in a room to find a doctor and realizes he had fainted for some reasons. The doctor, on coming to know of his status as the "Devil Sweeper", makes a request to sweep off the wandering Devils in a nearby forest that poses a great threat to the small town of Turku. Lake accepts his request and heads for the forest. However...

A mysterious young boy by the name of Ende suddenly appears after Lake slayed the Devil tribe leader in the forest. Ende summons a menacing creature, Irmgard, that threatens to end Lake's life. Just as all hope seems to be lost for Lake,
a blue-haired lady, with white wings fully sprouted, appears out of nowhere as she defeats Irmgard with ease, saving Lake's life in the process.

Shrouded mysteries, sneaky conspiracies and surrounding speculations... Convictions that spread like wildfire, and the determination to escape one's fate... Just what lies ahead for Lake and the mysterious lady as they seek answers to the recent events?