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Blog 22: Latest update to Seraphic Blue Progress

Hey fans!

Just a little update to the progress. The slightly bad news is that I will have to delay completion tentatively to end of this year due to my busy schedule. And the consolation good news is that I am left with 8 more episodes to translate. But even though I have 8 left, those 8 episodes will still take a while to finish, so while I may not be able to finish by this year given my busy schedule, I will still do my very best to finish it.

In other news, today, 15 May 2014, marks the 10th anniversary of Seraphic Blue's release (wow, time sure flies :)). I don't exactly have plans to celebrate the 10th anniversary, but I do have plans for interesting surprises when the game translation is finally completed, because much of the plans that I have in store are more suited for the game's full release rather than this 10th anniversary, so I would rather keep the surprises until then.

And one last thing, sorry if I keep you guys waiting for too long! I know you probably have been waiting ages for this to be completed, but rest assured, it will be completed. Just a matter of time :) So please be patient a little more!

So until then, cya!


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Ah, I'm sorry to hear that, I was kind of looking forward to it. But it's really great that you've worked on it for all this time, so thank you for all your hard work! Can't wait to play the final version!
So glad to hear you guys are so far into it. Can't wait.
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