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Blog 23: My partner-in-crime has embarked on a new adventure

Hey subscribers/fans!

Haha well this is just a small update to say that my partner-in-crime (well, proofreader, actually), kumada, has officially embarked on an adventure towards unexplored territories that is Episode 25 and beyond, and so once he's made further progress, I will ask him to perhaps post some updates on his in-game progress so that he can give you a heads up on what to expect from Episode 25 onwards from his point of view :)

Also, for those who are paying attention to the front page, you'll see that I have already finished translating 40 episodes of 44, so yeah, it's definitely fast and steady progress. This means...4 more episodes to go plus the ending/epilogue! It looks like my goal of finishing the translation by end 2014/early 2015 is very much possible! Here's hoping I can keep up with this steady progress as the translation work gets closer to its end :) (kumada still has a lot to catch up in terms of proofreading, though, but I think he'll be able to catch up soon enough :))

Well, that's all for now. See you again in the next blog and stay tuned!



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Partner-in-crime here. I am not actually certain what kind of information I should be updating you all on, but I will eventually be putting up an unrated review of the game as an enticement/warning to prospective players. I've just rounded the corner of episode 25, and should be editing steadily until September.

Fair warning: this is a ridiculously long game, and even with my summer hours it'll be a long time before I've caught up to where eplipswich is.
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