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Blog 25: Image/Text Playthrough of Seraphic Blue

Hey fans of Seraphic Blue,

Just wanna share with all of you an image/text playthrough of Seraphic Blue (by who I believe to be Drifloon :)) here: http://z3.invisionfree.com/RGP_Forum/index.php?showtopic=3080

This playthrough stands out from others in that many of the player's reactions to several dialogues and texts in the game are simply hilarious. It certainly made my day when I read through it, and I can't believe I actually found this only recently. You just have to read it to see why. Note that this playthrough is of course the playthrough of the current demo version (without new revisions and all). And it is thanks to this very playthrough and Drifloon that I manage to find mistakes which I have just fixed and which I will be fixing/revising once I'm done with the translation.

Speaking of which, I'm just done with Episode 42. Two more episodes to go! Stay tuned!



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God bless you, Drifloon. It's good to know that someone else out there is suffering enjoying their way through the game with me. :)
Oh wow, I'm surprised you found this! It was honestly only meant for the amusement of that specific community, so there are probably a lot of inside jokes and such in there that you wouldn't get, but I'm really glad you enjoyed it, anyway. (And I fully intend to keep going with it once the final version is out, of course!)
Speaking of which, I'm just done with Episode 42. Two more episodes to go! Stay tuned!

This keeps getting closer and closer until I can continue my playthrough of it and, from what it sounds like, will be awesome!

(I'm still pondering what's going to give me my first game over of my playthrough. No way is my luck going blind into everything going to hold out this long, heh.)
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