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Blog 28: 2nd Half of Image/Text Playthrough of Seraphic Blue + What's Next for Me?

Hi fans of Seraphic Blue!

Okay, first thing's first. Drifloon has recently just begun the 2nd half of his image/text playthrough of Seraphic Blue, so if you find the 1st half enjoyable to read, here's the 2nd half!

Okay, the next part. Now that I'm done with the translation of Seraphic Blue, what's next for me? Well, I have some more games that I plan to translate, and below is the list of games:

1) Seraphic Blue DC Altered - Yes, there's actually a fan-made upgraded version of Seraphic Blue that has virtually the same story as this version, but has highly advanced gameplay in addition to optional bosses and new moves. I haven't played through this version yet, but from the looks of some gameplay videos over at Youtube, I can see just how advanced the gameplay in the Altered version is compared to the version here at RMN. This one shouldn't take too long to translate since the only texts that I need to translate are the ones associated with the new gameplay. I will refrain from posting a video of the gameplay here because most of the videos of this version on Youtube are spoiler-heavy.

2) Nocturne Rebirth - This game is popular for its advanced gameplay and flashy battle animations and has a decent story. It tells of a vampire who is about to start his hunt as usual in a town when he met a girl that changed everything about him. Oh, and awesome music, of course. Below is a video of the Nocturne Rebirth trailer:

P.S. In case you're wondering, yes, my avatar is actually the main character of the above game :p

3) Aedemphia - Yep, you read that right. Once this game is complete, which looks to be the case soon, and there are no further patches after the game's completion, I will play through it before possibly attempting to translate this grand game, picking up from where Creation, the translator of the Aedemphia English demo, left off. If I do venture into translating this game, it will be my first attempt at translating French into English, which I think should be easier than Japanese to English. For those who don't know about this game, below is the link to a trailer of the game.

4) Another Moon Whistle (and possible the other Moon Whistle games?) - Well, I haven't gotten around to playing this, but I've read that it's a pretty well-received game in the Japanese community along with the others. It has the nostalgia of Earthbound (and and is set in contemporary Japan. Oh, and can I say the presentation of the game itself is pretty cute, though the tone of the game is pretty serious. At least from what I read, anyway. Regardless, I will give this a try and perhaps translate this as a side project. Here's a gameplay video of the game:

5) Grand Intention: Adjustment I have played the original, and the reason I highlight this game is because of its unique combo-turn-based battle system. However, it does have its problems, and battles, especially boss battles, tend to feel kind of tedious. This remake, though, looks to be shaping up to be good so I will see how it goes. Unfortunately, there isn't a video of this on Youtube, but this website should give an idea of what the original version looks like, and the official website should give an idea of what the remake will be like.

Having said that, I probably will only end up translating the first 3 games but not the last two as the latter don't seem worth my time to translate. That may change after I get myself to playing them, though.

So that's my plans for now. Whether all of them will materialize or not, only time will tell. But I have a good feeling about the 1st three games ~ ~

Anyway, I hope you continue to enjoy Seraphic Blue!



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I'd personally love to see Nocturne Rebirth translated. Good luck!
Wow, Aedemphia looks really pretty! I'd be interested in seeing the improved version of Seraphic Blue too, since I really like a lot of the concepts of the game's battle system and I'd love to see it reach its full potential.
Nocturne Rebirth would be fantastic. I beat that game in Japanese a few years back. Being able to understand it would be golden.
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