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Blog 28.5: Patch 1.2 for Seraphic Blue English

Hi fans of Seraphic Blue,

Ah, sorry for the inconvenience once again, but in lieu of a bug that won't allow you to continue the game unless it is resolved, plus some other recently spotted minor errors, for those of you who have already downloaded the game, please download the latest patch below and extract the files into the Seraphic Blue English game folder:


For those who haven't downloaded the game as of this blog, you don't need to download the patch. The game download has just been updated with the latest patch :)

With that said, have fun playing!



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Well, luckily I didn't hit the spot where the game breaking bug or whatever occurs (Just made it to South Crimson Forest).

Loving the new content so far...even if I just had my first game over in my video playthrough. That was a lovely moment, heh. Nice to know that the game hasn't let up in the viciousness category.
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