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Blog 30: Patch 1.5 & History of Seraphic Blue

Hi fans of Seraphic Blue,

Okay, first of all, after comprehensively browsing through all the ability names and info, I've revised a few more, and so below is the link to download Patch 1.5 (only for those who have already downloaded the game before this blog) which mainly contains revisions of ability names and info plus some other fixes of minor issues. Extract the files into the Seraphic Blue English folder:


Previous patches can be found below:

And for those who have not downloaded the game as of this blog, you don't have to download the patch as the game download has been updated with the latest patch.
That aside, I will now be talking about a brief history of Seraphic Blue. My account of how my venture into translating an RPG for the first time (which is Seraphic Blue, of course) began will have to wait until the next blog.

First off, as all of you know, Seraphic Blue is a game created by Tempura. However, this game is actually the 3rd game in the so-called "Blue series", which comprises of Sacred Blue, Stardust Blue and Seraphic Blue. Sacred Blue was made using RPG Maker 95, while Stardust Blue was made using RPG Maker 2000 like Seraphic Blue, albeit with the default battle system and a mix of custom and RTP graphics, but still of good quality nonetheless. I myself have not played Sacred Blue and Stardust Blue, but I remember reading that Sacred Blue was set 2000 years before the events of Seraphic Blue, while Stardust Blue was set around 1000 years before.

Anyway, below is a video of how Sacred Blue is like (and for those who have never seen a RPG Maker 95 game before, you get to see it now :))

Unfortunately, there are no YouTube videos on Stardust Blue, but I believe there are videos on Stardust Blue over at Nicovideo.jp. You will need to register an account if you want to watch any videos there, though. And there is a download for Stardust Blue if you are interested: http://blog.ruula-cheerful.net/2013/12/13/stardust-blue/. You can also Google Stardust Blue to see several images of the game.

And as far as I know, the downloads of Sacred Blue and Stardust Blue were removed from Tempura's website (which is now already defunct, btw). If I'm not wrong, he cited something about lack of quality with regard to these two games.

Anyway, Seraphic Blue is certainly vastly different from its predecessors in terms of graphics, battle system, interfaces etc. 99% of Seraphic Blue is basically custom. And all of you probably already know this, but the battle system of Seraphic Blue and all menus are entirely run by Common Events using RPG Maker 2000. Even the random encounter system is run by Common Events. That's how crazy the programming involved in this game is.

Also, Tempura actually had plans to make a 4th Blue game called Sadmire Blue, which was planned to be made in RPG Maker XP. Unfortunately, it didn't even make past the pre-production stage. Tempura has a blog documenting ideas and the script of the first scene of the game, but that's about it. In any case, below is how the title screen of Sadmire Blue would look like:

So there you have it, the history of Seraphic Blue. Next time, I will be talking about how my venture into translating a game for the first time began :) Until then!



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*Looks at one of the pictures*

*Sees Command Imprisonment*

Oh god I don't want to remember that one. Holy crap the enemy with that move is a dingbat of epic proportions that I hated so much that I ran away anytime said enemy showed up.

*Prays Command Imprisonment is never seen again*

Oh yeah, I didn't like the two times I was basically forced to kill said enemies with that jerk move off. Not pleasant, heh.
*Prays Command Imprisonment is never seen again*

Oops, just a heads-up that there's an incoming boss that will use that, so yeah...
*Prays Command Imprisonment is never seen again*
Oops, just a heads-up that there's an incoming boss that will use that, so yeah...

...That scream you may or may not have heard was me after hearing that. God I HATED the enemies that use that move in ep33 (And not necessarily hate them just because of that, but for what else they can do). I see Yangtze getting some serious action against said boss that will use that move.
Has Tempura made any other games lately? Just asking, BTW.
Has Tempura made any other games lately? Just asking, BTW.

Nope, I think he has pretty much given up on game making altogether.
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