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Blog 31.75: Patch 1.6 for Seraphic Blue English + Hints to Puzzles

Hi fans of Seraphic Blue,

Yup, another patch, this time to fix more minor issues in the game. Extract the files into the Seraphic Blue English folder:


Previous patches can be found below:

And for those who have not downloaded the game as of this blog, you don't need to download any of the patches as the main game download has been updated with the latest patch :)

Also, for those who aren't aware, since some players have already reached the late stage of the game and are stumped at the first of a number of tough puzzles to come, I have added a "Hints to Puzzles" page at the top of the Seraphic Blue main gamepage. And just for good ol' measure, I also added in hints for the Episode 27 riddle, even though I'm actually kind of surprised that many are able to figure this one out easily :) (For the record, of all the puzzles in the game, I only managed to solve one without referring to the walkthrough :p And it isn't the Episode 27 riddle.)

With that said, continue to have fun playing Seraphic Blue!



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How many patches are left? There have been quite a few since the game has been released.
I think just one more patch to go (hopefully). Stay tuned for another blog in a few hours time. :)

(Most of these patches are in small batches, though)
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